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It’s summer and that means fun in the sun with the pellet gun! Today, Katie and I are hitting the range…okay not really. We’re headed to the backyard to fire off a few hundred rounds! I’m also sharing a DIY pellet gun target – easy to make and loads of fun!

DIY Pellet Gun Target! Learn how to make this EASY pellet and bb gun target and protect yourself from the sun during your backyard fun! Check it out now!

Getting outside and enjoying the summer weather every weekend is a must do for us! We’ve talked about getting into sport shooting. You know, taking all the proper courses, getting hooked up with some excellent guns and doing the whole shebang. Of course this is a big investment of time and money and we wanted to see if it’s something we’d even enjoy before taking the plunge.

DIY pellet gun target

First thing is first, when getting out in the sun — fair skinned Katie needs sunscreen. Katie is known for skipping the sunscreen and turning into bright red cooked Maine lobster — no joke!

We’ve been using Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Sensitive. It gives us all the coverage we need to keep us safe from the sun and can easily be found right at Walmart.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sensitive Skin

When I was younger, I used to go to the “rod and gun club” on Saturday mornings and shoot clay pigeons with a single barrel shotgun. It was a slightly comical now that I look back on it. Me and my little cheap shotgun and all the avid shooters with their shiny double barrels and professional gear.

You get two pulls; I had a single barrel gun. All the old-timers didn’t seem to mind as I yelled “Pull!” and took my shot…then proceeded to sluggishly reload, fishing the next shell out of the box I had set next to me on the concrete pad. They waited patiently and encouraged me the whole time.

They were supportive of this youngster who wanted to try his hand at shooting. Plus, I was a decent shot too. I rarely missed and often got a lot of cheers and high fives all around at the end of the morning. Ever since then I’ve had an interest in shooting, but does Katie? We will find out this summer! Before we get to that, let’s earn some dough!

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Blue Lizard Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

As I said, before we make the big investment and take the plunge, we’re headed to the back yard for a little pellet gun fun. We grabbed a pellet gun pistol while we were at Walmart to get started and get Katie comfortable with holding a gun in her hands. While we know it’s completely different, I think it’s a good introduction and an inexpensive way to find out if we want to up our game and go to the next level.

I also thought I’d better built a pellet gun target while we’re at it.


  • Two 2×4 boards (I actually used up a bunch of scrap pieces!)
  • Set of 2 Sawhorse Brackets
  • 1¼” Wood Screws
  • Cardboard Potato Chip Cans
  • Paint
  • String
  • Optional: sticker decals

The Cuts

  • Cut two 30 inch pieces
  • Cut one 36 inch piece


Install the sawhorse brackets onto the 2×4 leg pieces and then the cross piece, screw it all together.

Building a cheap pellet gun target

You’ll have something like this…

Wood pellet gun target frame

I decided to stain mine a dark walnut color.

Stained frame for pellet gun targets

While I waited for the stain to dry on my 2x4s, I also painted my potato chip cans.

DIY painted pellet gun target

Once the paint is dry, drill a hole about the diameter of the string in the cardboard cans and push the string through.

Hanging Pellet Gun Targets

Tie a big knot in the string so it won’t slip back through the hole.

DIY BB Gun Target Made With Chip Cans

Repeat for each can and rope. They kind of look like giant firecrackers — completely unintentional! 🙂

Easy Pellet gun DIY Target

I’m also adding sticker decals to my cans. You can certainly paint on decals if you want to! Get creative! Add stickers to all sides of the cans. That way you can spin the can around and use a fresh target when you’ve blown a hole in the bullseyes of the first side.

Pellet gun targets

Tie the ropes and hang the cans from the cross member of the sawhorse stand. Space them apart from one another for the best shooting experience!

Pellet Gun Target DIY

Don’t forget to apply Blue Lizard® before heading out to the backyard for an afternoon of target shooting competition, and reapply at least every two hours to ensure SPF protection is maintained.

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Check out the patented Smart Bottle™ technology. The bottle changes color from white to blue when it is exposed to harmful UV sunlight. This is a great teaching tool to help you and your kids know when to re-apply sunscreen! So swing into the summer aisle at Walmart and snag a yourself some Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Sensitive.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen at Walmart

Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen’s sensitive skin formula is perfect for Katie’s fair skin, and mine. It is our go-to for summer activities, including sport shooting — even if it is just in our own backyard!

Remember to always wear appropriate clothing, including proper safety glasses, and take proper safety precautions whenever you are sport shooting!

DIY pellet gun target

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How are you enjoying the summer sun?

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