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Easy garage FastTrack organization with hangers and a 2×4 shelving unit! This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GarageCleanUp #CollectiveBias

This summer was the summer of the garage and the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organization System has been a tremendous help!

Our garage space had become unorganized and we needed a couple of quick solutions to help us get on track.

Earlier this summer I installed drywall and painted our garage.

I suppose not every house gets drywall finished garage when it’s built and ours was in that mix.

So, I got the drywall up, taped, coated, sanded, and painted it. Now comes the fun part, organizing the garage!

Garage FastTrack Organization 2x4 DIY Garage Storage Shelving Unit

First, I built a large 2×4 storage shelving unit to store all of my tools, painting stuff, sandpapers, tarps etc…

You name it, you can probably find it on this storage shelf.

But, one thing I desperately needed was a way to hang my shovels, rakes, and other gardening and winter tools.

Garage FastTrack Organization System

You know, the tools you need on hand for daily or weekly tasks.

This is where the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organization System comes in!

You get this organization system right here on Amazon.

Garage FastTrack Organization Organizing My Garage!

This was the perfect solution, it would have cost me more in time and money to build my own storage rack.

It’s super sturdy, and the hanging accessories work great for a variety of tools. I love them.

The heavy duty steel construction is wicked easy to install and can hold pretty much anything you need it to hold, it can hold up to 1750lbs!

This is a great weekend project for the whole family. Or a quick project for the avid DIYer.

How To Install Garage FastTrack Organizer System

It only took me about 15 minutes to install two FastTrack systems by myself (and snap some pics for you all, too!).

So don’t be intimidated, it’s very simple to install – you’ll be organized in no time!

Garage FastTrack Organization Rubbermaid FastTrack Storage System in My Garage

Don’t forget, you’ll need one Garage FastTrack Hardware Pack for the 48″ rail or two FastTrack Garage Hardware Packs for the 84″ rail.

On the FastTrack rail, there’s 1 inch spacing between the anchor holes, so you can virtually put this rail system anywhere, whether you have 16 or 24-inch stud spacing, it doesn’t matter.

The anchor screws also match the unit for a consistent look.

The FastTrack rail and accessory system stores 10x more by using the space between studs!

Garage FastTrack Organization FastTrack Fasteners, Garage Organization

Figure out where in your garage you want to hang your organization rails, use a level to get a straight line and begin your project.

Mark The Holes

Mark where your holes will go and attach the FastTrack rail to the wall using the FastTrack hardware pack.

Follow the instructions for hole positioning.

You may need two people for this part of the project, but if you’re a go-getter like me, you can do it yourself. You’ll definitly want two people to hang an 84″ rail though.

Garage FastTrack Organization  Attaching FastTrack Rails to the Wall

Add FastTrack Casing

Once the rail is installed, slip or snap on the black casing.

It literally just slides and snaps over the rail.

Garage FastTrack Organization Rubbermaid FastTrack Casing

Fast Track Accessories

The accessories go on quickly, too.

Ladder Hook

First and foremost, I got the Rubbermaid FastTrack Ladder Hook accessory. This is a MUST HAVE!

Our ladder is always leaning against a wall marring it up or worse, laying on the floor being tripped over.

I’m hanging this bad boy up from now on! Yes, I love the ladder hook accessory!

Garage FastTrack Organization Rubbermaid FastTrack Ladder Hook

Yes, that is an adjustable ladder. You’ve always wanted one, now is the time to get one!

Get an adjustable ladder here.

Dual-Handle Hook

I’m also loving the Rubbermaid FastTrack Dual Handle Hook, which is a hook you slide your handles behind to hang your long handled tools on the rail.

This could be shovels, rakes, brooms, anything with a straight handle.

This gets all of your stuff up off the floor – and if you have a pile of long handled tools sitting in the corner of your garage, I’m sure you’ve stepped on one and almost smacked yourself in the the face, right?

I haven’t…never…of course not! 🙂

Garage FastTrack Organization My Unorganized Garage Corner

Anywho… Getting stuff like shovels off the floor helps prevent rusting too, since concrete holds moisture and what not.

The 2×4 shelving unit I built has brought me a long way to organizing my garage, now FastTrack will take it the distance and clean up the mess in the corner!

More FastTrack Accessories

I’ve installed two FastTrack rails in my garage. You can see all the accessories throughout the photos here.

But, I wanted to point out, on one of the FastTrack rails I installed four Dual Handle Hooks.

I installed four because I have a lot of handled things – and it’s unbelievable how organized it feels after everything is hung!

I’m even able to tuck my wet/dry vac into the corner where all the handled tools used to be piled.

Garage FastTrack Organization FastTrack Storage with Dual Handle Hooks

The dual handle hook in action…

Garage FastTrack Organization Dual Handle Holder for the FastTrack Garage Organizer

FastTrack Cooler Hook

The cooler hook can be used to hang coolers, ropes, lawn chairs, and more.

It can hold anything up to 25 pounds.

I’m using the cooler hook to hang a rake. Why not, right?

Garage FastTrack Organization Rubbermaid FastTrack Cooler Hook

Garage FastTrack Utility Hook

Another accessory that I use often is the FastTrack Utility Hook.

I mainly use this to store my extension cord, which is always a bonus when you’re talking about garage organization.

I use my extension cords a few times a month, at least. Having my extension cords stored on an accessible hook, rather than stuffed in a tote, hanging randomly somewhere, or on the floor is great.

Garage FastTrack Organization FastTrack Garage Utility Hook

I’ve installed two FastTrack rails, one on either side of my DIY 2×4 shelving unit.

I’ll store my off-season stuff over in the corner and my in-season stuff right in the most convenient spot.

This way I can access rakes or shovels, whichever season it may be, easily – without needing to dig through a mess of tangled handles and risk-taking one to the face.

I can also switch out the tools and even switch the FastTrack accessories depending on the season.

This is great for keeping my garage nice and organized!

Garage FastTrack Organization Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organization Rail System

It’s almost winter here in New Hampshire, so I’m going to keep out a rake and dirt shovel for the final fall clean-ups, and then as soon as it snows, switch them out for a snow shovel.

Farmers Almanac says it’s going to be a big-bad-snowy winter here in New England, so we’d better be prepared!

Garage FastTrack Organization All Season Rubbermaid Garage Organizer

See how easy it is to get your garage organized, especially when you have the right equipment?

I love the new FastTrack system and will probably get another couple of rails and more accessories.

They’re easy to install and make quick work of organizing and keeping things organized, too!

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Garage FastTrack Organization Rubbermaid FastTrack Storage System in My GarageIs it time to get your garage organized?

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  2. Dang! I need you to come organize my garage. That looks so neat and clean. 🙂

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