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Get your home ready for winter with this list of 5 home maintenance items.

This fall home maintenance checklist outlines a few things you need to be doing to prepare your home for the harsh winter ahead.

Plus, I’m sharing how Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotic Inserts help reduce my lower back pain while working around the house.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for Home Owners! Check out these things you must do to get your home ready for winter. These fall maintenance tips will get you ready and I'm also sharing how you can get all day relief with Dr. Scholls® Custom Fit® Orthotics! #CustomFitRelief

✔  Stow Lawn Mower & Outdoor Equipment

Preparing for heavy snowfall means it’s time to stow your lawn mower and other outdoor equipment like your BBQ grill and smoker. See how to winterize your lawn mower, then stow your grills with proper covers.

Packing up the grill for winter

If your grill cover does not have clips on the bottom that strap around the wheels of your grill, like ours does. You may consider wrapping the entire unit with a bungee cord so the cover doesn’t get blown off over the winter. I also like to toss a pack of mothballs under both the grill and lawn mower. The mothballs help to keep animals from living under and inside your outdoor equipment while it’s being stowed for winter.

Packing up the BBQ grill for winter season

✔  Clean Gutters

This is always a fun project. Cleaning the gutters in the fall doesn’t necessarily mean climbing up on a ladder, though. There are many tools available to clean the gutters from the ground. Some hook to your pressure washer and others work with your leaf blower or wet/dry vac. Check with your local hardware store to see which one will work best for you. Cleaning the gutters will be as easy as walking around the house!

✔  Inspect The Roof

Take a stroll around your home to inspect your roof. This is necessary every spring and fall. Make sure you don’t see any shingles that are beginning to lift or any missing shingles.

Preparing home for winter checklist, inspect the roof

Use binoculars for a better view if need be. Look at all the valleys, around vents, and around your chimney to make sure the flashing and seals are all in tact and look healthy.

✔  Rake Fall Leaves

The dreaded job of raking up a seemingly endless amount of leaves. Someone has to do it! While it’s a good workout, this means being active on your feet for hours. We have a line of huge trees which drop leaves non-stop until the snow finally knocks off the last few stragglers. It’s literally a full-time job, but it has to get done. Raking up the leaves will help produce a healthy, full lawn in the spring.

Raking Leaves While Wearing Custom Fit Orthotics

If you suffer from pain while being on your feet and completing tasks like home maintenance, you should check out Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotic Inserts. Let Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics help you stay on your feet, comfortably! Keep reading to learn more.

✔  Store Garden Equipment

Fall is the time to trim your hedges one last time and store your gardening equipment for the long winter ahead. This means unhooking garden hoses and draining them. You don’t want your garden hoses to freeze over the winter and you certainly don’t want the spigots leading into your home to freeze, so make sure to turn off your outdoor faucets and drain them as necessary for your home.

Packing up garden hose for winter, fall home maintenance checklist

Move rakes, spade shovels, tree pruners and brooms to the side of the garage you frequent less often. Of course this also means that it’s time to get out your snow shovels and roof rake to prepare for the winter ahead.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Storage System in My Garage

✔  Clean and Inspect Chimney

We have a professional inspect and clean our chimney annually. This prevents buildup of creosote which can lead to a chimney fire.

This also assures that the chimney and fireplace is in good working order without faults in the liner, mortar, and everything is in order and ready for another season of warm toasty fires in our fireplace.

✔  On Your Feet Pain Relief

Do you have pain from being on your feet, completing tasks like fall home maintenance, running around town or doing other daily errands that require you to be on the go? Me too! This is why I’m headed to Walmart to get myself a pair of Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics. 

Dr Scholls Orthotic Inserts

Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics provide immediate and all day relief for your foot, knee, or lower back pain from being on your feet. So don’t go at it alone, when you can find all-day relief with Dr. Scholl’s®!

Custom fit orthotic inserts

Foot and lower body pain, discomfort, or fatigue can steal your energy, making everyday tasks like fall clean up around your home nearly impossible. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to check out Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics and get clinically proven immediate and all day pain relief for foot, knee, or lower back pain from being on your feet, so you can keep moving!

Custom Fit Dr. Scholl's Orthotic Insets

You can find a kiosk with Footmapping® technology right at Walmart.

Dr Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics Kiosk

Remove your shoes and hop on. Follow the on-board instructions.

You’ll be prompted to lean forward, then pick one foot up and lean forward to move the yellow circle into the green blinking target on the screen, then repeat with the other foot. This measures each foot to simulate walking.

Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics Kiosk at Walmart

Get your results.

Kiosk for Dr. Scholl's at Walmart

Pick up your Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics off the rack on the kiosk.

Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics CF440

Find a Custom Fit® Kiosk near you.

Once you have your Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics, take them home and put them in your shoes and get that yard work done!

Fall Maintenance Checklist Raking Leaves

How will you keep moving with Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics?

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