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A rack for your water guns? Brilliant! Today we’re building a water gun rack out of pallet wood. A place to hang those squirt guns when they’re not in use! I remember growing up, we had lots of water guns and no where to store them.

DIY Water Gun Holder from Pallets

They were always getting lost, dirty, stepped on or tossed somewhere never to be seen again. This is why we’re making a water gun rack today! Hang this upcycled pallet wood squirt gun holder inside or out, have your squirt guns ready to go when it’s time for battle!

DIY Water Gun Rack with Command™ Hooks

No more searching for the water guns after you’re done making this quick DIY water gun rack! I made this out of upcycled pallet wood, a few screws, four Small Command™ Hooks. Of course you can use as many Command™ Hooks as you have water guns to hang.

Water Gun Holder and Storage Unit

What you’ll need:

  • Pallet boards
  • Fasteners (nails or screws)
  • Paints, Stencil & Brush
  • Pool Noodle
  • Twine
  • Small Command™ Hooks Clear
  • Scotch® Brand Titanium Utility Knife

Cut Pallet Boards

Jumping right in, we’ve already broken down our pallet and have our wood ready to be cut to the proper size. We’re going to cut 3 pallet boards in half, about 18 inch peaces, for a total of 6 pieces.

We will be using four boards to create the front of the water gun rack and two boards across the back to connect them together. I LOVE my Miter Saw!

Sawing pallet boards

Paint Pallet Boards

Give your pallet boards a once over with sand paper or a sanding block. Once fairly smooth, paint your pallet boards in any colors you choose. It’s best if you use a primer first, so your finish paint adheres for a long time.

Water Gun Storage Pallet Project

If you prefer the rustic look, just slap any old paint on and call it a day! If you have kids, this would be a great way to keep their water guns organized, each kids gets a different colored area! For me? A simple white will do just fine!

Command Hooks Water Gun Holder

Assemble Pallet Boards

The next step in our DIY water gun rack is to assemble the rack. Line four boards up evenly with their best sides facing downward. You’ll span the last two boards across the backside of the other four boards. Attach using wood glue and 1 inch screws. See the image below. I painted the front of the two back boards in case any wood was peeking through, it would show white.


DIY Water Gun Storage Project Assembly

Cut Pool Noodle

Grab your handy dandy Scotch® Brand Titanium Utility Knife and cut two pieces of pool noodle to the length of the sides of your water gun rack. Just hold the pool noodle against the side edge, lining up one end with the top and mark the pool noodle where you’ll be making your cut.

Scotch Brand Utility Knife

Once you have cut the lengths of pool noodles, with your Scotch® Brand Titanium Utility Knife, cut a slit up the center of the pool noodle pieces and then slide the pieces over the sides of the water gun rack.

Cutting Pool Noodle with Scotch Titanium Utility Knife

Stencil Painting

Grab your paint, stencils and paint brush! Stencil the words “Squirt Guns” or “Water Guns” onto your boards, where ever you’d like! Make sure to leave room for your Small Command Hooks to be spaced out enough to hang the squirt guns!

Attach Command™ Hooks

Now that you’ve got your pallet boards assembled, painted and your pool noodles in place, we’re ready to attach the Command™ Hooks! The Command Hooks hold strong and you can remove them and change positions without damaging the paint if you ever need to add more hooks for more water guns! Place them where ever you want, in a random pattern or straight across -it’s your call, have fun with it!

Water Gun Storage Unit Pallet Project

Drill Holes

To hang your water gun rack, you’ll need about 8 feet of twine, folded in half for a double strand. Drill two holes, about two to three inches in from each outside edge, near the top of the rack. String each end of the twine through from the front and tie in the back. Now you have a hanger!

DIY Water Gun Holder Pallet Project

DIY Water Gun Rack

Hang your water gun rack where ever is convenient, on a tree outside, in the garage or maybe even near a water hose!  It’s your call here – but now you’ve got a great DIY water gun storage piece that will keep the water guns organized and keep them from being lost or broken!

Water Gun Holder and Storage Unit


Be Inspired!

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