Painting Window Trim


Check out these tips for painting window trim or painting window frames. You won’t have any problems at all when you take your time and follow this advice.

You may think that once you know how to paint kitchen cabinets, you’re ready to tackle just about any paint job.

However, not all paint jobs are created equal. They are all a bit different from one another.

Painting trim is different than painting cabinets or painting ceilings and walls.

But don’t worry, even if you mess up a little bit, you can fix a bad paint job. Check out these painting mistakes everyone makes.

Painting Window Trim How to paint window trim, a photo of large French door windows painted white.

Painting Window Trim

If you’re putting a new coat of paint on the walls in a room, you are probably considering painting window trim.

If you’re careful, a new coat of paint on the trim is a simple thing to manage. 

Painting window trim and window frames

Here’s what you need to do to tackle the painting job properly.

Mask off the interior sides of the window trim using painter’s tape. This will help ensure you don’t get paint on the walls.

Use Jasco Mask & Peel on the interior sections of the glass to keep paint off the glass. We used this when we were painting a mirror frame and have plenty left over do to a TON of windows!

Fill in any nicks or holes with a filler (I suggest Dap Plastic Wood), dry, and sand smooth with 220 grit sandpaper to ensure you have a level surface to paint.

Apply a coat of primer to the entire surface of the window trim.

I recommend Gripper Primer. 

Paint the window trim entirely with a high gloss trim and door paint. Apply another coat if necessary.

Order high-gloss white paint for window trim and pick up curbside at Home Depot.

Very carefully, remove the painter’s tape and Mask & Peel from around the fame.

Use a utility knife or Exacto knife to aid in the process.

Painting window trim and window frames

Painting Window Frames

Once you’ve tackled the trim, you may be considering painting the window frame.

Not all window frames are made of wood. If you have a newer style of window frame, it may be made of plastic. These do not need to be painted.

Simply cleaning the plastic trim well each spring is enough to improve their look.

If you have an older version window frame that is wood, you can paint it following the same steps as you did when painting window trim.

Best Paint Brush for Window Trim

Here’s the best tip you’ll get from this entire post… Spend the money on a quality paintbrush!

Don’t try to paint trim with a $2 cheapo brush. It won’t be fun. Get a quality Purdy brand cutting-in brush here

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