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Beer Party Food Idea Recipes

Are you ready to throw an amazing beer food party where every dish, from appetizers to dessert include beer? I’ve included some amazing beer food recipes for you to try! So if you’re in the mood for beer party food ideas, you’ve come to the right place. These recipes were all inspired, and made using beer! Which beers? Your favorites, of course! Once you’re done with your bottles, use them to make something cool – check out these beer bottle craft ideas.

Beer Party Food Ideas

Most beer recipes will lead you in the direction of which beer to choose, say a lager for heavier recipes and perhaps a light beer for lighter recipes. However, the flavor and brands are completely up to you!

We’ve gathered up some great beer recipes from around the blogosphere and are sharing them here with you today. We have found everything from appetizers to drinks, meals and even beer recipe desserts. So, make sure you check out all the recipes, and don’t forget to find your beer dessert recipes at the bottom of the page!

You choose which beer you want to include in these amazing beer party food ideas and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood! Are you ready for some great beer party food ideas? Me too!

Appetizers & Breads

Mardi Gras Cajun Beer Cheese Dip

Nothing says PARTY like Mardi Gras! I’ve been to New Orleans several times and it’s a culinary experience you’ll want to take home with you. Thankfully, you can whip up your own Mardi Gras Cajun Beer Cheese Dip at home! Head over to 4 The Love of Food Blog to find this recipe!

Cajun Beer Cheese Dip

Beer Battered Zucchini and Onion Rings

There’s nothing better to accompany a nice juicy burger, some hot dogs or a pizza than beer battered onion rings and zucchini! Your beer food party goers will love these rings. Check out this amazingly tasteful beer battered onion rings and zicchini recipe at Who Needs A Cape.

Beer Battered Onion Rings and Zucchini Recipe

Beer Bread Recipe

If you’ve ever wondered how to make beer bread, you need look no further. You can skip buying a beer bread mix and make your own with a few simple ingredients. This bread is a great way to kick off a beer food party! Learn how to make your own beer bread at home over at The Kitchen is My Playground.

An Easy Beer Bread Recipe

Poppy Seed Beer Bread Recipe

Soon to be your new favorite bread, this Poppy Seed Beer Bread is easy to make, and you may already have all the ingredients! Waste no time getting this bread in the oven, it only takes a few minutes to prepare and it tastes like an up-scale bakery bread. Invite your friends and they’ll agree, this poppy seed beer bread recipe is awesome. Get the recipe at Future Expat.

Poppy Seed Beer Bread Recipe

Homemade Pretzels & Beer Cheese Recipe!

Take your homemade pretzels to a whole new level with a delicious beer cheese dipping sauce. A great finger food for your beer food party, these treats are great when served during a sporting event, like the Super Bowl or World Series! Head over to Turning the Clock Back to learn how to make homemade pretzels and beer cheese dipping sauce!

Homemade Pretzels and Beer Cheese


Beer is a great relaxing drink to have on it’s own, but I wanted to share with you a couple of drink recipes that use beer as an ingredient to take your beer foods party to the next level. Do you have a favorite beer drink recipe? Share your recipe in the comments below!

Beer Mimosa with Raspberries 

You thought beer was a relaxing beverage, now you can have a beer mimosa the morning and not feel guilty! Have some stragglers sleeping on the floor, wake them up with these beer mimosas! This is a perfect vacation drink – I know I like to have a mimosa in the morning while I’m on vacation! Stop by Who Needs A Cape for this beer mimosa with raspberries recipe.

Beer and Raspberry Mimosa Recipe

Beer Margaritas Recipe 

If you’ve had a long day and need a little more than a beer, this drink will do the trick. This is a beer margarita recipe that will soothe what ails you. Whip up a pitcher for your party or, if you’ve had a long day or week and a beer just wont cut it – grab a beer margarita! Head over to Tammilee Tips for this beer margarita recipe.

Beer Margarita Recipe

Beer & Beef

Beer and beef go together great and there’s many different dishes which beer makes a perfect ingredient for. Today, we’ve chosen to show you three of our favorites for beer and beef combination recipes. These are perfect, easy to make dishes that will impress your beer party guests! Do you have a favorite beer and beef dish? Tell us in the comment area below!

