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With so many wireless headphones to choose from these days, how do we know which one will do everything we need — and not break the bank? Great news! I’ve discovered these JLab Headphones at Best Buy! They give you amazing sound quality and have all the features we need. Plus, they’re under a hundred bucks!

JLab Audio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Wireless #findyourgo

JLab Wireless Headphones


Don’t be held back by wires. The JLab Wireless Headphones are truly-wireless and have convenient rechargeable batteries that offer up to six hours of use on a single charge!

Gym Resistant

Hitting the gym? No problem. These headphones are sweat-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about busting a move and getting a little sweaty.

Bluetooth Interface

Go wireless and jam out with your favorite tunes from your Bluetooth-enabled device. Keep your phone secure without wires dangling around and rock out to your favorite tunes on the go!

Full Audio

The awesome in-ear design not only fits securely, but it also directs music into your ears for uninterrupted, full audio. The stereo design delivers your favorite songs with crisp tones, great bass, and perfect treble.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone from JLab at Best Buy #findyourgo

The #1 True Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Choose from three models, for the one that works best for you. There’s the new sport-inspired JBuds Air Sport, business-inspired JBuds Air Executive, and the JBuds Air Icon, an upgraded everyday option.

Check them out here!

Grab a pair and use the hashtag #FINDYOURGO to share your new earbuds on social media!

The Dual Connect, available on the Air Icon model allows you to not just listen to music, but make and receive phone calls – use either earbud independently, or both. Regardless of your preference, your connection will be seamless.

Some models have the best playtime with battery life starting at 24 hours! Each model has different features that are perfect for your lifestyle. Whether you’re into sports, chatting on the phone, or just kicking back and listening to your favorite tunes. These wireless headphones at Best Buy are for you!

Be Inspired!

Subscribe for a free sweet dessert recipe delivered instantly!

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