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Summer is just around the corner. For many, this marks the beginning of ant season. Let’s talk about how to get rid of ants.

Sometimes it seems no matter how impeccably clean our house is, ants just want to find their way in. So last week I was at The Home Depot and saw Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer Fresh Floral scent.

I decided to grab a can and get ahead of any ants trying to creep into the house this year.

I will be treating the exterior of our home with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer before ant season begins, but it will come in handy for spot treatments all summer long – no doubt!

How to get rid of ants in the kitchen and bathroom.

With faster knockdown than ever before, Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer is the brand’s strongest formula yet!

Click on the image below to get a can for your home!

Hot Shot outdoor ant killer.

Tiny Ants In The Kitchen

One place tiny black ants love to congregate is in the kitchen.

You may even find ants behind the kitchen sink, under the sink, or even under appliances or in the pantry cupboards. They’ll sometimes come in from behind the baseboards, through the window area, even up from the crevices in or around the flooring.

Ants are very tiny and can come in from just about anywhere. It’s your job to figure out where they’re coming in and prevent them from doing so!

They’re seeking out shelter, water, and food. That’s basically all they want and they’re always on the hunt for a great source.

If they can find just one of those three things, they’re going to hang around until they’re dealt with.

So what kind of preventative measures can we take and how do you get rid of ants in our bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the home?

Let’s talk about solutions!

How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

To get rid of ants in the kitchen, find their entry point. Where are they getting into your house from?

Use Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer to treat the exterior of your home where the ants are coming in. Then we can head indoors and get rid of the ants in the kitchen.

Spot treatment with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer will help get rid of ants in the kitchen. Spot treat areas you see the ants congregating like in the window sill, under the sink, behind the baseboard, and under appliances.

Ant killer, can of Hot Shot ant killer.

Do not use Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer on surfaces where food is prepared or stored.

Summertime Cleaning Kitchen To Prevent Ants

To get rid of ants on your countertops or in your food pantry and cupboards, I suggest using a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. Dip a rag into the mixture and wipe the ants away.

Clean out the kitchen cabinets to make sure there are no food crumbs, sugar granules, or food particles.

Ants are attracted to food, sugars, and will find their way in. Wipe down your food shelves with the vinegar and water mixture and allow it to dry.

How To Get Rid Of Ants

Let’s start with how to keep ants out of the house. Because if they’re stopped before even wanting to find their way in, you’ve solved quite a bit of the issue.

Where do ants enter the home? Pretty much anywhere there’s a tiny crack or crevice, ants can enter your home.

They’ll enter under the siding, foundation, up from the crawl space, and even down from the roof and chimney.

They’ll come up through cracks and crevices in the flooring, behind baseboards, and even right through the front door or around the window screen.

Keep Ants Out with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer

One easy way to keep ants out of your home is to treat the exterior of your house with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer.

It can be used indoors and outdoors to kill ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, crickets, Asian lady beetles, stink bugs, palmetto bugs, and waterbugs.

This formula kills listed insects on contact (excluding harvester ants). It will keep killing for up to 3 months (on non-porous surfaces, excluding spiders, fleas, and carpenter, pharaoh and fire ants). Choose from fresh floral scented, or unscented.

Getting rid of ants with a can of Hot Shot.

You can choose from fresh floral or unscented. The fresh floral has a lovely scent and of course, it works both indoors and for spot treatments outside around windows and doors.

Ants In The Bathroom

So why are there ants in the bathroom? Why do ants love hanging out around the shower and in the bathtub area?

I remember quite some time ago my wife and I had moved into a new apartment complex. It was brand new. We were the first ones to live in the entire building.

Well, on moving day, we found a line of ants finding their way from outside, behind a baseboard, into the master bathroom. UGH. What is going on? We are literally the first people to ever move into this place.

As it turned out, the ants were seeking out water. Who knew? That’s why you sometimes find ants in your bathroom. The moist conditions provide perfect conditions for ants to hunker down and take shelter.

In our case, there was a leak under the sink and maintenance took care of it straight away.

Getting rid of ants in the bathroom, photo of master bathroom with blue shower curtain.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Bathroom

Getting rid of the ants in your bathroom does begin with treating the entry point as we discussed above. Where are they coming in? Once treated, they’ll have a harder time finding their way in.

The next thing to do is use Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer as a spot treatment.

  • Under the sink? Check!
  • Around the plumbing? Check!
  • Behind the baseboard? Check!
  • Around the outside of the shower or bathtub? Check!

Get rid of ants in the bathroom, under sink

Now, why are they seeking shelter in your bathroom? Figure out why they’re coming in and solve that issue.

Pooling Water

Pooling water or extra moisture is usually the number one reason ants seek out bathrooms.

It might be time to check for leaks under your sink, behind the access panel in your shower, and behind the toilet. Have leaks repaired to help keep ants from seeking out your bathroom.

Pooling water doesn’t always come from plumbing leaks.

Sometimes we just get a little too relaxed and don’t wipe the sink down after we splash water. Staying vigilant and wiping up wet areas will help solve the ant problem.

Other times pooling water can come from condensation dripping off from pipes, or even condensation from the toilet tank.

When cold water is pumped into pipes or into the back of the toilet, condensation can form and cause little drips and pools of water. And didn’t you know, ants love a midsummer night swim in a fresh pool of cold condensation water!

Again, stay vigilant and wipe up any water before ants have time to find it.

Getting Rid Of Ants

We just covered several different reasons ants seek out the kitchen and bathroom in your home. We also covered action you can take to rid your home of ants.

Ants can get into any corner or crevice so it’s good to be vigilant and strike at first sight!

Just a crumb or two under the sofa can be a calling sign for ants and when they come a-marching, find the entry point and eliminate them!

Getting rid of ants with ant spray

Learning how to get rid of ants boils down to this:

  • Find where the ants are coming in and spot treat the exterior of your home with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer.
  • Keep your bathroom and kitchen dry and free from food particles
  • Spot treat with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer around pipes, under sinks, behind baseboards, under appliances, and other areas where ants congregate in your home.

Grab a can of Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer Fresh Floral, at The Home Depot. You can also find it at Walmart, Publix, or Dollar General.

You can find it in the aisle where the insecticides are located or on a stand-alone display. Not sure where to find it? Ask an associate from The Home Depot for help!

Hot Shot Ant, Roach, Spider Killer display at Home Depot

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