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DIY Baseball hat rack. Make a hat rack with scrap wood and baseballs to display your hat at home! This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ForgetAllergies #CollectiveBias

If you’re like me, you’re really into baseball and love everything about it, from playing catch to displaying your memorabilia.

Today I’m making a cool hat rack made with real baseballs!

Display for baseball hats, DIY baseball hat rack.The snow is melting, the trees are budding, and of course, it’s spring training time! We love watching games on TV or sneaking away to catch one over a long weekend.

We like to get to the park early, hang out and see if we can chat it up with some of our favorite players!

Pregame warm up and field prep before the baseball game.If it’s baseball, we’re ready to go!

This is my inspiration for our DIY baseball hat rack. I know I’m not the only one who needs a hat rack specifically dedicated to my favorite baseball caps….right?

Do you have a rack like this to display your hat at home? Using pallet wood gives it the old-time nostalgic look. Kind of like an old weathered catchers mitt.

Display your hat at home with this DIY baseball hat rack

Baseball Hat Rack

Let’s get started on that hat rack made with baseballs, shall we?

It’s rare to find DIY baseball projects that use the actual balls in a practical way. That’s why I decided to do one, and I have to say, it came out pretty cool!
If you love pallet projects, this one is super “easy†and will be completed in 20 minutes, aside from the dry time.

I love the way this piece looks with the use of pallet boards because it reminds me of a rustic, old-timer baseball theme – the boards with a nice clear oil look like a worn catcher’s mitt…

It’s a nostalgic piece!

Check out the Baseball Bat Hat Racks here

DIY baseball hat rack to display your hat at home


Aside from the pallet wood, all of this can be purchased at Amazon and shipped directly to your door!

Baseball Cap Hat Rack Materials ListPallet Tip: Only use pallets that are marked with the code: DB or HT . DB stands for Debarked and HT stands for Heat Treated.

Both of these pallet types should contain no chemicals. Pallets without these markings likely contain chemicals that you do not want want to breathe or have in your home.
I found the letter “B” at the store, and it kind of resembled the Boston Red Sox “B”. Being from New England, I had to paint it blue to add a little extra pazazz to the hat rack..

Baseball Hat Rack Decoration Letter B

How Do You Make A Baseball Hat Rack

Let’s jump right in and make this baseball hatrack with the few simple materials we outlined above.


Follow these simple instructions to make your hat rack!

Pallet Wood

Grab your two boards, one should be wider than the other. Cut both pallet boards to about 16 inches long. Sand them smooth to remove any splinters or rough spots.

Pallet wood baseball DIY project


Measure and drill three holes evenly spaced across the middle, or just below the middle of the wider board.

Use a drill bit slightly smaller in width than the 3-inch screws you’re using.

If you’re unsure of where to drill, place your ball caps on the board to give you a better visual.

Drilling holes in pallet wood


Fit the pieces together in an L shape, so the narrow board is sitting on top of the other.

This will create the top shelf. Drill a few pilot holes through the top of the shelf and into the side of the wide board with your drill bit.

Attach the two boards together with screws. Three across should do the trick.

Screwing pallet wood together to display your hat at home

Stain or Sealer

Head to your paint and stain storage shelf to pick out a finish. I will use danish oil for my boards. This really gives it a rustic but finished look.

PS: This is the same finish I used when I refinished that thrift shop desk. I’m using a foam brush to apply the oil because pallet wood is usually a little more splintery than new wood, and a rag tends to snag. Apply the oil with a foam brush and gently wipe off with a rag.

Applying danish oil to wood to display your hat at home

Attach Baseballs

Now that our hat rack has a nice finish on it and has had the chance to dry completely, we’re ready to attach our baseballs!

Baseballs to make Baseball Hat Rack

Using your 3″ screws, screw through the back of the board using the pre-drilled holes.

Once the screw peeks through the front of the board, place the center of the baseball on the screw – give it a little push to embed the tip of the screw through the leather.

Hold the ball firmly and slowly screw the screw into the ball until it is secure.

Attaching baseballs to baseball hat rack

Add Wall Hangers

Now attach a wall hanger on the backside of the piece.

This is a light piece, so you can use anything from picture frame velcro strips to regular wall hangers – your choice.

Simply check the weight that the hanger can hold and plan accordingly.
Display your hat at home with this DIY baseball hat rack

Personalize It

You can also stencil on your child’s name or use your Cricut machine to make something else fun – personalize it!

Add your favorite team’s logo or paint it different colors rather than staining it. Really the possibilities are endless.

Baseball hat rack to display baseball caps.

Hang Baseball Hat

The last thing left to do is hang your baseball hat rack on the wall and display your hats!

DIY Baseball Cap Hat Rack

This DIY baseball hat rack was fun to make and easy to put together.

DIY Baseball Cap Hat Rack! Make this EASY baseball cap hat rack with just a few materials. Click to get the free tutorial, and I'll show you exactly how I made it!How do you display your hat at home?

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Baseball hat rack made with real baseballs

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