From Easter Eggs to Flower Beds

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Is it Easter eggs bring May flowers or April showers bring May flowers? Either way, we’re sharing a fun way to plant spring flowers and get your vegetable garden started! You guessed it, we are using Easter eggs to start our garden this year! But first, we’ll need to have a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt!

From Easter Eggs to Flower Beds, Reusing Plastic Easter Eggs

Can you believe what a gorgeous sunny day we had here in New England? The weather had called for rain all week, but the sun was out and the skies were blue! So we took advantage of the nice weather and headed outside for our Easter egg hunt and to sow our seeds!

Easter Egg Hunt with M&M's® and Reusing Plastic Eggs for Planting Seeds

First, you’ll need to plan your Easter eggstravaganza, with all sorts of Easter yums, like lemon Easter cookies, haystack cookies, or even the perfect baker’s Easter basket with brownie parfaits!

M&M's Easter Egg Candies

Easter Egg Hunt

Once you’ve selected which Easter treats you’re going to make, hop over to Walmart to scoop up the ingredients as well as all of the other goodies for your egg hunt and planting your seeds.

  • Recipe ingredients
  • Flower/Vegetable Seeds (or seeds of choice)
  • Soil
  • Plastic Eggs
  • 11oz M&M’s® Easter Tri Packs bucket
  • Egg carton(s)

M&M's Easter Tri Packs at Walmart

The new M&M’s® Easter Tri Packs bucket is full of candies which are packaged individually and fit perfectly into the plastic eggs. Their convenient size and packaging makes filling eggs for your hunt easy peasy.

When everyone is done finding all of the eggs, we can reuse the plastic eggs to plant our spring flower and veggie seeds!

Using Plastic Easter Eggs to Plant Seeds
Now that we have everything we need for our Easter egg hunt and everything to plant the seeds, let’s get down to business! We’ve all done Easter egg hunts and we all love them. Stuffing the eggs always seems to be the least glamorous part of the whole hunt. Luckily, we’re stuffing our plastic eggs with the M&M’s® Milk Chocolate candies, which come in fun pastel colors and are individually packaged, perfect for Easter egg hunts!

M&M's® Easter Egg Hunt

Finding a million Easter eggs is fun, but what else can we do? How can we add something more to our Easter egg hunt? This is what I was thinking when I decided to end our Easter egg hunt with a bit of gardening! If the weather is nice, take the hunt outdoors and enjoy the spring sunshine!

Outside Easter Egg Hunt

Set up your Easter Egg Hunt

  • Fill plastic Easter eggs with M&M’s® Milk Chocolate candies. Make sure to fill one egg per person with flower or vegetable seed packet, too!
  • Print a hunt sheet for everyone
  • Fill out the hunt sheets and hide the eggs according to the clues you’ve listed
  • Hunt for Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt Printable

Once all the eggs have been found, everyone will have a seed pack and lots of fun M&M’s® treats. It’s time to get sowing our flowers and veggies!

Easter Egg Hunt Fun Activity

Reuse Easter Eggs to Sow Seeds

Using your empty egg carton(s) and soil, it’s time to sow your seeds and to get your flowers and veggies growing! Place half of a plastic egg in each hole in the egg carton.

Tip: Make sure your plastic eggs have holes in the ends (most do to prevent the vacuum effect). Just make sure they do, so they don’t hold excess water and drown your seeds.

Soil for Sowing Spring Flowers and Vegetables

Fill your empty plastic eggs with soil.

Plastic Easter Egg Planters

Sow the seeds according to the instructions on the seed packaging. Cover them up and give them a bit of water to get started. Care for them just as you would any seed, or as directed on the packaging. Basically, make sure the soil stays moist.

Sowing Seeds in Easter Eggs

Reusing the plastic eggs to plant your seeds is the perfect, fun, and festive way to get your flowers and vegetables started for the year. The best part is, when your seedlings are ready to be moved to larger containers or the garden, you can wash out the eggs and reuse again them next year!

Tip: Use the seed package to remember where you planted which seeds.

Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Flowers

Don’t think the fun ends here. Remember the container all the M&M’s® came in?

Easter Egg Hunt with M&M's® and Reusing Plastic Eggs for Planting Seeds

Toss your gardening gloves, rakes and spade in it and you’ve got a festive container to remind you of the fun Easter day you spent with family!

Spring Flowers Garden Container

How do you make Easter fun?

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