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Today whether you're preparing for the heat of summer or a snowy winter ahead, these home improvements and maintenance books will come in handy

Today we’re talking home improvement and maintenance. Every spring and fall there are things around the home which need to be done to prepare for the upcoming season.

Whether you’re preparing for the heat of summer or a snowy winter ahead, these home improvement and maintenance books will come in handy!

Best DIY Home Improvement Books Top 5 DIY Home Improvement Books

Top 5 DIY Home Improvement & Repair Books

I’m going to showcase what I’ve found to be the top 5 home maintenance and home improvement books that I have found throughout the years.

Not coincidentally, they’re on Amazon’s best sellers in the DIY home improvement section.

They’re chock-full of things you should know as a home owner to keep your ship sailing smooth!

The Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual

This complete do it yourself manual will help you with virtually any project you can think of around your house.

It will help you with everything from easy projects like painting to very complex projects like plumbing and building a patio.

This book comes with thousands of photos for each project to help you understand more easily, and give you the tools you need to have a successful, complete DIY project when you’re finished.

Best DIY Home Improvement Books The Complete DIY Manual

The Complete DIY Manual » 

100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know

I’m sure you know more than 100 things, but these 100 things are must-knows for homeowners.

Vital information you should know if you own a home. Do you know the best burglar deterrents?

Do you know how to increase your homes value with better curb appeal, without any renovations?

This book covers 100 things all homeowners should know and could save you thousands in repair and maintenance costs, while increasing the value of your home!

Best DIY Home Improvement Books The Family Handyman Homeowner DIY Book

100 Things Homeowners Must Know Â»

Reader’s Digest Fix It Yourself Manual

The folks at Reader’s Digest have been doing this for generations.

Their fix it yourself manual is the ultimate DIY handbook for all projects in your home. If you’re looking to save money and time with home repairs, this book is precisely what you need in your arsenal.

Learn everything from fixing a broken dryer to reupholstering your favorite arm chair.

This book has thousands of photographs and covers almost every DIY project you’d ever have a question about.

Best DIY Home Improvement Books Fix It Yourself Home Repair and DIY Improvement

Fix It Yourself DIY Manual Â»

The Complete Guide to Home Inspection

This book seems like it’s for home buyers, real estate agents and investors, but I assure you, this guide to home inspection covers things other DIY book do not. Like what to look for in your home to predict future issues, like a lifted shingle or peeling paint.

The Complete Guide to Home Inspection goes over the little things which will help you maintain your home before small issues turn into big issues.

With this book you’ll be ahead of the game and be able to predict failures in your home before they happen! Find out what your house is telling you when you get this book.

Best DIY Home Improvement Books Complete DIY Home Inspection Guide

Guide to Home Inspection Â»

Black + Decker Home Repair & Improvement

You know the name Black + Decker and now you can learn from the best. This Black + Decker home improvement and repair book is loaded with every home improvement project you can imagine.

Complete with photos, tips and tricks, this home repair and improvement book is one every homeowner should have on their book shelf.

This book, like many of the others, cover DIY home projects like bathrooms to kitchens, flooring, walls, windows and doors, insulation, plumbing and heating, electrical and even exterior siding and roofing.

Nearly any project you want to tackle can be found in this book!

Best DIY Home Improvement Books Black and Decker Home Repair Book

Black + Decker Home Repair Â»

As you know, I love tackling home repair and DIY projects around my house.

We’ve installed our own patio, renovated our bathroom, refreshed our kitchen by painting the cabinets and installing floor tiles.

We’ve done a lot of work around the house to improve the look, functionality and value.

I’ve read my fair share of DIY and home improvement books, and I definitely recommend each and every one of these.

What DIY home repairs have you tackled?

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