The Best Christmas Gift Idea For Neighbors

Are you looking for a quick and easy Christmas gift idea for neighbors? Then, make this cookie bucket from a clay pot to look like Santa’s coat!

Below you will find several of my best Christmas cookie ideas. Also, this a great way to gift Christmas cookies to your neighbors.

Christmas Gift for Neighbors DIY Cookie Bucket with Santa Clause Theme

There are many ways you can wrap cookies to gift them. But I want to give you a quick and easy DIY version of wrapping cookies.

In case you’re wondering what you’ll need, you probably have the materials to make this gift if you’re the craft type. In other words, that makes this project even easier. However, if you’re not a crafty type, it’s easy to get the materials you need.

Plus, not only will your neighbors enjoy the delicious cookies, but it will serve as a nice holiday decoration for them to put plants or other goodies in during the holiday season.

A Santa themed cookie bucket DIY project Christmas gift for neighbors, a Santa painted clay pot with cellophane wrapped cookies inside, all sitting in front of holly berries and pine code decoration

So, let’s get started!

Christmas Gift Idea For Neighbors – Santa Cookie Bucket


Tools Needed

  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun or other quick-drying glue (I like the cordless kind)


Supplies for make a Christmas gift idea for neighbors, clay pot, paint, felt, glue gun, paint brush

How To Make Cookie Bucket Christmas Gift for Neighbors


Follow these instructions to make a fun Santa Claus themed clay pot. By following these instructions, you’ll create a great way to gift delicious cookies to your neighbors for Christmas.

Note: If you are reusing a clay pot, make sure to clean it well and let it dry completely before painting.

Firstly, Paint Lower Half of Cookie Bucket Red

Below the lip of the pot, paint the entire surface with two coats of the red chalk paint. Then allow the paint to dry between coats.

Painting a terracotta pot red with a first coat of paint to make a Santa themed cookie bucket

Remember, chalk paint dries quite quickly, so it should only take a few minutes before you can apply your second coat.

Painting clay pot red to make santa outfit
Red painted clay pot to make Santa bucket for a Christmas gift idea for neighbors


Secondly, Paint The Cookie Bucket Rim White

Now that the red paint has dried, we can move on and paint the top rim white.

Again, we need to do two coats. Paint the top rim with the white chalk paint, applying two coats. Then, allow it to dry between coats.

Painting the rim of a clay pot white to create a Santa Clause design

For an extra clean look, paint the inside rim of the clay pot white as well.

Santa clay pot in the making with a red lower half and white painted rim


Thirdly, Paint Santa Suite White Stripe

The next step is to paint a white stripe down the length of the pot to create the fur of Santa’s coat.

So, use your paintbrush to dab the outer edges of the stripe to make a “fuzzy” appearance for the fur.

Painting a white stripe down the red lower half on terracotta pot to create Santa's fur jacket appearance

Lastly, Attach Santa’s Belt

Using hot glue or other quick dry glue, attach the black nylon or ribbon around the clay pot.

Keep in mind that this should be positioned about 3/4th’s of the way down; on the lower portion of the red area.

Because the clay pot tapers downward, only glue the top portion of the ribbon or nylon. Leaving the bottom half free-hanging will make sure it doesn’t bunch up.

Attaching belt to red and white clay pot to make Santa themed gift for neighbors

Hot glue the metal washer on top of the black nylon, centered with the white stripe to represent the buckle on Santa’s belt. The only thing left to do is add the cookies!



Cookie Christmas gift idea for neighbors, painted clay pot to look like Santa and cookies placed in a cellophane bag inside the clay pot.

A Christmas Gift Idea for Your Neighbors

Finally, doesn’t this look lovely?

Santa cookie bucket DIY Christmas gift for neighbors; clay pot painted like Santa's jacket and filled with cookies.

Cookie Bucket Recipes – Christmas Gift Idea For Neighbors

These recipes are perfect to go inside your cookie bucket Christmas gift for your neighbors! Check them out:

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Cookie Bucket DIY Christmas Gift Idea for Neighbors

A Christmas gift for neighbors, a cookie bucket made to look like Santa's coat.
Servings 1 Cookie Bucket
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 35 mins


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush


  • 1 4" clay pot
  • White chalk paint
  • Red chalk paint
  • 1/2" wide black nylon webbing or use ribbon
  • 1 3/4 inch metal washer


  • Paint the bottom (below the rim/lip) of the clay pot red; allow to dry and add a second coat of paint
  • Paint the top rim white, inside and out. Allow to dry, complete with a second cot of paint
  • Paint a stripe down the middle, vertically, and dab your brush to create a fuzzy furry looking effect for Santa's coat. Allow to dry
  • Wrap and cut the nylon webbing around the bucket, securing with hot glue to only the top of portion of the webbing; allowing the lower portion to hang freely.
  • Attach the washer to the webbing, where the webbing and the white jacket paint intersect
  • Add cookies wrapped in cellophane and give as a gift


Author: Scrappy Geek
Cost: $5

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    Fun project for Christmas gifts to give to the neighbors for sure! They’ll love the little cookie bucket and of course the cookies too!

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