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Professional Blogger & Influencer Andrew Eaton

As a professional blogger and influencer, I pride myself in creating beautiful content, fun stories and entertaining reads. Everything you see on my blog is pulled from some aspect of my life – whether it be cooking, travel, or the occasional DIY project. We have something you’ll love to discover. Go ahead, browse around!

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About Me

I grew up in Maine never really left New England, other than the every-5-years vacation. So traveling has always been on my mind.

I worked in construction before I was out of high school. Working after school and weekends was something I loved to do – I’ve been noted to be a workaholic of sorts. After high school, I was a partner of an interior construction company into my mid-twenties.

Life threw me a curveball, and here I am working in online marketing and social influence, which I indeed love.

My wife and I now reside in New Hampshire and venture to all corners of the country. From the beaches of California to Disney World in Florida. We’re always looking forward to our next adventure.

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