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It’s time to get your Christmas shopping done and today I’m sharing my picks for the best gifts for men in 2020!

Unique, functional, and something he’ll use – that’s what these gifts will provide!

best gifts for men 2020, record collection book, gaming headphones, phone case, glasses, phone stand

Men aren’t the easiest people to find gifts for during the holidays. Of course, you want to gift something unique and practical. I know I’m a practical gift giver. Are you?

Let’s take a look at my top men’s gifts of the year!

225 Degrees BBQ Shirt

Every dad who loves to cook meat outside will love this 225 degrees BBQ shirt.

The best temperature to slow cook meat on the grill!

225 Degrees BBQ Shirt

So give dad a beer and this shirt, and he’ll be thrilled.

225 Degrees BBQ Shirt

Vinyl Age: A Guide to Record Collecting Now

by Max Brzezinski and Carolina Soul from Black Dog and Leventhal

As you well know, collecting vinyl records are making a big swing this year, and this book is a home run in the gift department. There’s something about the sound, esthetics, and tactile pleasure of vinyl that you just can’t get from digital music.

Don’t pass up this growing trend, it’s synonymous with cool. Whether he’s a crate digger or a high-end collector of fine vinyl, Vinyl Age is a comprehensive guide to record collecting for all collectors and dealers, new and seasoned!

Record collecting book, Vinyl Age

So whether he’s an armchair collector or a seasoned dealer, Vinyl Age is the perfect gift for any man who loves, or has shown interest in vinyl collecting! 

Vinyl Age a book about collecting recordsCheck out Vinyl Age Here and snag a copy today!

Customized iPhone Case, Airpods Case, and Slim Wallet

Every man loves to get premium leather gifts, especially ones that are personalized just for him. These customizable phone cases, Airpod cases, and slim wallets from Tanon Goods are perfect for the guy who’s always on the go! 

Personalized iPhone Case and Slim Wallet

I’m gifting the phone case and slim wallet to my friend Duke, and the Airpods Case to another friend.

Personalized Air Pods case, iPhone Case and Slim Wallet

Duke is always looking for something unique for his iPhone and what better than embossed, personalized, cases for his phone and a slim wallet to match?

iPhone Case

The handcrafted design fits snug while keeping your entire phone accessible and functional. Buttons, cameras, charging port, speakers – it’s well thought out and designed specifically for your phone model. 

Add a personalization to the phone case, up to 4 characters, for the perfect gift. (see below for a discount offer!)

Slim Wallet

With this sleek and minimalistic design, it’s perfect for his cards and cash. It fits easily in the front or back pocket, hand, or bag. It’s customizable with up to 4 letters, so your ID won’t be the only thing that says “This is yours”. 

Airpods Case

The Airpods Case is just as sleek and cool as the phone case and slim wallet. You can personalize it with up to 3 letters, perfect for your friend’s initials.

A stylish case that encases existing Airpods cases, the smooth premium leather just feels right in the hand. It’s a wonderful gift for the man who has everything and is always on the go.

This personalized shell will take their Airpods Case from uniform to unique!

Tanon Goods Offers

  • 10% OFF, Click Here and use my code: Andrew-10
  • Click Here and buy two products for 20% OFF or three products and get 30% OFF!

Zenni Glasses

You definitely need to check out these stylish specs from Zenni eyewear. My wife loves the way these look on me. Plus, you get a bonus with this set; 2-in-1 glasses and sunglasses. The sunshade attaches easily to the frame with small magnets at the corners. 

Sunglasses and glasses 2-in-1 from zenni

Not only are they glasses and sunglasses, but they’re blue light blockers. Zenni’s Blokz lenses are designed to block harmful UV light and blue light. This will help protect your eyes from digital eye strain, blurred vision, and disrupted sleep. 

Perfect for gamers, Blokz are lightweight and have virtually zero color distortion. Any pair of Zenni frames can be upgraded with Blokz lenses starting at just $16.95. Just pick a frame and add Blokz when selecting lenses.

Zenni men's glasses

I have a few pairs with the Blokz lenses — one in my office, one in the living room, and one in my workshop. They’re great to have handy, and affordable enough to have multiple pairs!

Shop Zenni Men’s Glasses

tekneksavr Phone Stand

Like all the best gifts for men, this Phone Stand from tekneksavr solves a problem. Text-neck is real, and a real problem.

We bend our necks as much as 60 degrees while using our phones and that can increase the weight of our head weight from 12 lbs to an effective weight of 60 lbs.

Tekneksaver phone stand

When we’re texting with you ladies, we’re holding our heads this way for a long time. This can cause pain, headaches, and even damage our spine. Now there’s tekneksavr, the phone accessory that improves neck posture and subsequently reduces neck pain! It rests against your torso while standing or your thigh while sitting, bringing your phone up to eye-height.

Tekneksaver stand and selfie stick for smartphone

This gift has been featured in the Houston Chronicle and the LA Times. You can use it as a stand for hand-free use or as a selfie-stick as the wand can rotate 360 degrees!

Overall, this is a unique gift for men that will keep on giving — giving relief from neck pain!

Learn more about tekneksavr here.

ROCCAT® Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset

Rounding off our best gifts for men in 2020 roundup, another sweet gift idea for men is this ROCCAT® Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset. It is the headset that works with your PC and all your favorite consoles including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,
and is even compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

With new consoles coming out this season and new games launching for PC, it’s time he has an amazing PC gaming headset that works with everything. 

ROCCAT® Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset

With large 50mm speakers deliver a premium stereo sound that delivers crisp highs and deep thunderous lows, this is the premium economical headset without breaking the bank.

For under 50 bucks, this pair perfectly with the new PS5 as the new PS5 console gamers can experience powerfully immersive surround 3D sound– which adds verticality to the soundscape, meaning you get to hear sounds above and below you, in addition to around you. It’s amazing!

Gaming Headset

You’d expect a heavy headset at this price point, but not the ROCCAT® Elo X! It has a weightless feel, cushions with Pro Specsâ„¢ glasses-friendly comfort, and a floating head pad with a self-adjusting metal headband.

It’s all the comfort, without the high price tag! Check out this video for more key features.

Find the ROCCAT® Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset at Best Buy


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