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Backyard and Outdoor DIY Projects

Have you been looking for some ideas to freshen up the outdoor space at your house? These outdoor DIY projects may be exactly what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re looking for a easy to do, low budget DIY projects to freshen up your backyard?

Outdoor DIY Projects

I’ve compiled a few backyard DIY projects that will help you turn your backyard into the oasis you’ve always wanted!

DIY Upcycled Birdbath

The first project on our list of outdoor DIY Projects is a trash to treasure birdbath! This is a great how-to tutorial about making a bird bath from something that was found in the garbage. This is a great way to trash into treasure! Find this project at DIY Inspired.

How to make a bird bath

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

This next DIY outdoor project is a nifty chalkboard! It’s a perfect backyard accessory for hanging on a fence or even a bare space on an exterior wall. I’m sure the chalkboard can be used inside as well. Great for the kids to use, great for jotting down fun BBQ Menus when you have parties and more! This project can be found at Family Food and Travel.

Outdoor DIY Chalkboard

Upcycled Potting Shed

Learn the story of The Joneses, the sweet old couple next door who turned extra lumber and odd project materials into this beautiful potting shed. She wanted, he delivered with this great DIY, upcycled potting shed! You can read more about this cute story at House Wives of Frederick County.

Upcycled Potting Shed

DIY Decoupage Hanging Coffee Can Planters

This is a project most anyone can tackle, and you likely have most of the materials to complete this project already. An easy to make decoupage coffee can planter! If not, you can pick up your materials rather inexpensively either online at retailers like, or at your local crafting store. This is a wonderful DIY project which I would say is kid friendly! Learn more about this project at Kicking it with Kelly.

Hanging Coffee Can Planters DIY Project

Bench Makeover with Chalk Paint

Do you have an old iron bench that’s been forgotten about? Maybe you’ve been spying one as you drive past your neighbors house. Using chalk paint is a great way to freshen up an old bench, but there’s more too it that just slapping on a coat of paint. Learn how to makeover an old iron bench and make it look like new over at Mama of 3 Munchkins!

Bench Makeover with Chalk Paint

DIY Shipping Crate Playground

This DIY project is best left for experienced DIYers or experienced professionals. Safety should be a top priority when doing a project like a playground. Nevertheless, this playground made of upcycled shipping crates is a great example of DIY ingenuity and experience! With a little knowledge and a keen eye, you too could upcycle wood crates and pallets into a grand playground for your children. Learn more about this project at Frugal Mom Eh.

DIY Pallet and Shipping Crate Playground

DIY Lawn Art with Plates

From a secret obsession to a cool DIY project. These lawn art plates will add a touch of fun and color to your outdoor space. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your outdoor living area, garden or lawn, these DIY lawn ornaments will do the trick! Learn how it’s done — on the cheap — over at Simply Southern Mom.

DIY Glass Plate Lawn Ornaments

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

Here’s a fun DIY project. You know that teacup set you got from your mother-in-law last Christmas? It’s time you make good use of it with this DIY teacup bird feeder project. Turn that unwanted teacup into a dazzling bird feeder for your backyard! The birds will feel like they’re at the Russian Tea Room! Find this project at DIY Inspired.

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

DIY Gazebo Candle Chandelier

Simply Southern Mom is at it again, freshening up her outdoor space with another brilliant DIY project. This time she’s making a wonderful chandelier for her gazebo tent. A creative DIY project to solve the problem of outdoor lighting in a unique and stylish way. This DIY outdoor gazebo candle chandelier will set the mood for a relaxing evening with family and friends. Check out this DIY project at Simply Southern Mom.

DIY Candle Chandelier SBOTD

DIY Pressure Washer Cleanup

When spring comes or fall is upon us, we know it’s time to clean up for winter. The Ryobi pressure washer does a great job of taking care of household tasks such as pressure washing the deck, the house, the driveway and cleaning up all the patio furniture and everything in between. Learn how one family cleans up with Ryobi at The Thinking Closet.

Cleaning Up with a Pressure Washer

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