Easy DIY Wine Bottle Gift

This easy DIY wine bottle gift is nice and elegant and can be displayed almost anywhere in the home. You don’t always need to gift the most expensive bottle of wine, a nice bottle and a thoughtful DIY wine holder that you make yourself will be received very well. This wine bottle gift is a perfect housewarming gift, wedding gift, or gift for another special occasion or holiday. Let’s head to the workshop and make this easy DIY project.

Learn how to build an EASY wine bottle holder gift. Perfect for housewarming, weddings and more. Click to build this EASY wine bottle holder!

Easy DIY Wood Wine Holder Gift



Begin by cutting your 2×6 to 14″ and sand the wood thoroughly using an orbital sander, or a piece of sand paper. This will be the base of your wine bottle gift, wine bottle holder.

Sanding wood for a DIY wine bottle holder
Choose a drill bit slightly bigger than the width of the twine yo’re using.

Wood wine holder in process photo

Drill two holes at the top of the board, one near each corner. These holes will be where the twine is fed through your wine bottle gift.

Drilling holes for wine bottle holder
Select a nice wood stain for your wine bottle holder gift and apply the stain using a foam brush. Apply the stain evenly and allow it to sit on the piece for several minutes. The longer you let the stain penetrate the wood, the deeper and richer your color will be. You can apply more than one coat of stain to reach your desired result. Just follow the instructions found on the container of your wood stain.

Staining DIY wood wine holder
Now that you’ve allowed your stain to dry, it’s time to string your twine through the wine bottle holder. String the twin through so you have one clean line of twine across the front of the holder. (I suppose that means you need to pick a front and back side)…

Wine Bottle Holder DIY Project

The last step is to wrap the burlap around the bottle of wine. Not too tight though, you need to be able to slide the bottle in and out of the burlap. Fold the excess burlap over, using glue and upholstery nails to secure the burlap in place, as seen below. Your wine bottle gift is almost done!

Burlap for DIY wine bottle holder

Now your wine bottle holder should look similar to this.

DIY Wood Wine Bottle Holder Gift

Optional: Add a monogrammed letter. Stencil or paint a letter below the wine bottle to personalize it!

DIY Wine Bottle Holder GiftOn what occasion will you give this DIY wine holder as a gift?

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