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What a crazy world we live in and now you need a last minute mother’s day gift from the kids. Well, look no further! This unique mother’s day gift idea is simple to do and you can have it read it no time.

Last minute Mother's Day gift from kids, decoupage flower pot with wildflowers.

You don’t need much DIY or crafting experience to transform a ratty old terracotta planter into something beautiful. Raid mom’s craft room to find the supplies you need and get to work!

From The Kids

Don’t worry dad, you don’t need to stick your name on this gift unless you want to.

The kids can have fun making it and mom will surely enjoy the fun designs they come up with. A Mother’s Day gift from the kids, made with love, is all she needs!

Unique Mother’s Day Gift

She can’t say this isn’t a unique mother’s day gift when she opens it, that’s for sure! It will be one of a kind and she can place it in her garden window, on the porch or even outside if you use Mod Podge for outdoor use!

Today we’re making an upcycled DIY using just a few materials.

How To Decoupage

We’re taking decoupage to a new level and applying this easy technique to clay flower pots. To double-down, we’re also upcycling some old shirts that are too worn for the donation pile.

Last Minute Mother's Day gift from the kids, easy decoupage flower pots.

So let’s learn how to decoupage a flower pot!

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Decoupage flower pot materials


Cut Shirt Into Strips

Grab the old shirt or shirts and cut them into strips. Save the sleeves, buttons, and collars for future projects.

The strips should measure about inches long by one inch wide. The number of strips you cut will depend on the size of your flower pot. Adjust the length of the strips according to the size flowerpot you use.

Basically, you need the strip of shirt to cover from the inside lip to the center bottom of the pot.

Apply Adhesive

Begin by applying the mod podge or spray adhesive onto small sections on the flower pot, making sure to get the inside lip and the bottom of the clay pot.

Attach Shirt Strips To Clay Pot

Lay the strips of the shirt vertically on the inside lip of the pot, wrapping it underneath and securing it to the bottom of the pot.

Fabric flower pot mother's day gift idea

Repeat each step, applying glue and layering the strips onto the pot.

Mother's Day Gift from Kids, easy decoupage flower pot planter idea

Seal The Fabric

Now that the entire pot is covered with fabric and the glue has dried, it’s time to seal it.

If you’d like it to be for indoor use, you can use the regular mod podge for this. If mom plans to put it out in the garden, consider using the outdoor mod podge

Use the foam brush to apply it all over the fabric. This will seal it from the elements, whether indoors or out.

How to decoupage, covering a flower pot with upcycled shirts.

Allow the mod podge to dry completely before filling it with soil and wildflowers from around your home or garden.

Last minute Mother's Day gift idea, easy craft project decoupage flowerpot.

Decoupage More Flower Pots

Feel free to make as many as you’d like. It’s such a simple craft project that will keep the kids busy for hours!

Mother's Day gift from the kids, DIY decoupage flower pots.

This last minute mother’s day gift from the kids is perfect, isn’t it?

Easy Mother's Day gift from the kids. Unique craft project for kids to do for mom with flower pots and old shirts.You might also like:

Mother's Day gift from the kids, DIY decoupage flower pots.
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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Decoupage Flower Pot

Easy decoupage flowerpot project for a last minute Mother's Day gift idea from the kids.
Total Time45 mins
Yield: 1 flower pot
Author: Scrappy Geek
Cost: $2


  • 1 shirt worn past use
  • 1 clay terracotta flower pot
  • scissors, ruler
  • Mod Podge and spray adhesive
  • 1 foam brush


  • Cut the shirt into strips about 9 inches by 1 inch wide
  • Apply spray adhesive to sections of the pot and glue the strips of shirt to the clay pot vertically to create a nice looking design
  • Once dry, apply Mod Podge over top of the fabric and allow to dry
  • Fill pots with soil and wildflowers



Cut strips long enough to wrap into the lip of the pot and reach under the pot. Your clay pots may be different sizes than ours.
Save the pockets, sleeves, and buttons for future crafting projects.
Use exterior or outdoor use Mod Podge if you wish to keep this planter pot outdoors.

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