Painting A Mirror Frame

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Do you have a mirror that needs refinishing? Today we’re painting a mirror frame on an old wooden vanity shaving mirror that we’ve had on a nightstand for some time now.

My better half has always liked it but wasn’t a fan of the dark wood color. So, today I’m giving it a facelift with a touch of paint to brighten it up!.

Mirrors are some of the finest accessories one can have in their home.

They are not only functional and practical, but they can also make a statement. They bring light into a room and can even make a room appear larger than it is.

Painting a mirror frame collage

Today I’m painting the wood frame of this old mirror and going to show you a sweet little tip for cutting in the edges of the glass.

Wood framed vanity mirror with tilt and storage underneath ready to be painted

This piece is a great place to store things and get ready in the morning. A comb, keys, change, make-up, jewelry. You name it, it’s probably been plopped down on the storage tray.

Painting a mirror frame

Anyway, it’s pretty much time for a complete refresh on this one. It developed a crack in the frame a while back.

I’d already fixed the crack by brushing wood glue into the crevice and clamping it back together. It’s nearly invisible, but when I sand it before painting, you’ll see where it’s been glued together.

Nevertheless, it’s time to paint a framed mirror.

Painting A Mirror Frame

One of the biggest ‘ugh’ moments for painting this framed mirror is masking off to prevent getting paint anywhere but on the wood.

This mirror is oval, so taping it off would not be fun.

Some mirrors you can pop out of the frame. However, like ours, you either find it’s been glued into place with epoxy or has a backer board covering the entire back surface.

Then what? You have to cut into the mirror glass with paint. And that can be a pain.

Well, low and behold, Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer popped up on a Walmart search.

It’s literally the answer to all your masking tape headaches.

After picture of the painted mirror frame.

This stuff works wherever trim and glass meet. A mirror, windows, you name it! With this, you can get a professional job without masking tape.

How To Use Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer:

Brush on both the glass and edge of the trim. Yes, on the trim. It’s A-OK to get this stuff on the wood as it’s a primer, too!

Once it turns clear, which takes about 30 minutes, you’re ready to paint the trim! Paint your project.

Razor and Peel. After you’re done and the paint has dried, simply use a razor around the edge of the mirror or glass, and then peel it off!

Yes, we’re using this on a wooden mirror frame, but it can also be used when you’re painting window trim, too.

Imagine not having to tape off every window before painting all the window trim in your house. Just brush it on. Yeah. It’s that good.

Jasco® also has a variety of high-quality products including solvents, thinner, and removers. They’re a trusted premium brand that I’ve used many times before on various projects.

Now that we know how easy it’s is to protect the glass from paint on this mirror, let’s get to it!

Ideas For Painting A Mirror Frame

When it comes to painting a mirror frame, there are several ideas that come to mind.

  • Metallic paints
  • Chalk paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Gold leafing
  • Sponge painting
  • Dry brushing

These paints and techniques are just a few ideas that crossed my mind when thinking about painting this mirror frame.

I’ve settled on an idea though. I’m going to use chalk paint and the dry brush technique.

Tools and Materials


  • 320 Grit sandpaper
  • Glass cleaner
  • Towels or a rag
  • Paint brush
  • Chip brushes
  • Utility knife or razorblade


  • Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer
  • Chalk paints – two colors of your choosing


Follow these instructions for painting a wooden mirror frame.

Clean The Frame and Mirror

Use water, and if needed a light detergent, to clean the wood surface and a glass cleaner to clean the mirror.

Prepping mirror frame for paint by cleaning the wood

Once clean, dry with a towel. Allow it to dry completely.

Sand The Mirror Frame

Use 320 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the wooden frame around the mirror and any wood surfaces that will get painted.

Sanding the mirror frame

See the crack repair in the frame? No worries, it’s smooth and I knew it would show once I started scuffing it up with sandpaper. The paint will cover that.

Wipe all the dust away from the wood and mirror.

