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Flower pot decoration upcycled men’s shirts! If it’s time to reorganize the closet, you’ll find some worn out dress shirts that you can use for this flower pot decoration with upcycled men’s shirts!

The same goes for those old plastic flower pots, don’t toss them – decorate them!

Flower pot decoration home decor piece made with upcycled men's shirts!

From time to time we need to freshen up our wardrobe.

Maybe you got a stubborn stain on your nice button up and it’s too bad to even donate.

Well, the good news is, you can create a nifty little flower pot with it.

Fill them with mosquito repellent plants to keep the mosquitoes at bay!

Flower Pot Decoration Idea

For this project, we are going to grab a few plastic flower pots from the thrift store and upcycle a few men’s dress shirts.

Upcycled Men's Shirts for Flower Pot Decoration DIY Project

The entire project ended up costing like two bucks. So why not? You can place the plants on your window sill, or anywhere around your home. 

Upcycled men's shirts to make flower pot decoration.

Decorating Plastic Flower Pots

Whether you’ve already got the flower pots and shirts to decorate them, or you’re grabbing them from the thrift store. This is a fun upcycling project that you can do any time of year.

DIY Flower Pot Decor with Upcycled Fabric

Display the pots inside during the cold months, and outside for spring, summer and fall! 

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Materials for flower pot decoration upcycled men's shirts


This plastic flower pot decoration is really easy to do. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll have decorated a plastic flower pot into something truly unique!

Wouldn’t these make a cute Mother’s Day gift?

Cutting The Shirt

Cut your shirt into sections with your scissors. Cut around the dress shirt pockets and put them aside. Save the sleeves, buttons, and collars for future projects. Just put them in one of your small storage bins.

Once you have sections of the shirt cut and set aside the sleeves and pockets, you can begin to cut it into strips. Cut the fabric into strips that measure 9 inches long by 1†wide. The number of strips you cut will depend on the size of your pot.

Cutting Upcycled Men's Shirts Into Strips

Apply Adhesive To Flower Pot

We found with the plastic, it was easier to use the spray adhesive for applying the fabric. Simply spray the pot and apply the strips of the shirts in any design pattern you wish.

Gluing fabric to a planter

We did try it with Mod Podge, but it seemed to get a little sloppy…

Applying fabric to flower pot with men's dress shirts.

Seal With Mod Podge

Once the fabric has been glued on to the pot and the adhesive has dried, apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of the fabric to seal it.

Applying Mod Podge to upcycled shirt on a plastic planter pot to seal the fabric.

Trim Shirt Pocket And Attach To Pot

Trim any excess fabric from around the shirt pocket, leaving both the back and front side of the pocket fabric intact.

Apply a coat of mod podge to the backside of the pocket, press the pocket onto the pot.

If you want the pocket to be usable, don’t Mod Podge over the front of the pocket. Simply secure the back of the pocket to the pot and allow the front to remain natural.

Flower pot decoration, upcycled men's dress shirt with pocket to cover a flower pot.

The shirt pocket is a great place to keep the little flower sticks that tells you what each plant is!

Save it on Pinterest!

Flower Pot Decoration with Upcycled Men's Shirts

That’s how you create flower pot decorations using upcycled men’s shirts! After everything is dry, you’re ready to plant some flowers or other goodies in your upcycled men’s shirt flower pot decoration!

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Easy Flower Pot Decoration Using Upcycled Men's Shirts
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Flower Pot Decoration

Flower pot decoration using upcycled men's shirts!
Prep Time20 mins
Yield: 3 flower pots
Author: Scrappy Geek
Cost: $2


  • 3 plastic flower pots
  • 3 men's dress shirts upcycled
  • Mod Podge and spray adhesive
  • 1 foam brush


  • Cut the shirt into strips, reserving the pockets whole.
  • Glue the strips onto the flower pots with spray adhesive and allow to dry
  • Coat the flower pots with Mod Podge
  • Cut around the pocket and Mod Podge it to the flower pots by coating the back of the pocket with adhesive
  • Add flowers or plants and enjoy!



Using spray adhesive to attach the strips to the flower pots is easier than using Mod Podge here. After you attach the strips, then use the Mod Podge to coat all of the fabric.
Don't Mod Podge the outside of the pocket as it will prevent you from using the pocket to store thngs.

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