Hot BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Hot BBQ chicken drumsticks have all the flavor you’ve been missing! BBQ this recipe tonight! This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KingOfFlavor #CollectiveBias

I know the world is in love with chicken wings, but we’re making hot BBQ chicken drumsticks recipe using El Yucateco Red Habanero Hot Sauce.

These fiery hot BBQ chicken drumsticks will give your best tailgating chicken recipe a run for it’s money, and it’s wicked easy too!

Learn how to grill drumsticks to make them juicy and fall off the bone. And if you have a BBQ smoker, check out how to cook smoked wings at home.

Hot BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Can you use this fiery chicken drumstick recipe for your chicken wings? Of course, but today I’m making a batch of hot BBQ chicken drumsticks to share at our tailgating party.

Why drumsticks? Well, I’m not a big fan of chicken wings, there isn’t enough meat and you need both hands – how you going to hold your beer?

I like chicken drumsticks, you can hold ’em with one hand and hold your beer in the other. Life is easier that way. So, El Yucateco Hot Sauce hot BBQ chicken drumsticks it is!

Spicy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

What’s your favorite part of a tailgating party? Good food – Chicken, Burgers, Onion Rings? Good beer?

The friends and crazy times that always seem to ensue? All of the above? With all of the controversy surrounding NFL Football over the past few years, us fans just need to kick back and enjoy the ride.

From violence and cheating scandals to the entire game of smoke and mirrors being forced on fans, you can’t just enjoy the game anymore without some sort of drama.

So today, El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauce is going into our hot BBQ chicken drumsticks recipe. A lot of heat and a lot of flavors! Let’s do this!

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Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Habanero Hot Sauce

Football Season Opening Rant

If you grew up watching and playing football in the 80’s and 90’s like me, you’ve noticed where NFL football has gone, and the new rules they’ve introduced over the years.  Instant replay of every touch down? Seriously?

This isn’t an NFL video game kids. The other thing I don’t care for is the challenge flag.

When I was growing up, it was what it was. You don’t get to watch the replays or challenge the official ruling on the field. Play forward, when a mistake is made and you (the players and coaches) know it – you fight twice as hard to overcome the error, not toss a flag out of your sock and cry foul, stop the entire game and have a look at the replay. That just bugs me.

Referees making errors has always been part of the game, and I think the instant replay allows teams to feel more protected against error, which affects the entire scope of the game.

Errors add fire to the player’s belly, make them play harder – give them something to overcome – an error can make them fight harder. Too many whiners on the field and in the stands are slowly dismantling what was once a great game.

Okay, that was my season-opening rant, now let’s make some awesome fiery hot BBQ chicken drumsticks!

Fiery Hot Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Hot BBQ Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Wasting no more time, let’s jump right into this El Yucateco Hot Sauce fiery chicken sauce recipe. For a chicken dish, there’s no better than a drumstick slathered in a fiery hot BBQ sauce with a side of coleslaw and an ice-cold beer, right?

For this hot BBQ sauce, I’m going to be using the El Yucateco Red Habanero hot sauce in my recipe today.

This variety of El Yucateco has less vinegar than other sauces, uses red habanero peppers and has a really decent amount of heat, it’ll give you that nice kick you’re looking for.

If you’d prefer a little more kick you can try the El Yucateco Green Habanero hot sauce.

This packs a little more punch than the red habanero sauce, but also contains far less vinegar than other sauces – so you get real, undiluted flavors!

BBQ Chicken Hot Sauce Recipe

To get started, we’re going to pick up some El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauce at Walmart.

Choose which one you want from the selection, Red, Green or even the XXX if your store carries it – the XXX measures 12,000 on the Scoville scale – yowza!

Too hot for me, but great for some of you hot sauce fanatics!

El Yucateco Hot Sauce at Walmart

In a bowl, we’re going to mix the El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauce, soy sauce and ketchup together.

Then we’ll add the brown sugar, salt, and pepper before giving it a final stir.  Scroll down for the full (printable) recipe.

Hot Sauce Recipe using El Yucateco

Toss the chicken drumsticks into the bowl and mix them around. Make sure you get them all covered well.

You can do this ahead of time, or just before tossing them on the grill.

If you do this ahead of time, the chicken will absorb more of the flavor – just make sure you cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let them marinate in the refrigerator.

BBQ Chicken Hot Sauce Recipe

Cook the drumsticks on the grill as directed in the recipe below.

Chicken should reach a temperature of 165 degrees before being consumed. FDA Food Safety Chart

Tailgating Fiery Chicken Recipe

Now that your chicken is ready and the game is about to begin, there’s nothing left to do but grab a drumstick or two, some coleslaw, a beer and enjoy!

BBQ Chicken with Hot Sauce Recipe

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Hot BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

An easy hot and fiery BBQ chicken drumstick recipe
Servings 10
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 35 mins


  • 3-4 lbs Chicken Drumsticks
  • 4 Tbs El Yucateco Red Habanero Hot Sauce
  • 2 Tbs Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tbs Ketchup
  • 2 Tbs Brown Sugar


  • In a large bowl mix all ingredients together.
  • Preheat grill to 400-450 degrees (or as you normally would to cook drumsticks)
  • Oil grates
  • Grill, flipping every 5-7 minutes for about 35 minutes
  • Test temperature, internal meat temperature should read at least 165 degrees F. Ideal temperature is 185 degrees F.
Author: Scrappy Geek
Course: Main
Cuisine: American

Hot BBQ Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

What food is your favorite when served up with a dose of hot sauce?

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