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Make this homemade Mother’s Day DIY gift or keep it for yourself as a nice home decor piece to hang on your own wall or door.

Create a sun hat trellis wreath with just a few simple items. Not only will you learn how to make this beautiful hat decor piece, but find more Mother’s Day DIY gifts at the bottom of this post!

Flower wall decor Mother's Day DIY gifts, trellis with sun hat and flowers craft project.

You can get all of the supplies you need online or at your local dollar store.

Think outside the box, too. Shop yard sales, thrift stores and other places to find unique items and make this sun hat trellis wreath your own!

There’s something to be said for inexpensive crafts you can make at home, and this one sure is beautiful.

Mother’s Day Sun Hat DIY Gift

Use the links to see where you can get supplies to make this fun summer craft.


Small Wire Trellis

Sun Hat

Faux flowers

Hot Glue Gun/ Glue sticks

Black and White Ribbon (or get a pre-made bow)

Materials to make a sun hat craft, sun hat, bow, flowers, and trellis.


Dry-fit the Sun Hat

To begin, line up your hat where you wish to have it on the trellis.

Take note of where the hat meets the trellis and where the glue should be applied so the hat can stick to the trellis nicely.

Glue the Hat to the Trellis

Apply glue to the trellis at those points.

Applying hot glue to the trellis

Work quickly as the hot glue tends to dry quickly on the metal.

Hot glue spread out on the trellis ready for the hat to be adhered.

Stick the hat to the hot glue you’ve applied on the trellis.

Sun hat glued to the trellis

Attach the Flowers

Put a bend in the bottom of the flower stems so there is more surface area to glue them to the hat. Otherwise, you can simply cut the stems off altogether. 

Faux flower stems bent before being glued to the project

Glue each flower to the hat. Apply ample hot glue and I even added extra over and around the stems to make sure the flowers adhered nicely.

Attaching faux flowers to sun hat with hot glue

Don’t forget to glue the flower all the way up around the brim of the hat!

Attaching flowers to the sun hat trellis wall decor piece.

Flowers on trellis home decor

Hat and flowers glued to the trellis

Attach the Bow

My bow has twist-ties on the backside of it, so I threaded the ties through the holes in the hat and secured it in place.

If yours does not have ties on the back, simply hot glue the bow in place!

Attaching bow to hat

Hang up using the top of the trellis and enjoy!

Sun hat homemade trellis wall decor with faux flowers.

More Mother’s Day Gifts

Sun hat homemade trellis wall decor with faux flowers.
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Mother's Day DIY Gifts, Flower Wall Decor

This flower wall decor is a perfect Mother's Day DIY Gift. With a small trellis, sun hat, and faux flowers, you can make this flower wall decor Mother's day gift in just a few minutes!
Active Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Yield: 1 Flower Wall Decor
Author: Scrappy Geek
Cost: $5


  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks


  • 1 Small Wire Trellis
  • 1 Sun Hat
  • 2 Faux flowers
  • 1 Black and White Ribbon or a pre-made bow


  • Attach the hat to the trellis with hot glue
  • Hot glue the flowers to the hat
  • Attach the bow either with the provided ties or with hot glue


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