Beer Braised Beef Taco Boats  

In the mood for some beer braised beef? This taco boat recipe will surly hit the spot. This recipe may take a while longer due to the braising of the beef, but it’s totally worth it! This fun and exciting taco boat recipe is loaded with fork tender beer braised beef and other delicious ingredients. Find the beer braised beef taco boat recipe at My Turn For Us.

Taco Recipe with Beer Braised Beef

French Onion Beer Burgers

Inspired by my favorite soup of all time, French Onion soup, this French Onion Beer Burger is a party for your taste buds. Perfect for serving up as part of your beer party foods platter, these burgers will be the talk of the party! Find this easy to make french onion beer burgers recipe at Snappy Gourmet!

French Onion Beer Burger Recipe

Guinness Beer Beef Stew

A great Irish dish to serve up as a beer party food is this Guinness Beer Beef Stew. Toss this beer beef stew on the buffet table and watch it get devoured ladle by ladle. Your guests will be impressed by your skills in the kitchen when you show off this beer beef stew! Find the recipe here at Cincy Shopper.

Guinness Beer Beef Stew Recipe

Beer & Chicken

Chicken and Sausage Soup

If you’re having a nice intimate beer party, this chicken and sausage beer soup is the perfect thing to warm the hearts and bellies of your guests. Fire up your slow cooker and start this soup early, don’t forget to add your favorite brew. Find the recipe for this Beer Chicken & Sausage Soup over at Simply Stacie.

Beer Chicken and Sausage Soup

Roasted Ginger Beer Can Chicken

If you’re looking to serve your party guests a great southern dish, try this roasted ginger beer can chicken! This chicken recipe will leave the mean juicy and the skin nice and crispy, just the way I like it! So grab a can of beer, stick it up the chicken’s butt and follow the recipe found over at 4 The Love of Food Blog.

Ginger Beer Roasted Chicken Recipe

Orange Beer Chicken Recipe

A great combination of beer and orange make this chicken recipe a delight! If your party goers like chicken wings and drum sticks why not deliver with this orange beer chicken recipe. It may be a little more tame that buffalo hot wings, but you can’t deny the awesomeness of orange beer chicken. Find the recipe at Who Needs A Cape.

Orange Chicken Beer Recipe

Beer & Desserts

You can’t have a beer party without desserts! These ideas for beer party desserts are amazing, look great and taste even better. If you’re throwing a beer foods party, you must serve at least one of these amazing beer inclusive desserts. Which dessert looks best to you? Share in the comments below!

Guinness Cupcakes with Baileys Frosting

It’s not party without an amazing spread of desserts! These Guinness Beer Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting is the perfect way to wrap up a beer foods party! Tape into your inner baker and whip up these delicious tasting Guinness beer cupcakes! Find the recipe at Cincy Shopper.

Guinness Beer Cupcakes, Bailey's Frosting

Blue Moon Cupcakes

Is Blue Moon more your style? Perhaps these Blue Moon beer cupcakes will hit the spot. Add some of these cupcakes to your beer party foods spread and your guests will thank you! This recipe gives you a citrus flavor unlike any other – add some zing to your party dessert table with this Blue Moon beer cupcakes recipe. Find the recipe at So There by Amy.

Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes

Baileys Ice Cream with Guinness Chocolate Ripple

You can’t have a party without ice cream, and this Bailey’s ice cream recipe loaded with Guinness beer chocolate ripples will certainly make due. Give your taste buds a treat with this (no ice cream maker needed) homemade Bailey’s ice cream recipe. The chocolate Guinness beer swirl is out of this world! Learn how to make this dessert at Cincy Shopper.

Guinness Chocolate Ripple Baileys Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Guinness Chocolate Donuts with Baileys Glaze

For those party guests who can’t take a hint and end up crashing on your couch, you’ll have Guinness chocolate donuts with a Bailey’s glaze to serve to them. These donuts are flavorful and you’ll notice how the Guinness beer really makes the chocolate flavor pop. Don’t take it from me though, try these yourself. Get the recipe at Cincy Shopper.

Guinness Beer Chocolate Doughnut Recipe

Beer Party Foods

There you have it folks! A whole line up of beer party food ideas. From appetizers to drinks, dinner and desserts! You can’t go wrong by serving any of these dishes at your beer foods party, so get cooking and tell us all about it!

From the above recipes, which is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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