Halloween DIY Decoration – BOO Boxes

Here’s an easy and fun Halloween DIY tutorial to spruce up your home decor. Place these Boo Boxes on your front steps, on your mantel, or even on your TV stand. They’re a great decoration to have around for Halloween parties. Wooden boo boxes will look great wherever you put them and add a colorful Halloween splash to your decorations!

Halloween Boo Box Craft Decor Tutorial! #DIY #Halloween

Halloween isn’t complete without having a whimsical decoration adorning your home or office. This Halloween craft is really easy to make. Grab the kids, or have a sip-and-craft party with your friends and a cauldron of witches brew! However you’re celebrating, these wood Halloween DIY boo boxes are fun for all.

Halloween DIY Decor - Boo Boxes! Lettered boxes for Halloween decoration

DIY Wooden Halloween Boo Blocks


  • 3 Wooden blocks approximately 4-5″ x 4-5″. We made our block bigger than the blocks – your choice on the size.
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Pen or pencil
  • 3 pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Medium size foam brush
  • Stick on or stenciled letters
  • Decorations like ribbons, Halloween stickers or other Halloween goodies
  • Polycrylic if using outdoors.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Supplied to make DIY Halloween BOO Box decorations


Steps 1 & 2

Sand and paint your blocks. We bought a piece of wood from the hardware store and had them cut down. These will need to be sanded before you paint them. We used purple spray paint, but you can use any paint you like. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Making Halloween DIY decor BOO boxes

Steps 3 & 4

Using the blocks as a guide, trace the block on the backside of the scrapbook paper. Cut along the lines. Repeat for each block.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Crafting Halloween Decoration Boo Boxes

Step 5

Cover paper with Mod Podge, place on the face of the block and press down and smooth out. Repeat for each block. Allow to dry completely.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Gluing on paper to make Halloween decor boxes

Steps 6 & 7

Apply letter to block and brush over the entire surface with Mod Podge. Repeat with other blocks.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Modge podging letters onto blocks for Halloween Decor

Step 8

Allow to dry completely.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Drying Halloween Craft Blocks

Step 9

Decorate blocks with ribbons, stickers, etc..

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, Making Halloween decorations - Boo Boxes

Place in your home and enjoy! If you are going to place outside, seal with polycrylic or similar sealer.

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes

Halloween DIY Decor Crafting Tutorial – BOO Boxes!

Wasn’t this a fun Halloween craft tutorial? Super easy and will add just the right amount of Halloween colors to any home decorations.

Join the fun and play Witch Pitch or host Spider Races at your Halloween Party!

Halloween DIY Decoration - BOO Boxes, DIY Halloween home decor project, easy BOO Box crafts.

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