Animal Shelter BOO Kit – BOO It Forward!

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BOO it Forward to your local animal shelter with a sweet BOO Kit! We’re getting ready for Halloween by BOO’ing it Forward with a fun Halloween fudge recipe, pet food, treats and more. This is a Halloween BOO Kit idea that will have you woofing for more!

What is a BOO Kit? We'll show you, and show you how to BOO it Forward! We're BOO'ing an animal shelter with all sorts of fun treats for the animals and humans!

No, this time we’re not talking about BOO’ing like in the Ghostbusters® movie, although it will be available in Walmart stores on October 11th, we’re talking about BOO’ing as in gifting Halloween treats to people we appreciate!

Animal Shelter BOO Kit

Today we’re headed to Walmart to grab everything we need to make a fun BOO Kit to BOO it Forward to our local animal shelter.

MARS Halloween Candy at Walmart

The volunteers and employees at the shelter work tirelessly to take care of and find fur-ever homes for all the cats, dogs and other animals they take in. With that in mind, we’re putting together a big BOO Kit for them and the animals!

American Greetings and MARS Candy for Halloween

Make a BOO Kit

What is a BOO Kit? A BOO Kit, otherwise known as a BOO Bundle, or BOO Bucket is a Halloween gift pack that you secretly gift to someone special. This could be a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, the fire department, local animal shelter, or really any person or organization who needs a little BOO’ing this Halloween! Create your BOO Kit with things you know the recipient will love and appreciate.

American Greetings Halloween Boo Kit Materials

Animal Shelter BOO Kit

For the humans

  • BOO-rific graveyard fudge
  • MARS Chocolate Variety Bag with SNICKERS® Fun Size, M&M’s® Fun Size, TWIX® Fun Size
  • SKITTLES® Original Fun Size, STARBURST® Fun Size, LIFE SAVERS® Gummies

Graveyard Fudge Recipe

Growing up we always made “graveyard drinks” whenever we went to any kind of function, especially Halloween parties! Basically we just poured every kind of punch or soda that was on the table into a cup. That was a “graveyard” and we loved it! This is my inspiration for this graveyard fudge recipe. We’re tossing in everything but the kitchen sink!

First gather our chocolate melts, candies and sweetened condensed milk. Place the chocolate melts in a large pot.

Orange Halloween Fudge

Chop the candies to prepare them for the fudge. Keep the M&M’s® candies and Skittles® candies whole. Set the candy aside.

Halloween Graveyard Fudge Recipe

Add the sweetened condensed milk to the chocolate melts, put it on the stove top on low heat. Stir frequently, melting slowly. (Don’t add the candy yet!)

Melting Orange Chocolate for Halloween Fudge

As soon as all the mixture is melted completely, it’s time to fold in the candies and remove from the heat.

Folding Candies into Fudge Mixture

Once candies are folded in, pour the Halloween fudge into a tinfoil lined pan. Top with more whole candies and allow to cool.

Orange Halloween Candy Fudge Recipe

After your graveyard fudge has completely cooled, remove from the pan and cut into pieces.

Halloween Candy Fudge Recipe

Stack a couple of pieces, and of course taste test it! 🙂

Halloween Graveyard Fudge Recipe

Load two or three pieces into each American Greetings® Halloween themed sack and cinch them up with orange and black ribbon.

Halloween Graveyard Fudge in Cellophane Baggies

Now you’re ready to gift them along with your Animal Shelter BOO Kit!

Graveyard BOO-rific Halloween Fudge Recipe

Halloween Graveyard Fudge

An easy Halloween fudge recipe loaded with flavorful candies!
Servings 24
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 25 mins


  • 6 cups orange candy melts
  • 2 14 oz cans of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups of mixed and roughly chopped SNICKERS® Fun Size M&M’s® Fun Size, TWIX® Fun Size, SKITTLES® Original Fun Size, STARBURST® Fun Size, LIFE SAVERS® Gummies
  • Whole candies for the top


  • Line a 9x13 baking dish with tinfoil
  • In a large pot over low heat on the stove top, stir together candy melts and sweetened condensed milk until melted and silky smooth
  • Remove from heat, stir in candy pieces and immediately pour into baking dish
  • Add whole candies on top
  • Cool completely and cut into squares
Author: Scrappy Geek
Course: Dessert

Adding this fun graveyard fudge to your BOO Kit will certainly treat the volunteers to something sweet and delicious to show them you appreciate the work they do!

For the animals and shelter

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Cleaning supplies (paper towels etc…)
  • Pet bedding (blankets work too!)
  • Cat and dog toys

BOO Kit Cat and Dog Treats

A few more things you’ll need…

  • American Greetings® treat or candy bags
  • American Greetings® gift bags
  • American Greetings® Halloween stickers or decals
  • American Greetings® tissue paper
  • American Greetings® cards; multi-pack
  • BOO it Forward BOO Kit card (Download to print here!)

BOO Kit for Animal Shelter

For our animal shelter BOO Kit we’re using a cat bed as our BOO Bucket. Animal shelters always need more cat beds, with all the different cats and claws pawing all over them, the shelter goes through cat beds faster than you’d think!

Halloween Gift for Animal Shelters

For the animals, we’re including American Greetings® gift bags filled with cans of pet food, pet treats and toys. We’re also tossing in a couple of essentials for the shelter, like cleaning supplies – paper towels etc…

For the humans we will fill some treat bags with SNICKERS® Fun Size, M&M’s® Fun Size, TWIX® Fun Size, SKITTLES® Original Fun Size, STARBURST® Fun Size and LIFE SAVERS® Gummies candies!

Halloween Treats for Humans at the Animal Shelter

Of course our graveyard Halloween fudge will be packaged in the festive Halloween cellophane baggies.

Halloween Graveyard Fudge in Cellophane Baggies

Make your BOO Kit extra special by including an American Greetings® Halloween card. If you know the names of the folks at the animal shelter, make it more special by thanking them personally! Use a sticker to stick the Halloween card to the gift bag!

Halloween BOO Kit with Candy and Treats

Don’t forget to print your BOO it Forward BOO Kit card! The BOO it Forward card helps to keep the fun going by telling the recipient that they’ve been BOO’d and how to BOO it Forward!

Secretly Deliver Your BOO Bundle

This is the fun part. You get to be sneaky and secretly deliver the BOO Bundle! Depending on who you’re BOO’ing, this could be tricky. If it’s your neighbor, it may be as easy as leaving it on their doorstep before they get home from work. If it’s a school teacher, you may need to get a little more creative and ask for permission or be escorted to the classroom while the teacher is out, or leave it with the front desk and tell them to keep who BOO’d them a secret. Whoever you’re BOO’ing, you’ll find a way!

Halloween Gift, BOO it Forward Card

We’re BOO’ing the animal shelter and they have a covered entry way, so we’ll leave our BOO Kit right there where they’ll see it when they arrive in the morning. Katie thinks I should dress up like a delivery man and have them sign for it (haha!). I think I like that idea!

Note: It’s a good idea to include a note that says the fudge and candies are for the humans and the packaged pet food and treats are for the pets. We don’t want any humans to accidentally crack open a can of pet food and dig in! 😉

Animal Shelter Halloween BOO Kit Gift

BOO it Forward

Don’t forget to print your BOO it Forward BOO Kit card! The BOO it Forward card helps to keep the fun going by telling the recipient that they’ve been BOO’d and how to BOO it Forward!

Maybe our BOO Kit recipients will want to put a special BOO Kit together for one of the animals to take along to their fur-ever home!

Happy Halloween!

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