Unlocked: DIY Smartphone Stand!

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Today we’re building a DIY smartphone stand for our new unlocked smartphone from Best Buy.  We’ll get to the awesome unlocked smartphone deals in a minute. You know how I love to create recipes and work in the kitchen, right? Well, I’ve found a way to keep my phone off the counter while I cook and I’m sharing it with you!

A DIY smartphone hack. Learn how to make an easy smartphone holder using stuff you already have!

Before we get to our DIY smartphone stand, let’s talk about the Best Buy unlocked smartphone offers!

First of all, what is an unlocked smartphone? An unlocked smartphone is a phone that isn’t tied to any carrier, so you have the freedom to choose who you hire to carry your phone service. Basically, an unlocked smartphone = freedom! Learn more here.

Here in U.S. there’s one thing we all enjoy, and that’s freedom! Unlocked smartphones are tapping into that freedom and giving you the freedom to choose your own service carrier, plan and even which phone you want!

Best Buy unlocked smartphone deals

Best Buy has hot deals on Samsung, Huawei, Moto, Sony, BLU, Alcatel and ZTE unlocked smartphones right now. You can get any one of these phones at Best Buy and not have to be tied into a specific carrier or contract! Get one for yourself and get one for your family members!

Unlocked smartphones make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers because you don’t have to sign a contract when you buy the phone! Unlocked smartphones are great for international travel, freedom from contracts and will save you money!

Smartphones at Best Buy Deals

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DIY Smartphone Stand; Kitchen Hack!

I love cooking and creating recipes, but I hate setting my shiny smartphone on the counter – it always gets some sort of gunk on it! I’ve found a simple hack to prop up my phone while I work!

Smartphone Holder for Kitchen Recipes

Grab an old cassette tape case (did I just show my age?) haha! If you don’t know what a cassette tape is, ask your parents for one or hit the thrift store. 🙂

It looks like this….

Smartphone stand made from a cassette tape case

How to Make a Smartphone Stand

  • Remove the cassette tape and cassette paper insert
  • Cut two pieces of wrapping paper larger than the paper insert
  • Use a glue stick to glue a piece of wrapping paper to one side of the cassette insert, cut off excess wrapping paper
  • Repeat for the other side
  • Refold the insert as it was and put it back in the case

Cassette Tape Smart Phone Holder Hack

Voila! You have a cool looking Smartphone stand for the holidays! Rest your phone on the stand while you’re working in the kitchen creating awesome holiday goodies, like these wreath cake donuts!

DIY smartphone stand

Simply put your phone in your new DIY smartphone stand to keep it off the counter while you’re working in the kitchen, or wherever else you’d like to use it!

Now you can scroll through your recipes while you’re working in the kitchen! How about them apples? This DIY only takes about 5 minutes to do, but it could save you a headache by getting your new smartphone up off the counter!

Don’t forget to grab your unlocked smartphone at Best Buy during this savings event!

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