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What do you want for Christmas? “I dunno…”, “You don’t have to get me anything…” Sound familiar? Are there great Christmas gifts for classy men out there? Sure there are! This holiday gift guide is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Here are some of the best holiday gifts for men, brothers, fathers, husbands, and boyfriends. These 5 Made For Man gifts are perfect for the classy men in your life!

Best Gifts For Classy Men! Christmas gifting made easy with this Men's Christmas gift guide. Gift ideas for husband, boyfriend, father, brother, and even your long lost uncle who shows up every 10th holiday! There's something for every man on this Christmas gift list! #christmas #giftguide #giftsformen #AirInAction #GiveGoodVibes #drschollsshoes #justgotmyzennis #MadeForManBBoxx

Today we’re gift wrapping five made for men gifts, and sharing these presents in our holiday gift guide. Shout out to @babbleboxx for sending this #MadeForManBBoxx full of awesome holiday gifts for men to share with you!

Made For Man: Best Holiday Gifts for Classy Men

Let’s jump right in with the best holiday gifts for men, especially the upscale, classy men, or men who need to step their game up a bit. Every guy on your list will love these gifts.

AfterShokz Trekz Air

If your man has never tried bone conduction headphones, he’s in for a treat! Plus, with the BOGO offer you can gift one, and stash one in the closet until after Christmas for yourself ;).

Bone conduction headphones! Aftershokz Trekz Air men's headphones for Christmas gift!

After wearing the Trekz Air once, he’ll never go back to traditional headphones. Whether working out at the gym, or just relaxing at home – you can count on the AfterShokz Trekz Air to give you awesome sound without covering your ears. Inspired by elite athletes and their music routines, they fit securely and sound amazing.

Titanium construction, bone conduction technology, a secure fit, and a BOGO offer on Black Friday? You can’t go wrong with these headphones!

Aftershok Trekz Air bone conduction headphones, Christmas gifts for men.

BOGO – Buy One Gift One

  • Order Trekz Air at between November 23 and November 26
  • You’ll get one free Trekz Titanium Slate Gray to gift (while supplies last)
  • No AfterShokz coupon code needed!

Spread the cheer by gifting your friends the second pair and use #GiveGoodVibes when you Tweet or post on Instagram about the AfterShokz Trekz Air Buy One Gift One for free offer!

Classy Christmas gifts, Aftershokz Trek Air BOGO

A Tie from

Of course! The traditional gift and the perfect stocking stuffer. With this Navy Blue Swiss Stripe Knit Tie he’ll never need to worry about being the best-dressed at the event.

Ties Christmas Gift For Men

Did you know? A proper fitting tie is long enough to reach the middle of the belt buckle, with the narrow end long enough to fit into the loop on the back of the tie.

I always love getting new ties….that fit! I always get my ties from because they offer them in Extra Long sizes, and you get a tie that fits properly. I’m taller than most men, and the extra long sizes work perfectly for me. Of course the Extra Long ties are in addition to traditional length ties.

Upscale Christmas gifts for classy men. Great gifts for men who have class and deserve something special! Holiday gifting for men made easy!

A classy look for a classy man, wherever the night brings him, he’ll need not worry about being under or overdressed with this classic knit stripe tie.

  • 5% off at from now until 12/31/18
  • Coupon Code: TIESXBB

Dr. Scholl’s SPARKES Boots

A snazzy pair of Dr. Scholl’s SPARKES Boots is a great Christmas gift for classy men! These reimagined Chelsea boots are super comfortable, stylish, and on trend. They’re perfect for every guy that needs new kicks. With premium materials and ultra cool styling, these refined athleisure boots stand out from the crowd!

Dr. Scholl’s SPARKES Boots - men's Christmas Gift Guide

Dr. Scholl’s Coupon Code

  • Exclusive offer – 20% off + Free Shipping
  • Shop at Dr. Scholl’s for the Dr. Scholl’s SPARKES Boots
  • Use Exclusive Dr. Sholl’s promo code: Babblebox20FS

Christmas gifts for stylish men. Christmas gift guide for men with style, class, and who consider themselves upscale and hard to buy for!

These boots are made with a slip-on fit, four way stitch knit and suede upper hot melt embossed overlays. The twin gore panels provide great comfort and extra flexibility. Their lightweight and flexible construction include anti-microbial sock and copper infused lining. Something you just won’t get anywhere else.

Dr. Scholl's SPARKES Boots for men's Christmas Gift

Grab his shoe size off a pair of his daily wearers, and jump over and use the Dr. Scholl’s coupon code Babblebox20FS to scoop up the exclusive offer on Dr. Scholl’s SPARKES Boots!

*Exclusions apply. May not be combined with other offers. Not valid on previous purchases. Free ground shipping applied automatically during checkout and is not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. Promo code and free shipping expires 11:59 p.m. CT November 30, 2018.

ZENNI Glasses

Prescription glasses and sunglasses are what the classy man in your life needs this holiday season. The Blokz blue blockers lenses block the harmful blue light that is emitted from all digital devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, and even protect his eyes from LED light exposure and artificial fluorescent lighting.

Zenni Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Although the Blokz blue blockers are amazing at blocking harmful lighting, they’re also designed for all day wear. Stylish and affordable mens fashion that he’ll love wearing everyday!

Zenni Optical Blue Light Glasses for blocking harmful blue light from electronic devices like computers and smartphone screens.

No need to set the limit at one pair, with prices starting at just $6.95, ZENNI Glasses are affordable, trendy and not-so-spendy glasses and sunglasses for men!

Beau Brummell: Charcoal Facial Mask

Here’s a unique gift for classy men, the Beau Brummell: Charcoal Facial Mask for men! Ladies, give your man the spa treatment at home with this detoxifying charcoal face mask for men that can absorb 100x it’s weight in oils and toxins.

Men's Charcoal Face Mask. Christmas gifts for classy men

Beau Brummell Coupon Code

  • 15% off your total purchase at
  • Use coupon code ‘BEAU15BRUMMELL’
  • Offer valid through January 31st, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST.

Men's Christmas gift list, easy gifts for men.

Not only is it great for removing toxins and oils from the skin, the Brau Brummell Charcoal Facial Mask also tightens the skin and helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Yeah, not all men age like a fine wine, some of us age like a catchers mitt – and this mens face mask can help.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your gift shopping done. Just like you ladies, no man likes gifts from the gas station. But he is sure to love these 5 gifts for the classy men!

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