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Cbias Scrappy GeekDIY Pallet Iced Tea Station

I have another DIY project for you and this time it’s to store your iced tea goodies. You know me, it’s all work and no play. Even when I’m relaxing I’m getting something done. This weekend we tackled another home improvement project, and took a much needed break with Bigelow iced tea! #MeAndMyTea #CollectiveBias

DIY Weekend with Bigelow Iced Tea

Some of you know we bought a house a bit over a year ago. We’ve been working on some improvements and now that spring is here, it’s time to get back outside and tackle more outdoor projects. Last year we tackled the back yard, this year we’re working on the front.

Our weekend started with a DIY project which involved regrading the earth around our house. Last week we had new gutters installed and we needed to regrade the ground around the foundation of our house, for proper drainage. The old leaky gutters and the giant shrubs really did a number on the grading, apparently.

Weekend DIY with Bigelow Iced Tea

We also had a little help from an unexpected visitor. We found this little guy hiding in the plants in front of the shrubs. There’s nothing like finding a tiny salamander (Orange Newt) for good luck before you start your project!

Salamander in the plants

Our weekend ended with an easy DIY Iced Tea Station made out of wood reused from a pallet and a nice refreshing glass of Bigelow Iced Tea with pure New Hampshire maple syrup and cinnamon sticks! Read on to see how I made this cool iced tea station.

Bigelow Iced Tea Recipe

Regrading The Foundation

We measured the amount of top soil we would need for this project, and another project we’re working on. We ended up with 7 yards of top soil delivered. For those that count in pounds, that’s about 14,000 pounds of top soil we were moving around this weekend. After removing four big shrubs, it was time to move the top soil!

7 Yards of Top Soil

We used 5 gallon buckets – shoveling, lugging and dumping them until the ground around the house’s foundation reached proper grade, sloping away from the house at about 1 inch per foot for at least 3 to 4 feet. This slope assures that any water from rain or run off doesn’t run up against the foundation of the home.

Grading Around Home Foundation

After using top soil to grade the foundation around the house, we laid down landscape fabric, cut holes and planted some nice flowers. We planted two of each – Catmint, Yarrow, Gaura, Dianthus and Salvia

Planting Catmint Plants

The final touch was to top the landscape fabric with a few inches of mulch and this DIY project is in the books!

Foundation Grading DIY Project

It sounds simple when it’s written out like this, but it was a lot of work! It took two days and several Bigelow Iced Tea breaks. As you can see, it was sunny, it was also 85 degrees. I whipped up my own iced tea concoction using Bigelow Green Tea tea bags, New Hampshire maple syrup and cinnamon sticks. It was refreshing, tasty and kept us going!

Iced Tea Break with Bigelow Iced Tea

Maple Cinnamon Bigelow Green Iced Tea Recipe


  • 16 cups water
  • 16 Bigelow Green Tea tea bags
  • 6-8 tbs of pure maple syrup
  • Ice
  • 1 cinnamon stick per mug


Bring to boil 16 cups of water. Steep 16 Bigelow Green Tea bags according to the directions on the box. After the tea has steeped, but while still hot, I added 6-8 table spoons of pure New Hampshire maple syrup. Once the tea has cooled to room temperature, add to a pitcher of ice. Add ice cubes and a cinnamon stick to your mugs, pour your Bigelow Iced Tea over the ice and you’re ready for a quick recharge!

Building an Iced Tea Station

Like I said, you know me – all work and no play. I do find DIY projects to be relaxing though. To wind down the weekend, Sunday afternoon I decided to whip up a quick Iced Tea Station out of a few pallet boards. I must say, it looks pretty cool!

The iced tea station has a place to store your Bigelow Iced Tea boxes, your maple syrup and your mugs too. We made a station for two mugs, but you can easily increase the size to make room for more mugs, or attach more hooks to the sides or underside of the iced tea station.

Bigelow Pallet Iced Tea Station

DIY Pallet Iced Tea Station

What you’ll need:

  • 4 pallet boards/slats
  • Wood Glue
  • Fasteners (I used brads and my brad nailer) – use screws or nails or whatever you want.
  • Twine
  • Paint
  • Stencils


  • Cut three pallet boards into six 16 inch pieces
  • Cut one pallet board into two 19 inch pieces

Using wood glue and fasteners, attach two 16 inch boards to the two 19 inch boards to create the front of the iced tea station. Attach them on the face, aligning them with the top edge and bottom edge. This is where your Iced Tea lettering will go.

Building DIY Pallet Iced Tea Station

In the same fashion as the front, attach three 16 inch boards to the back of the iced tea station.

DIY Bigelow Iced Tea StationOnce you have the front and the back of the iced tea station assembled, attach the final 16 inch board to the bottom of the station.

Pallet Iced Tea Station Project

After completing the assembly, there’s only a couple more steps. Next, you’ll want to figure out where your hooks will go. We attached the hooks 6.5 inches apart to accommodate the size of our mugs. This should work well for most size mugs, but if you have large iced tea mugs, you may want to increase the area between the hooks.

DIY Iced Tea StationYou can attach your hooks before or after painting, it really doesn’t matter much. Just know where your hooks are going and space your letters accordingly. Break out your acrylic paint, stencils and brushes. Stencil on your iced tea lettering, “I C E D” on the top board and “T E A” on the bottom board.

Stenciling DIY Iced Tea Project

Almost done!

Pallet DIY Iced Tea Station Hooks

The two final steps are to attach the hooks and twine to hang it from the wall. If you haven’t already done so, attach the hooks using screws. Once the hooks are on, drill two holes in the back of the iced tea station, on the top board, to string your twin through to create a nice rustic looking twine hanger.

After we finished the Bigelow Iced Tea station, we decided to kick back on the patio, admire our work, enjoy some Maple Cinnamon Bigelow Green Iced Tea and the rest of the weekend!

Bigelow Iced Tea Pallet Station

There’s nothing like unwinding after a long weekend of projects around the house than with a fun and easy DIY project. This pallet project only uses a few pallet boards and can be completed in under an hour!

Bigelow Iced Tea Station

Of course there’s no better place to get your Bigelow tea than Walmart. While we were picking up our Bigelow tea bags at Walmart, we noticed that they had their own project going on. It appears that Walmart is doing some renovating and maybe installing new coolers. They recently replaced the cash registers and added a self checkout. Yes, we live in the middle of nowhere, our Walmart is just getting self checkout (lol).

Regardless, the Bigelow tea bags were still easy to find, right there with all the other tea products!

Bigelow Tea at Walmart

Fun Facts About Bigelow Tea

  • It’s American Made! Bigelow Tea is made right here in the good old US of A!
  • Bigelow’s Charleston, SC plantation is the largest working tea garden in the country!
  • Bigelow Supports Our Troops! Bigelow’s Tea for Troops program has sent nearly 4 Million Tea Bags overseas!
  • Bigelow is Social – found on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

What’s your favorite Bigelow Tea flavor?

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