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Are you looking for a special first wedding anniversary gift? I have just the thing, and it will help you and your spouse fall in love with travel. Can you believe our first wedding anniversary snuck up so quickly? Katie and I have been together for 14 years now (wow!), and it’s been one heck of a fun ride. Our first year of marriage has begun a whole new chapter of our lives, and it just keeps getting better!

The best first wedding anniversary gift! Your spouse will love this push pin map from Conquest Maps to help plan your worldly adventures. This along with a new travel passport holder and a dozen roses will be a winning combination for your first wedding anniversary gift! #travel #conquestmaps #travelling #adventure #firstweddinganniversary

It’s a fact that we love travelling, and because we’re both pretty indecisive, we’re not very good at committing to new destinations. We’ve been mulling over the idea of getting our passports to take on international travel and this first year wedding anniversary gift, a Conquest Push Pin World Map with a customizable legend, is perfect for doing just that. Making plans and sticking a pin in places we want to go will help us crush those indecisive tendencies!

Conquest Maps World Map Push Pin Promotional Code for Discount!

First Wedding Anniversary Gift

Did you know the ‘traditional’ first wedding anniversary gift is Paper. Huh? Yeah… That’s what I was thinking. What am I going to do with that information? (haha!)

So I browsed the internet and came across a very cool gift idea at Conquest Maps. As maps are traditionally made using paper, I think this fits the first anniversary gift motif and I know that Katie will love it. I sifted through the different map products and finally decided on the World Travel Map Pin Board with Push Pins in Modern Slate, and Katie loves it!

The color of the map is awesome and fits her style. The push pin world map comes with a choice of two different color push pins and you can customize the legend on the map as well. What more can you ask for?

Push pin Conquest Map pins in two colors.

Of course I did opt for the legend customization. I looked at the reviewer images on the Conquest Maps website to get some ideas of how I wanted the legend to look and then filled out the customization area accordingly.

The best first year wedding anniversary gift for her, a Conquest Push Pin Map! Newlyweds need to travel and this map will help make planning easy. Great gift for weddings, anniversaries and more!

They sent a copy of the customized legend via email for approval and once approved, the map was made and shipped very quickly! The entire experience was super easy and fun.

Experience travel with this fun first wedding anniversary gift for your wife!

Of course, we can’t forget the roses and champagne for our first wedding anniversary!

Roses first anniversary gift

And the passport wallet holders…

Passport wallet holders for travel, first wedding anniversary gift for her!

Where We’ve Been

A lot of the time our travel is dictated by work conferences. We don’t get to travel just-for-fun very often. Over the past few years, work has taken us to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Orlando. We do venture out and have some fun while on work trips like visiting the Grand Canyon, or spending one day jamming everything we could into a visit to Hollywood. Still, it’s just not the same as a relaxing vacation. The excursions seem more rushed than they should, and we’re missing out on doing a lot of things we might otherwise have done had we not been there for work. And of course, neither of us have come across any international travelling work opportunities, yet…

We Got Engaged At Disney World!

Disney, Disney, Disney…. Yup. We’ve been to Disney World several times and did you know, I proposed to Katie in front on Cinderella’s castle? The surprise was almost spoiled when I was randomly selected to go through the metal detectors and got pulled aside because the ring and ring box in my pocket set it off! Oops! The security guards were nice though, they knew what was going down and gave me the tip to grab a photopass person to snap some pics for us!

Disney World Cinderella's Castle Engagement Photo

Last year for our honeymoon, we also went to Disney and even ventured up to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights. Guess what? We’re going for the repeat and doubling down this year. We didn’t get to experience everything Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios had to offer last year, and didn’t realize how big of an event it actually is. So we’re going again to soak it all in!

Trick R Treat scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Orlando

Avoid Travel Repetition

Okay, so sometimes you want to repeat vacations to make sure you can soak it all in. That’s fine, but do you notice a repetitive pattern in your travel plans? Are you always visiting the same places year after year? We’ve been to Disney four times, and we’ve been to Las Vegas four times.

That’s one thing that makes this map truly unique. When you opt to customize it, I suggest you choose to include something to designate places visited, and places you plan to visit. You can use different color pins to mark your destinations. You can even add a special saying…

I had them customize our legend with the words “The Adventures of Katie & Andrew” and below that, “Photos represent a return trip to a moment lost in time.” Because as long as we take photos of our adventures, we’ll always have great moments to look back on. And of course, “Where We’ve Been” and “Where We’re Going”…

Conquest maps push pin world map with customized legend

Where We’re Going

We’ve been all over the USA and as I said, getting our passports has been on our radar for some time (like a few years!). Now is that time. For our first wedding anniversary, and keeping up with the traditional paper theme, I got Katie this push pin map, a passport holder, and a travel coupon good for a trip anyplace she wants to go!

First Wedding Anniversary Travel Gift - a fun romantic coupon voucher to anywhere she wants to go!

She gets full control over our first international trip. I will gladly take her anywhere in the world she wants to go, all she has to do is stick a pin in it! 🙂

Conquest Maps push pin map for first wedding anniversary gift.

Of course there are notable places in the world we’d love to explore. I mean, who wouldn’t wan to see the Egyptian pyramids? Or even travel to Machu Picchu? We will travel the world, and we will see some of the world’s greatest wonders…

First wedding anniversary gift idea for travelling the world.

Maybe next time you see us we’ll be relaxing on a beach in New Zealand or exploring the English countryside and Stonehenge! It’s all out there, we just need to plan and execute. There are so many places we want to visit, but life isn’t going to slow down and wait. It’s time to put things in motion.

The best first wedding anniversary gift, traditional paper gift with a fun travel twist!

Travel The World: Newlyweds

Today we’re celebrating our first wedding anniversary, and today our world travel planning begins. We’re fun, quirky people who like to have a good time, but not necessarily reach too far outside of our comfort zones. We might need a little help from you — let’s talk about international travel!

Andrew and Katie at Wedding with props and DJ

Photo credit: Oh Snap Studio + DJ Jay Malette

Where in the world should we go? The push pin world map makes a perfect first wedding anniversary gift, but where should Katie place the first ‘Where We’re Going’ pin?

  • Where do you recommend we go first?
  • What are some hidden gems you’d recommend?
  • Which country makes you feel most at home, and least like awkward outsiders?
  • Are guided tours a good option for first time international travelers?

Perfect first wedding anniversary gift. The gift of travel!

We might have a few places in mind, but we’d love to hear about your international travel adventures. Where have you been, and what are your best tips and tricks to make our first trip as least stressful as possible?



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Where should we go on our first international trip? . We celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend and I surprised Katie with this beautiful Push Pin World Map from @ConquestMaps. She’s already started thinking about where we’re going on our first international vacation. . Link in bio 👉 @scrappy_geek . Tell us your favorite international destination! . #travel #anniversarygift #conquestmaps #wedding #weddinganniversary #champagne #roses #firstweddinganniversary #oneyearanniversary #newlyweds #celebrate #love #lovemywife #bestwifeever #eatonforever #vacation #explore #adventure #trip #gonefishing #travelgram #travelguide #travelnow #travelbug #traveltheworld #travelgoals #anniversary #newhampshireblogger

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Where is your favorite place in the whole world to visit? 

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