Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

You may think you’re pretty close to a professional painter, but check out these painting mistakes almost everyone makes. You might be surprised.

Here are a few tips I’ve put together to help ensure your next paint job comes out perfectly. From painting kitchen cabinets to painting a wood mirror frame, these tips apply to all paint jobs.

They’re worth reading for both indoor and outdoor painting projects.

While you’re at it, check out these tips to fix paint drips, bubbles, and roller marks.

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Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

It seems like something around the house always needs a fresh coat of paint.

Whether it’s your new garden shed, the wall your child colored on, or the kitchen you’re upgrading, here are some mistakes you won’t want to make.

Choosing poor quality paint

You don’t need to get the most expensive paint in the hardware store, but buying cheap paint can often mean more work than necessary.

You aren’t saving any money if you need to do three coats instead of two.

You want to choose ceiling and wall paint specifically designed for the job.

Choose paint made specifically for trim for the baseboards, window door trim in your home.

Not preparing the surface

Before you get the paint roller out, you need to prepare the surface you want to paint.

This means repairing cracks in the wall and smoothing out any spackle lines that may exist.

Once this is all done, you will want to apply your primer. Then, it’s time to paint.

These are just a few of the most simple painting mistakes almost everyone makes.

Not using painter’s tape

Many people skip painter’s tape because they think they’ll be able to perfectly paint the area without making a mistake.

Our expectations are often unrealistic when it comes to making a neat line or edging a window. Take a few minutes and user painter’s tape where the wall and trim meet.

If you need to mask off a glass or mirror surface where it meets a wood frame, check out this post on painting a mirror frame and try Jasco Liquid Masking Tape.

Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes The mirror frame after painting it

The same concept applies to wood window frames.

Skipping the primer

Primer isn’t used just to cover up stains and marks on your paint’s surface.

It also helps create a stable surface for your new paint to adhere to.

Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes Primer paint on cornhole boards DIY project.

All surfaces contain some sort of dust, dirt, or stain that can impact your final paint job.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re painting walls, ceilings, cornhole boards, never skip the primer.

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