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We all need more flavor in our lives and what better way to do it than with a delicious BBQ burger sauce recipe and a jammin’ summer playlist? This isn’t just any summer playlist, I have few big announcements to make along the way. Today we’re talking about good tunes and tasty food.

BBQ Burger Sauce Recipe! Check out this EASY barbecue burger sauce recipe! It packs a punch - so delicious and so simple, you'll love it!

Okay, so announcement numero uno. All my loyal readers already know Katie, the love of my life. Well, on our trip to Florida I popped the question. Yes, this may come as a surprise – but Scrappy Geek is getting hitched! Sorry ladies 😉

Andrew and Katie at Disney World

We’re planning on a small-ish wedding and reception, and then later on we’ll have a big BBQ reception at our house for all the people we didn’t want to spend $200 per person on (just kidding – kind of). We’ll have a big party for our friends and co-workers who are not part of our immediate family and such. There is plenty of room and our backyard is huge, so why not?

Our Backyard in New Hampshire

This opportunity to team up with El Yucateco® is absolute perfection. I mean, you know my affinity for El Yucateco® Hot Sauce — from drumsticks to peaches, everything gets slathered in a flavorful recipe! Today we’re kicking things up a notch with a nice BBQ burger sauce to serve at our wedding bash.

Let’s get on to hashing out the details of our playlist. We’re not just putting together a wedding reception playlist, we’re putting together a playlist we can enjoy all summer and for years to come. We’re not going to pick a bunch of songs that everyone else thinks we should pick, we’re going to pick songs that we like!

Katie and I are not so different when it comes to music interests. What we like to have on a playlist may not be the same as you, so rather than just putting a bunch of artists and songs in a list, we’re going to talk about how to create the perfect playlist.

Old Summer Playlist CDs

Choose Genres You Enjoy

The key to a successful playlist is choosing the right genres. I mean, if you don’t like jazz, don’t play jazz! If you love alternative rock, play a lot of it! This is all you – what genres of music most interest you? Remember, you’ll want a few hours of tunes so you can choose several different genres to satisfy your appetite for good music.

Our favorite genres

  • Alternative rock
  • Pop music
  • Rock and Roll
  • Blues
  • Hip Hop
  • Country

Choose the Songs

Next, choose the songs for each genre. Doing it this way is SO MUCH EASIER than just listing songs you like and jumbling them up. Seriously, you’ll leave songs out if you don’t make your list by genre. I know you’ve been there and done that…before your smartphone it was like “Ohhh man I wish I added that song to this CD”, amiright?

What songs are on your summer playlist? Comment below!

Whether you’re road tripping to a concert or headed over to The House of Blues, you’ll need some car-music to keep you pumped. Keep your smartphone packed with some good summer play lists and keep the tunes rolling!

CDs and Phone for Playlists

Speaking of The House of Blues. Did you know that Katie and I saw a concert there while we were in Las Vegas on our first vacation together? Yep! We ended up walking by and saw a sign for a concert, so we grabbed a couple of tickets and bam! We enjoyed a night of sweet tunes, delicious food and tasty drinks!

Anyhow, now that we have our favorite genres picked out, it’s time to pick out some songs. Only you know what you like for songs. They could be vastly different from what we like, so here are a few artists for you to check out!

Here’s a list of songs you can download from Amazon and kick your playlist up a notch! These summer songs are not on your everyday playlist. They’re unique summer songs that not everyone thinks of. There are a million songs out there, but you should keep these odd-balls in mind when making your list!

Rock Your Summer:

Our summer playlist is well on the way to completion, so it’s time to make that backyard BBQ burger sauce!

I’m using El Yucateco® Black Label Reserve Hot Sauce because it is not only Katie’s favorite, but I love it too. It has a unique earthy, smokey flavor that comes from being made with fire roasted habanero’s and pairs perfectly with red meat, like burgers. It adds just the right amount of heat without an overpowering smokey flavor or the sweetness of chipotle sauce. We love it!

Easy Hamburger BBQ Sauce Recipe

Like I said, we’re planning to have a big backyard BBQ party. I’m going to offer my El Yucateco® burger sauce to those who like bold flavors in their life. It’s a real simple burger sauce, so let’s get to it.


  • 4 tablespoons of El Yucateco® Black Label Reserve
  • 4 tablespoons of ketchup
  • 6 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon of garlic salt.

Yep! It’s that simple. This recipe makes enough for a dozen or two hamburgers.

Easy Smokey Burger Sauce Recipe Ingredients


Whisk it all together…

Burger Sauce El Yucateco

Toss your burgers on the grill and then place a tablespoon or so right on the pink side of the burger, this will allow the sauce to absorb into the burger a little before flipping it.

Grilled Burger Sauce

Once flipped, cook for the remaining time – you know how you like your burgers. Before removing them from the grill, slather on another tablespoon or so of sauce with a basting brush.

Burger Sauce for Grilled Hamburgers

Now serve them up and watch people devour these awesome burgers!

Easy BBQ Burger Sauce Recipe

You can also make this recipe with the El Yucateco® Red Chile Habanero Hot Sauce if you’re looking for a more traditional hot sauce experience. It’s made with fresh red habanero peppers, tomato, spices and seasonings. It has more kick than the average hot sauce, but with far less vinegar. You’ll love it.

El Yucateco Black Label Reserve and Red Habanero Hot Sauce

The red hot sauce is the one we love to use in our BBQ chicken recipe.

I have a habit of getting strange looks when I grab 8 or 10 bottles at a time and pile them on the conveyor belt at Walmart. Oh well, if we could have it on tap, we would! Right now you can get $1 OFF 3 Bottles printable coupon through July!

El Yucateco Hot Sauce Coupon

So grab a few bottles at Walmart, a couple for the pantry and one to toss in your backpack for when you hit the road this summer!

Walmart El Yucateco Hot Sauce.

Get more of the good stuff by finding El Yucateco® on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest too!

How will you rock the flavor this summer?

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Easy Hamburger BBQ Sauce Recipe
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BBQ Burger Sauce Recipe

Prep Time2 mins
Total Time2 mins
Course: Sauce
Servings: 12 -24
Author: Scrappy Geek


  • 4 tbs El Yucateco® Black Label Reserve
  • 4 tbs Ketchup
  • 6 tbs Brown sugar
  • 1/2 tbs Garlic salt


  • Whisk it all together in a bowl. Add 1 tbs to pink side of burger, grill on one side then flip the burger and slather another tablespoon of sauce on the burgers about a minute before removing from the grill.


Be Inspired!

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Be Inspired!

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Be Inspired!

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