Apply Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer

Step 1, toss your masking tape in the garbage. 🤣

Seriously though… Shake the tub well, open it up and apply a thick coat of Mask & Peel™ around the edge of the mirror, and don’t worry about getting it up on the frame. That’s what it’s meant for.

Applying mask and peel to the mirror

Remember, it will protect the mirror just like tape, but also act as a primer for the edge of the wood. It’s easier and quicker than masking it off with tape.

Mask and Peel around the edges of the oval mirror

You probably don’t need to use the entire width of a 3-inch brush if you’re not working on large window frames, but I wanted to see how this stuff works!

Paint The Mirror Frame

Choose your paint colors and paint the mirror frame.

As I mentioned, I’m using chalk paint and the dry brush technique.

First, I’m painting the entire wood surface with an antique gray color.

Because my project is in two parts, while the Mask & Peel™ dries, I’m going to start on the base.

Painting the base of the vanity mirror in antique grey.

After the first coat has been applied to the base, I’m painting the mirror frame with a base coat of antique gray as well.

See how the Mask & Peel™ went from white to clear as it dried?

Gray paint on the mirror framebefore dry brushing turquoise.

Once the paint dries, use the dry brush technique. Our second paint choice is a turquoise-teal color.

Dry brushed turquoise over gray for vanity mirror base

After all the paint is dry, apply a chalk paint sealing wax.

Dry brush painting turquoise over gray on the mirror frame around the oval mirror

Remove The Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer

Use your utility knife to score around the edge of the mirror.

Cutting the mask and peel between the mirror and frame with a utility knife

I happen to have a window razor, so I gave that a try. If you don’t have one, no biggie! Simply get your utility knife razor under the Mask & Peel™ to get it started.

Using a razor to peel off the mask and peel

Once you get enough to grab onto, peel it off.

Peeling Jasco Mask and Peel Masking Tape and Primer off mirror

The mirror frame after painting it

Our vanity shaving mirror is assembled and ready to go!

Chalk painted mirror frame.

I think it came out beautiful, don’t you?

Mirror frame freshly painted with chalk paint

What project will you use Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer on?

How To Dry Brush

The dry brush technique is really easy to do. You can apply a base layer of paint or dry brush right over the wood.

I applied a base layer of antique gray paint, which is a very light gray. Then, I dry brushed on a turquoise or teal color.

Dry brush paint over a vanity mirror with storage holding jewelry, round tuits and other personal items.

Get a very little bit of paint on the tip of your bristles all the way across.

Use a paper towel, rubbing the bristles on it in a swirling motion, to get most of the paint off the bristles.

Dry brush technique over wood

Use very light-handed brush strokes to paint the wood. Very, very, light brush strokes, barely touching the wood.

Dry brushed paint on the spindle that holds the mirror onto the vanity piece.

Dry brush as much or as little as you’d like.

The light touches will allow you to leave just the slightest bit of paint behind and give you the desired distressed look.

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Painting A Mirror Frame

Painting a mirror frame with chalk paint. An easy DIY project to give an old mirror frame a new paint finish.
Servings 1 Mirror frame
Prep Time 5 mins
Painting and Dry Times 2 hrs
Total Time 2 hrs 5 mins


  • 320 Grit sandpaper
  • Glass cleaner
  • Towels or a rag
  • Paint brush
  • Chip brushes
  • Razorblade


  • 1 Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer
  • 2 Chalk paint Choose two complementary colors
  • 1 Chalk paint sealing wax


  • Lightly sand the wood with sandpaper, wipe all the dust away
  • Clean the mirror
  • Apply Jasco® Mask & Peel™ Liquid Masking Tape & Primer to the mirror and up the edge of the wood (it's a primer, too!)
  • Once the Mask & Peel™ is dry, apply a base coat of paint with a chip brush, allow to dry
  • Dry brush the second color of chalk paint onto the frame to create a rustic look. Once the paint is dry, use a chalk paint sealing wax over the entire painted surface.
  • Use a razor to cut the Mask & Peel™ where the mirror meets the wood frame. Peel the Mask & Peel™ off.



Dry brush as little or as much of the secondary color as you like until you reach your desired look.
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