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I finally broke down and built a DIY nightstand organizer for myself. As you know, this year has been the year of organization at our house. Perhaps our biggest project this year was our garage organization project. But, one thing I have needed for a while is a nightstand organizer. A place to store a few things at nighttime, and this little DIY organizer fits the bill perfectly.

I've finally broke down and built a DIY nightstand organizer for myself. I've needed a nightstand organizer for a while, so today I'm building a unique one! #TomorrowStartsTonight

This nightstand organizer only costs a couple of bucks to make, but looks pretty cool if you ask me. I made it by using a couple of inexpensive yardsticks I picked up at the store. I cut them up, stained the pieces and used a wood super glue to assemble it. Very simple, fun and cost effective way to make a little nightstand organizer. It gives me a place to store my things at bedtime, rather than just slung on the nightstand, the dresser or wherever else I fling them for the night. You don’t know how many times I’ve had to search for my wallet. I’m sure you’ve never misplaced your wallet, right? 😉

Wood Yardstick DIY Organizer

DIY Rustic Nightstand Organizer

To start this project, I grabbed two yardsticks and cut them down to size. I first lined up the things I know I’ll be storing in my nightstand organizer – my wallet, my phone and, ahem, my Breathe Right® Nasal Strips (we’ll get to that in a bit).

Nightstand Organizer DIY

The cuts:

Two 12″ pieces
One 11 ½†piece
Two 1 ¼†x 1 ¼†square piece (width of yardstick, yours may be different)
Two 1 ¼†x 1″ piece (width of yardstick and less depth of yardstick)
One 1 ¼†square cut on a 45 degree angle

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Cutting Wood for Nightstand OrganizerNext, I applied a nice walnut stain and sealer to the wood, making sure to get all of the side and edges of each piece.

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DIY Nightstand Organizer Stained WoodApply and allow the stain to dry based on the instructions found on the stain container. Once the stain has dried, you’re ready to assemble your new organizer. The picture above shows you the basic layout.
First we’ll glue the end pieces onto either end of the middle piece (1 ¼†x 1 ¼†pieces to the ends of the 11 ½†piece), like this…

DIY Nightstand AssemblyAfter gluing on both end pieces with heavy duty super glue, you can tip the piece on its side and attach one of the side pieces. Run a slight bead of super glue along the edge and stick the side on.

Assembly of Nightstand OrganizerPress and hold the piece in position. This is why I’m using fast-setting glue, so we can assemble this organizer in no time! See how easy this is coming together…

DIY Wood Nightstand OrganizerGlue on the other side, just like you did the first side, to create a three sided box.

Ruler Nightstand Organization BoxLike I said, for me I’m storing my wallet, phone and Breathe Right® Nasal Strips, so I measured each accordingly and attached the two spacers according to the size slots I needed, with glue.

Nightstand Organizer Box DIYThe last step is gluing the 45 degree pieces to the back side of the nightstand organizer. This will make the organizer stable and prevent it from tipping over when we place our items in it. Attach them near the ends or more towards the center – it’s totally up to you.

DIY Nightstand Organization StabilizerOkay, now that we have the nightstand organizer built…

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How do you organize for a better tomorrow?

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  1. Kiersten Adney says:

    Leah, if you do charge your phone at night, you can easily set your phone in the holder upside down… Problem solved. I think this holder is a great idea for my husband. As he sets his stuff down anywhere and it drives me crazy.. Lol. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  2. Thank you Leah. You might be able to fit it on your window sill. You’re right. I don’t charge my phone at night, I charge it in the car mostly. 🙂

  3. Leah McGrew says:

    Very cute and clever, however, my “night stand” is the window sill next to and under my window unit air conditioner. My wallet lives in my purse… well, my card holder lives in my purse. I guess you never charge your phone over night… you are better organized than I am I guess.

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