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Today we’re talking about our five favorite New Hampshire hiking and road trip destinations. Each year millions of people descend on New Hampshire to get a taste of New England and very few leave disappointed! Today we’re talking about our favorite hiking spots and road trip destinations around the state. Join us!

New Hampshire Road Trip and Hiking Destinations! Check out these 5 must-visit destinations in New Hampshire and hike your way to beautiful scenery! Today we're talking about our favorite New Hampshire places in NH. Each year millions of people descend on New Hampshire to get a taste of New England and very few leave disappointed!

1. Cole Pond

This one is perhaps our favorite destination because it’s tucked away just up the road from our house. It’s easy to access and a quick little hike to a sweet swimming hole. Plus, there’s usually not a lot of people there. Which makes me wonder why I’m telling you? I don’t know…but don’t tell your friends, it’ll be our little secret! Cole Pond is located in the small town of Enfield, NH — just up the street from the Shaker Village, which is a great pit stop on your way!

It’s about a 2 mile hike, quite easy but don’t plan to bring a rolling cooler or stroller. There are roots, rocks and some inclines that make the trek a little difficult.

Cole Pond Hiking Trail Enfield, New Hampshire

But once you get there, it’s worth it! As you crest the top of the final leg, the trees open up and reveal the pond. Completely surrounded by trees, there are a few outcroppings where you can find your way in to swim. To the left there are rock ledges where you can kick back and enjoy the sun. To the right is a little beach-y area, and about a 1/3rd of the way around the pond on the right side is a rope swing, if you so dare!

Cole Pond Swimming Hole Enfield, New Hampshire

The lack of people, the quiet nature and the crystal clear waters make Cole Pond one of our favorite little swimming holes in New Hampshire!

2. Madame Sherri Forest

Located in Chesterfield New Hampshire, perhaps the most recognizable image from the Madame Sherri Forest is the beautiful stone staircase that leads to nowhere. Madame Sherri’s forest is shrouded in mystery, but the ruins left are breathtaking and make for wonderful photo opportunities. Many photographers take their clients here simply because of the ‘awe factor’. The staircase which once lead to the roof and second floor of her castle is one of the small pieces that still stand today.

Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield New Hampshire

The hiking trail loop is about two miles long. Madame Sherri’s castle ruins are near the entrance of the trail but don’t stop there. Venture out on the loop trail to Indian Pond and make your way all the way around the two mile hike. It’s a nice walk with moderate inclines, stones, roots etc… that you’d expect to find in a forest. You can also head west at Indian Pond on an unofficial trail that leads up to the top of Wantastiquet Mountain (also known as Rattlesnake Mountain – don’t worry, rattlesnakes are extremely rare here) where there are views for miles and an overlook of Brattleboro, Vermont.

It’s a fun place to visit and explore. If you’re just going to see the Madame Sherri castle ruins, it will be a quick trip. Do consider checking out the trail maps and making an afternoon of it.

Heck, turn it into a picnic! Stop at Starbucks on the way and grab your favorite drink and a couple trays of Creminelli Fine Meats™ Snack Trays. They’re quick, easy and convenient to take with us on the go — check ’em out on Instagram!



3. Quincy Bog

Quincy Bog is another favorite hidden gem of ours. Located in the center of New Hampshire, north of the bustling city of Concord, just west of the college town of Plymouth, tucked away the sleepy little town of Rumney.  This one doesn’t seem off the beaten path enough, but it sure is a stunning place to visit. You’ll be parking in a little area at the end of a neighborhood, and you may even think you took a wrong turn when following your GPS. But it’s there, tucked away behind a typical American neighborhood. You might smell a waft of BBQ as you enter the trailhead, but you’ll quickly realize that you’re in for a nice hike in the middle of nowhere!

Quincy Bog in Plymouth, New Hampshire

It’s one of our favorite places because it’s quiet, convenient and makes for a quick, adventurous hike. The terrain is easy and flat for the most part. The trail is about 2 miles around the bog and there is always an abundance of wildlife to hear and see along the way. From birds to deer and yes, even moose like to drink from the Quincy Bog from time to time. We haven’t seen a bear yet, but I’m sure they’re around too!

4. The Northern Rail Trail

All across the country you can find old railroad tracks that have been converted into walking paths and ATV through ways. In New Hampshire we have the Northern Rail Trail, a 58 mile trail the extends from the far western town of Lebanon, NH to Boscowen, NH. The trail runs along side lakes, streams, over and under bridges, along tall granite walls and the abundance of wildlife is not to be underestimated.

Lebanon, New Hampshire Packard Covered Bridge

In addition to wildlife, you’ll also be able to find neat little areas like Packard Covered Bridge in Lebanon, NH. It’s just a short walk from the Northern Rail Trail, but worth it. There is also a parking area for the rail trail about 1/4 mile from the covered bridge, so you can hop on the rail trail there too.  — isn’t that a beautiful covered bridge!


The Rail Trail can be accessed at many points along Route 4, find a brochure here.

5. Mt Washington

Last but surely not least! Mt Washington makes number 5 on our list because, well, we grew up here and we’ve been there a million times. It’s likely to be number 1 on your list, and we don’t blame you one bit!

Mt Washington is located between North Conway, New Hampshire, known for it’s outlet shopping, and Gorham, New Hampshire, known for being the last “big town” you’ll travel through before you get to Maine (haha). There are several ways to get to the summit of Mt Washington, and all are equally exciting. If the skies are clear, you’re in for a real treat, too!

Mt. Washington Auto Road and Overlook

Drive up! During the warm season – spring through fall, you can drive up Mount Washington in your own car! There’s an auto-road is a scenic windy drive to the summit. You’ll also score the iconic bumper sticker at the entrance that says “This Car Climbed Mount Washington”. Don’t forget your Creminelli Sopressata, Monterey Jack & Cracker and Felino & Manchego snack trays from Starbucks and enjoy a snack while sitting on the rocks at the top-top house!

Mt Washington Tip Top House

Take a hike! This one is for experienced hikers. There are several trails that lead to the summit of Mount Washington, and some are more difficult than others. None of which are for the casual hiker. But if you’re experienced, grab some friends, pack your gear and head for the tip-top! We spotted these hikers as we were riding up on the cog railway!

Hikers on Mt Washington

Ride The Cog Railway! Yes, the old cog railway, running since 1869, is a great way to get to the summit of Mt. Washington! You’ll board the rail car with other passengers and begin your ascent. As you climb higher, you’ll notice things getting a little steeper. You’ll get the chance to stand up in the aisle and feel like you’re nearly parallel with the floor because of the angle at which your travelling – it’s a neat ride! They give you plenty of time to explore the summit before boarding for the decent back to the base.

View from Mt Washington New Hampshire - Cog Railway

Exploring New Hampshire

Regardless of where you travel in New Hampshire, you’re bound to find a little nook or cranny of the state that appeal to you and your family. From a drive to the peak of the mountains, to visiting little covered bridges scattered all over New Hampshire. There’s something for everyone!


What’s your favorite road trip destination in your state?

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