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This flower wreath with daffodils is another fun 5 minute DIY project for your home. It doesn’t take long to make your home look beautiful with DIY wreaths like this one.

Use this flower wreath to hang on your front door, or anywhere else your home needs a little summer pick me up!

You’ll also love this Flower Wall Decor piece. While it’s not quite a wreath, it is a nice wall decoration. Don’t forget to check out these DIY Patriotic Door Wreaths as well.

  Today we’re using a grapevine and some Dollar Tree flowers. It’s real easy to do!

How to make a summer wreath for the front door with grapevine, daffodils, and dripping blossoms.

Flower Wreath

Let’s gather our supplies and make this beautiful spring and summer front porch decor.


  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue (optional)


  • 12″ Grapevine Wreath (Get them in single or multi-packs here on Amazon)
  • Daffodils (3) from Dollar Tree 
  • Dripping Blossoms yellow (2) from Dollar Tree 

Supplies to make a grape vine wreath with daffodil flowers.

How To Make A Flower Wreath

To make this flower wreath, we’ll begin by using wire cutters to cut all of the flower stems.

Leave about 3 inches of the stem remaining.

The 3″ remaining stem will be used to secure it to the grapevine.

Cut Flower Stems

Cutting flower stems for a grapevine flower wreath.Flower stems cut for wreath

Attach Yellow Dripping Blossom Flowers

The next step is to add the yellow dripping blossoms to either side of the grapevine wreath.

You can attach the flowers simply by wedging the 3″ piece of the stem in between the grapevine, or you can use a dab of hot glue to help secure them in place.

If you live in a high-wind area or plan to sell these, I would opt for a dab of hot glue on each flower stem.

Attaching dripping blossoms to the grapevine wreath.

Leave the center bottom open for the daffodils.

Grapevine wreath with yellow dripping blossom flowers attached to it.

Attach Daffodils to Grapevine

Attach the daffodils to the grapevine around the bottom center area.

The goal here is to fill in the center space without making them look too crammed together.

Attaching daffodils to the grapevine.

Again, either just interweave the stems into the grapevine, or use a small bit of hot glue on each stem to secure the daffodil flowers to the grapevine wreath.

Attaching daffodils to the grapevine wreath.

Daffodil Flower Wreath

That’s all there is to making this daffodil flower wreath. See how easy it was? 

Flower wreath DIY tutorial with daffodils, dripping blossoms, and grapevine.

5-minute crafts are our favorite. They’re so simple and beautiful.

DIY Flower wreath with grapevine and daffodils.

I hope you’ve gained some great inspiration from this quick flower wreath door decoration tutorial.

Flower wreath with daffodils and grapevine.

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Flower wreath with daffodils and grapevine.

Flower Wreath with Daffodils

Scrappy Geek
How to make a flower wreath for your front door. This flower wreath takes just 5 minutes to make and will look fantastic on your door all summer long.
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5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Servings 1 wreath


  • Wire cutters
  • Hot Glue - optional


  • 1 Count 12" Grapevine Wreath
  • 3 Count Daffodils from Dollar Tree
  • 2 Count Dripping Blossoms yellow from Dollar Tree


  • Cut all of the flowers stems to about 3 inches long.
  • Attach the yellow dripping blossoms to both lower sides of the grapevine wreath. Fit the stems between the grapevine to secure or use hot glue.
  • Attach the daffodil flowers to the bottom center area of the wreath to fill it in. Don't over-fill, it will look too cramped. Use glue if needed.
  • Hang your wreath on your front door!



This makes a beautiful summer door wreath. Make one for your front door, or make many to sell at the market!


Be Inspired!

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