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It’s that time of year again! Pack up all the things you’ve been hoarding and have a big garage sale.

These garage sale tips will help you learn how to have a garage sale this year! Need to know how to set up a garage sale? How to price things at a garage sale? How to advertise your garage sale? We cover all the details of having a garage sale – set it up, let’s do this!

How To Have A Garage Sale! Tips for having a garage sale this spring and summer. How to price things? How to organize your garage sale? It's ALL here!

When the warm weather arrives many households start to clean out their clutter and start making garage sale piles. I’ve had a few garage sales in my time, today I wanted to share a few tips to have a successful garage sale based on my learning experiences with garage sales. Okay, so you might call it a “yard sale,” or “tag sale,” or maybe even something else. What do you typically call a garage sale in your neck of the woods?

Garage Sale – What You Need

This is what you need to be comfortable throughout the day. We’ll cover garage sale advertising essentials and other tips and tricks below. Make sure you have a calculator, change, and chairs on hand ahead of time. You’ll need a way to store money, give change and sit when standing is simply too much for the body.

When you gather the necessary supplies ahead of time, there will be no need to go lower on an item’s price because you’ll have the change ready. Having a calculator on hand is great for when people want to negotiate a deal or purchase more than a couple of things.

Sometimes a garage sale can get overwhelming so make sure you’re fully prepared for any situation that could occur during this event.

  • Change – get about $20 in $1 bills and have several dollars in coin change on hand as well for when you need to break a dollar for some of your smaller items. You don’t want to have any awkward moments when you make a deal. Be prepared!
  • Calculator or your Smartphone, but don’t spend your day on social media. Garage sales are social events! Enjoy the neighbors who want to chit chat. In all the hustle and bustle you don’t want to make silly math mistakes and have some hot-head accuse you of hustling them.
  • Chairs – standing all day might get exhausting if you’re not used to it. And hopefully it will be nice and sunny – prime garage sale weather!
  • Food and Drinks – Don’t be inside fixing lunch when you have the potential to sell something! Make a sandwich and toss it in a cooler with some drinks and crackers or chips. Snack during the slow times. Don’t have a mouthful when people are there to chat you up though!

Garage Sale Tips for having a yard sale

How To Advertise Your Garage Sale

Even if you live in a heavy traffic area, it’s important to advertise your garage sale. Most newspapers, bulletin boards, and local community stores will have a place where you can advertise your garage sale. Newspapers may have a deal going on for garage sale advertisements, call them to ask. Choose a date that appears to be a good weather day so that you won’t get rained out. The worst thing that can happen that can prevent your garage sale from being successful is bad weather. Look well in advance and take notice of the monthly weather to ensure you’ve chosen a date that appears to be safe weather-wise.

Hop online and tell all your friends about your garage sale! They may want to pop over, or have friends that might want to shop too! Take to craigslist, Facebook garage sale groups, the Facebook Marketplace and even utilize your email list! If you want to clean house, literally, you’ll have to put in a little elbow grease to make sure everyone under the sun shows up for your sale.

Prepare your “Garage Sale Today” online advertising script. Have a title and paragraph ready to post online for the day of the sale. Once you get your garage sale all set up, hit craigslist and Facebook groups again and this time post an awesome photo of your garage sale in progress! Just make sure you write “stop by and I’ll answer any questions, too busy to be online today!” — otherwise you’ll get keyboard warriors asking a million questions – NO HOLDS!!! 🙂


  • Newspapers / Classified Ads – two weeks in advance
  • Bulletin boards around town – a week in advance
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook friends
  • Facebook Groups – Find groups by typing in your town and “yard sale” in the Facebook Search Bar. (Like my page while you’re there!)
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • End of road and driveway signage! <- get some!

How To Have A Garage Sale! Learn how to have a garage sale with these easy garage sale tips!

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How To Set Up A Garage Sale

Setting up a garage sale is much like a retail store. Presentation is everything when it comes to getting things sold. Take time to set up your items in an easy to access way with hangers for clothing and display shelves for items that need to lay flat or go on a counter top. Use bins, vases, and shelves around the home to organize your garage sale in an effective way. In order to be successful with your setup, you must think about how you would want to see items displayed at a local retail shop for ease of access so people have the ability to pick through your stuff without a hassle. You will want to make sure that your garage sale is organized in a way that similar items are together.

  • Tables and Racks for Clothing
  • Bins/Boxes
  • Vases – for things like long spoons and kitchen stuff
  • Free Sign
  • Table Price Signs
  • Individual item price stickers

Tips from Kristen from Millennial Moms!

How To Price Things At A Garage Sale

You will want to make sure you price things to sell. Period. You’re selling this stuff because it’s unneeded and unwanted. Remember, people who shop garage sales are looking to buy items at thrift store pricing. Those who come to yard sales with cash in hand are ready to buy, you just need to price everything to sell! Buyers want a great bargain and a lot of value, so give it to them!

Pricing garage sale items is the most important thing. Don’t overprice! It’s not fun to have a yard sale and sell literally nothing. We found it’s best to have tables or areas and designated pricing. For instance:

  • “Under a Buck” table
  • $1 table – everything is priced at a buck
  • $5 table – everything priced at five dollars
  • $10 table – everything priced at ten dollars

Then individually priced things for anything above $10. If something is worth $3 to you, it goes on the buck table for $1. Get rid of it! Worth $8? It goes on the $5 table! Get. Rid. Of. It! Also have a FREE bin where you give away things that really aren’t worth selling, but somebody may want anyhow. If you’re in a high traffic area make a LARGE “FREE” sign that can be seen from the street and place it all the way towards the back of your sale so people have to walk past all the tables to get to the free bin. Towards the end of the day, move your free bin to the front of the sale and move anything left over to the free pile!

If you follow these garage sale tips, you’ll empty your house of all the clutter you’ve been hoarding!

Cleaning Up After A Yard Sale

Pick up ALL of your signs from the roadways and from the local bulletin boards. Don’t be ‘one of those‘ people!

How To Have Your Own Garage Tag Sale

Tag sale? Garage Sale? Yard Sale? Rummage Sale? What do YOU call it?

Leave a comment below and share your best garage sale tips and tricks!

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