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This fun DIY terra cotta pot garden sculpture DIY project will look great in your yard!

Make your own by following the tutorial below.

Make this clay pot garden race car sculpture and you’ll laugh so hard the neighbors will think you belong at the funny farm.

It’s real easy to do and it’ll look great in your garden, mulch bed, or just staring at your neighbors from a distance!

DIY clay terra cotta pot garden race car man sculpture. #diy #garden

With a bunch of terra cotta pots and a handful of terra cotta saucers, I made this cool race car garden art piece.

A little glue and a few finishing touches and you can make your own garden sculpture with terra cotta pots!


  • Two 8″ terra cotta pots
  • Two 4″ terra cotta pots
  • Four 1″ terra cotta pots
  • Three fairy garden size terra cotta pots
  • Two fairy size buckets (or 2 more fairy size terra cotta pots) for headlights
  • Six 4″ saucers
  • One tube contact cement or other all purpose glue (for outdoor use a waterproof adhesive)
  • Two googly eyes, a poof ball & tiny piece of landscape fabric (for the race car driver’s face)
  • Fabric or pipe cleaners to make a scarf
  • Grass or flowers for hair

Terra cotta pot garden sculpture race car

Glue pots together with an indoor/outdoor weather resistant and waterproof adhesive.

Step 1

Glue two 8″ pots together to make the car body.

Glue two 1.5 inch pots together to make the race car driver’s arms.

Clay pot garden sculpture ideas

Step 2

Glue two 4″ pots together to make the body of the race car driver.

DIY garden sculpture with clay pots.

Step 3

Glue two fairy size pots to the 1.5 inch pots to make the hands on the arms.

Race car clay pot diy project

Step 4

Glue the 1.5 inch pots to the 4 inch pots to make the general shape of the race car driver.

PS: painters tape came in handy to help hold things in place while the glue dried.

Clay pot race car driver for garden art.

Step 5

Glue 4, 4 inch pots to the 8″ pots to create the wheels for the car as seen in the photo.

Also, use painter’s tape if need be.

Wheels for clay pot race car

Step 6

Glue a fairy size pot to the top of the car, then glue a 4 inch saucer at an angle on top of that – creating the steering wheel.

Clay pot race car steering wheel

Step 7

I found little buckets which I glued on as headlights.

Use whatever you have or more terra cotta pots!

Garden art car headlights

Step 8

Glue another saucer upside down behind the steering wheel, on the body of the car.

This will hold the race car driver in place. Glue the race car driver to the saucer behind the steering wheel.

Gluing clay pot race car and driver together.

Step 8

Grab a chunk of grass or pot some flowers in his head for added fun!

Don’t forget to glue on some googly eyes, some landscape fabric for a mouth, and add whatever else you’d like – like a poofy nose and a pipe cleaner scarf!

Grass hair for clay pot garden sculpture art

Make it your own – decorate how you wish.

I’m leaving mine plain, but you can certainly paint the pots in different colors or add a race car number or whatever you wish!

Terra cotta pot garden sculpture race car

I hope you enjoyed this garden sculpture race car clay pot tutorial!

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