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These chocolate apples are easy to make and tasty, too.

Likely one of the easiest dessert recipes you’ll ever make. Try these chocolate apple slices this week!

While it’s apple season, also check out this easy apple jam. It’s also quick and delicious with just a few ingredients.

Easy Chocolate Filled Apple Desserts

These with only three ingredients, this dessert recipe is simple and easy to make. Have you tried my apple turnovers or sparkling hot apple cider yet?

But, let’s go through the process – and I’ll share a secret for melting the chocolate so you can melt the perfect chocolate every time!

Chocolate Apples

There’s something about the flavor of apples and chocolate that just tastes amazing.

These desserts are perfect for a summer afternoon or a fall evening – they are so versatile.

The kids can help make them and you can sit back and reap the rewards!


Chocolate Apples Ingredients


You can melt the chocolate candies and hollow out the apples at the same time, so the first steps of the directions are universal.

Just work at your own pace and have fun, right?

Hollowing out apples

Slice the apples in half and use a melon baller to carve out a little bit of the apple; about 1/2 the depth of the baller will do.

You don’t need to go down to the peel, make sure you leave plenty of the apple flesh intact.

Refrigerate the apple balls to have with your yogurt the following morning or toss them in your dinner salad.

You’ll find a use for them!

Melting DOVE Milk Chocolate Candies

Melting DOVE Milk Chocolate candies is easy — especially if you have a microwave!

If you’d like to double-boiler the chocolate on the stove top you’re more than welcome to do that.

Just set the heat on low and double boil the chocolate until it’s melted.

Melting DOVE Chocolate Candies

Melt Chocolate Candy In Microwave

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the chocolate in 30-second intervals on 50% power.

The secret to great melted chocolate in the microwave is the 50% power the entire time.

Between each 30 second zap, stir and “press” the chocolate together with a spoon.

When the chocolate beings to melt, the last zap in the microwave may only need 10 seconds – there’s no need to over melt the chocolates.

How much chocolate do you need? I found that one 8oz bag of DOVE candies melted is enough for 4 apples, which makes a total of 32 chocolate apple slices after they’re all cut up.

Fill the Apples with Chocolate

Now that you have your apple halves balled and your chocolate candy melted, it’s time to fill the apple halves with chocolate.

Simply pour the melted chocolate into each apple half.

Chocolate Filled Apple Recipe

Set the Chocolate

Now that your apples are filled with chocolate, put them on a plate and place them in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.

No longer than that or the chocolate will get very hard, and make it hard to cut the apples into slices.

Cut the Chocolate Apples

Flip the apples chocolate side down on a cutting surface and slice them into desired thickness.

I cut mine into 4 slices.

Chocolate Filled Apples Dessert Recipe

Drizzle with melted chocolate.

TIP: Try melting dark chocolate to drizzle on top for an additional flavor boost!

Apple Chocolate Dessert Reicpe

These apple slices filled with chocolate are a refreshing and sweet snack.

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Chocolate Filled Apple Recipe

Chocolate Apples

Scrappy Geek
Chocolate apples are easy to make. These chocolate filled apple slices are a delicious snack.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Freezer Time 15 mins
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 16 Servings


  • 8 oz chocolate candies
  • 4 count Apples


  • Cut apples in half and remove some of the apple with a melon baller, leaving plenty of flesh thickness to enjoy with the chocolate
  • Set aside a small handful of chocolate candy. Melt the remaining candies and pour it into the apple halves. Freeze for 15 minutes
  • Remove from freezer, flip apples chocolate side down and slice into desired sizes
  • Melt the reserved handful of candy and drizzle over apples



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