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As some of you already know, we have a cat named Turbo and he’s awesome! He’s a munchkin breed cat that we adopted about four years ago. We love spending time with him and Amazon Subscribe and Save helps us do just that. Yes, really!

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Let me explain. By now, you’ve heard of‘s Subscribe & Save, which allows you to get household items delivered on a subscription basis. For instance we have dish soap, toothpaste, paper towels and a few other things delivered on a regular basis. This brings me to our newest Subscribe & Save purchase, Purina® ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food. We were also able to snag a sweet deal, saving five bucks and a good % by subscribing to get food delivered.

Cat food on subscribe and save

Special Offer

Get $5 OFF your first purchase with Subscribe & Save when you purchase Purina® Pro Plan® or Purina® ONE cat food! Plus, save 5% when you subscribe for one product, and up to 15% when you subscribe for five products! See why we’re subscribing for five products below! Save more and play more with your pets with the time you save!

Amazon Purina ONE and ProPlan Savings Offer

Don’t worry dog owners, this deal is for you too – Purina® Pro Plan® & Purina ONE dog food!

So how did we decide on a adopting a munchkin cat? Well, we had already owned a munchkin cat previously. His name was Dunkin and he left us when he was 15 years old or so. A few years later, it was time to find another ball of fur to join our family. We hunted for what seemed like forever to find a munchkin cat up for adoption and finally we found Turbo!

Turbo The Munchkin and Purina ONE cat food

Turbo was a stud at a cattery and had fulfilled his studly duties, and was ready for adoption. He also participated in a bunch of cat shows and won a lot of ribbons, too! He’s kinda cool, yanno?

Plus, he’s an absolute goober. One time, I came home from work and walked into the living room to find that he had unfolded a blanket that was on the couch, crawled in and was sitting there peeking out at me like this… A total goob.

Turbo peeking out of blanket

We went to the cattery expecting to adopt him, but when we got there the lady said “I’ve had a few other people come by, but they weren’t a good fit.” That left us wondering what was going on. Are we here for an interview or here to adopt a kitty?

The lady had a very special attachment to Turbo, and had several people over before us that wanted to adopt him. Apparently they didn’t give her a good vibe, but we did. We spent a couple of hours at the cattery, talking about cats, this and that and even looking at baby photos of Turbo…

Turbo the Munchkin as a baby

I picked up Turbo and he literally sat in my arms the entire time we were there. He didn’t move once. I had to pass him off to Katie a couple of times because he was getting so dang heavy. He had already made up his mind about who his new family was. 🙂

Needless to say Turbo came home with us and the rest is history! He’s still a daddy’s boy and loves to snuggle, play and be a ‘big helper’ — always clinging to me or Katie. Even helping us buy his food! I think that’s more of his “are ya done on the computer yet, it’s snuggle time” face…

Purina ONE Cat Food Deal on Amazon

Since we use Subscribe & Save for so many things, now including cat food, we have a little more time to spend with Turbo too!

It’s really simple to get going with the Subscribe & Save from Amazon. Use this link, you’ll end up on this screen…

Amazon Subscribe and Save Cat Food

Then scroll down to either the Purina ProPlan products or Purina ONE products…

Purina ONE cat food on Amazon Subscribe and Save

Click on the item you wish to subscribe to. In this case we’re subscribing to Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food. You’ll then you’ll see the Subscribe & Save offer on the right side of your screen. You’ll save 5% when you subscribe to one product.

Purina Cat Food Delivery

Just click the Subscribe Now button and confirm your subscription! Repeat for each additional item you wish to subscribe to!

Purina Cat Food Subscription Service

But wait, there’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that) haha

This is a great time and a fantastic opportunity to Subscribe & Save for extra cat and/or dog food for your local animal shelter!

ProPlan Wet Cat Food on Amazon

We’re not only getting Turbo his food, but why not also subscribe to receive cat and dog food to give to the local animal shelter each month?

It’s as simple as selecting…

This makes 5 total subscriptions – which means we’ll save more because we can save up to 15% when subscribing for five products! Every couple of months our cat food will arrive and we can also get cat and dog food delivered for us to bring to the animal shelter drop off bin — or if we have time, stop by and see all the cute cats and dogs!

Purina ONE and ProPlan Cat Food

The pet food will  arrive at your doorstep in those cool Amazon boxes in just a couple of days, and continue coming as scheduled!

ProPlan Urinary Tract Health Cat Food on Amazon

So what do we do with the time we save by using Subscribe & Save? Less Paying. More Playing! We spend more time with Turbo of course!


Turbo loves to play fetch. He’s really good at it too (check out this video). Sorry for the quality, it was taken a few years ago and was the first time we learned that he loved playing fetch! We toss one of his toys and zoom, he screeches across the room and brings it back in lightning speed. Well, sometimes it’s more of a mosey-on-back speed but he still loves to chase down his toy and return it to us for another toss!

Turbo playing in cat tunnel

He also loves to play fetch through his cat tunnel. Toss his mouse through his tunnel, which by the way sounds like a bunch of plastic grocery bags being crinkled up when he plays in it, and he’ll whiz right through to get his mouse and zoom back through to bring it back – he’s such a goober!


After an intense game of fetch, a catnap is in order! Just like me, Turbo loves his catnaps. Sometimes it’s in the weirdest positions too! He has no shame…

The Cat Sleeping On His Back

Yes, he actually fell asleep like that. I think he was trying to sleep on the ottoman, rolled over to see if he could spy some birds outside and continued napping. This was a particularly hot day, most of the time he’s trying to snuggle up to us or laying on us somehow.

This is a picture of Katie and Turbo just a couple of weeks after we brought him home…

Turbo The Munchkin Sleeping

I think this picture is just so funny. Look at how pudgy Turbo was! He’s was over 15 pounds when we got him! He’s currently 10 pounds and the vet says he’s at a good weight now.

Bird Watching

He loves bird watching! We live in the mountains of New Hampshire, so nature is abundant. We have so many different species of birds that we can’t count them all. But he really loves the chickadees!

Turbo the cat watching birds

He’ll sit there and chatter at chickadees as they land on the deck or peck out of the bird feeder. He doesn’t chatter at any other birds and we don’t know why! What a little weirdo, huh?

Watching TV

I think we passed this bad habit onto Turbo, but he loves watching TV with us – haha. There’s one particular TV show that includes lions, tigers, cheetahs and other big cats that he absolutely flippin’ loves. He could sit there for hours — just like a kid!

The Cat Watching TV

I only wish we knew what he was thinking when he sits there and watches the TV cats live out their lives on the African plains; taking down big wildebeests and roaming free…  I don’t know if he likes watching the little cubs playing around or he is secretly planning our demise. Only time will tell, I guess…

How will Subscribe & Save give you more time with your pets?

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