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Are you looking for practical and clever ways to use duct tape? Explore these clever duct tape uses and crafts to create something today.

From helping soldiers on the battlefield to keeping things together at home, duct tape has advanced and transformed into something really amazing.

In today’s technologically driven world, with solutions to everyday problems at your fingertips, there are still a lot of pretty ways to use duct tape in your everyday life.

From fashion to practical and tactical uses, how do you use duct tape every day?

Duct tape uses that you usually wouldn't use duct tape for like home decor, crafting and more.

Duct Tape, Practical and Clever Uses

There are hundreds of ways the average person can put it to use in their home. Most of them are pretty clever, some of them… Well, not so much. 

But, duct tape helps us with problems all the time. From taping up our yard sale sign to creating fun and entertaining crafts. Everyone has a use for duct tape!

Uses for duct tape, duct tape holding up a sign.

Ways To Use Duct Tape

There are many ways people use duct tape in and around their homes.

Get creative and save money on everyday tasks such as cleaning lint off your clothes to making a statement with a duct tape wallet.

You’re sure to find at least one clever way to use duct tape in your daily life.

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Duct Tape Crafts

Today I’m sharing my top picks for duct tape use from practical to crafty and everything in between!

Endless Cube Toy

A fun and colorful toy made using this colorful duct tape.

It’s an endless cube!

Flip, flop, and the cube keeps going and keeps little hands busy for hours!

Endless cube made using duct tape.

Endless Cube Toy

Duct Tape Book Covers

You can easily make fun of duct tape textbook covers for your school books. Or even make covers for your favorite books at home.

Book covers made from duct tape.

Use decorative duct tape to make a fun design for your school books.

Book Covers

Before continuing on, take a moment to pin the image below on pinterest! 

Decorative duct tape used for crafting and more.

Decorative Storage Bin

More uses for this decorative duct tape!

Transform your plain ugly plastic rolling storage bin into something a little nicer on the eyes.

Covering plastic storage bins in decorative duct tape.

Decorate Storage Bins

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct tape wallets have become wildly popular, just look at Pinterest!

You can use colored duct tape to say something and make a statement with a DIY duct tape wallet.

Duct Tape Wallet

These make for a great handcrafted Father’s Day gift as well!

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Make The Wallet Here

Banana Duct Tape Art

One of the most famous duct tape art pieces in recent history is the banana art.

“Comedian” is a 2019 artwork by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

It’s a banana folks. It’s a banana taped to a wall with duct tape.

Banana duct taped to a white wall.

Duct Tape Gift Bow

Have you wrapped a gift but want to add a special bow?

Duct tape gift wrap

Use duct tape to create a fun bow that can be used over, and over again.

Personalize the bow with colored duct tape. Use any colors you wish!

Duct Tape Bow Gift Wrapping

Hold Stuff Up

Yep, it’s pretty obvious. We have all used duct tape to hold stuff up before. From a broken car window to a garage sale or yard sale sign. 

Who among us hasn’t used the mighty power of duct tape to hold stuff up? 

Uses for duct tape

Duct Tape Flower

Add a little zing to your home decor with these duct tape flowers. They’re simple to make in any color or pattern, just choose your decorative duct tape here.

Duct Tape Flower

Make A Flower

Duct Tape Jewelry Bracelets

Cute bracelets made using duct tape! This project is fun for kids and adults alike.

Choose your favorite tape colors and get started!

Decorative duct tape jewelry bracelets.



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Fun uses for duct tape you never would have thought of!

I hope you enjoyed these funky ways to use duct tape!

Uses for Duct Tape

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