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Looking for a ham pasta salad recipe? Try this delicious southern macaroni salad with ham and cubes of fresh vegetables today.

I absolutely love ham and it never fails that I have leftovers after the big meal.

Pasta salad made with ham, broccoli, avocados, homemade dressing and more.

So, if you are looking for something new to do with your holiday ham, try this easy pasta salad recipe.

Pasta Salad Recipe with Ham

Macaroni salad is one of my favorite ways to use up leftovers.

It doesn’t matter if I have leftover ham or vegetables, it always makes a great start to a cold pasta salad.

Pasta salad recipe with ham, broccoli, avocado, and dressing.

Of course, there are lots of different types of pasta salad.

You could make a cold pasta salad with ham and Italian dressing. Or, you could make a macaroni salad with ham and peas.

It really depends on what you have in the refrigerator to use up.

Just be creative and experiment until you find the perfect combination of ingredients.

What do I need to make this recipe?

You only need a few basic kitchen supplies to make this recipe.

  • Large bowl with a tightly fitting lid
  • Cutting board
  • Whisk

Can I make pasta salad the night before?

One of the reasons that I love making this recipe is because I can make it the night before.

This is a wonderful way to save time on a busy night. Saving time in the kitchen is always a good thing.

Just prep the ingredients for your ham pasta salad the night before and cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a tight-fitting lid. Then, when it’s time to serve it, you are all set.

Delicious pasta salad recipe with homemade dressing.

Just stir the ingredients to freshen it. And, you can add a bit more mayonnaise if you want to.

It will taste just as good as if you just made it.

What should I put in a pasta salad?

You can put almost anything in it really. Sometimes I make a pasta salad with ham and cucumbers.

Other times, I make it bow tie noodles. 

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Peas
  • Chopped carrots
  • Onions
  • Celery
  • Cheese
  • Pickle

Can I use a different type of pasta?

You certainly can use whatever you have on hand. I used rotini in my recipe today. But, I have also used shells, elbows, and penne.

Just make sure that the variety you choose is relatively small.

If it has little folds and pockets, it will help to trap the mayonnaise and spices when you mix the ingredients in your ham pasta salad.

Should you rinse pasta for cold pasta salad?

Yes, whenever you are making macaroni salad, you should rinse the pasta once it’s done cooking. This serves two purposes.

Rinsing in cold water helps to bring the temperature of the macaron down and stop the cooking process.

You don’t want it to be mushy.

And, it also helps to keep the pasta loose and not stuck together.

This will help the ingredients combine more easily when you’re putting it together.

How do you keep pasta salad moist?

Macaroni is made of starch so it continues to absorb the liquid ingredients as it sits.

So, even if you add the perfect amount of mayonnaise to it when you make it, you may need to add more the next day.

Ham pasta salad recipe, perfect for leftover Easter ham!

How do you store leftovers?

Simply put the bowl of leftover salad back in the refrigerator. Make sure that it’s covered tightly so it doesn’t dry out. You can always add more mayonnaise later on if you need to.

Be sure that you use it within 3 days. And, never leave mayonnaise-based dishes out at room temperature for too long. They will go bad.

You cannot freeze leftover pasta salad or it will be mushy when you defrost it. It’s best to only make what you will eat. 


  • Diced ham – use leftovers from Easter, Thanksgiving, or even ham steaks will work
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Rotini pasta
  • Avocado; diced
  • Broccoli; dice


  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Salt
  • Pepper


To put your pasta salad together is quite simple.

Start with the cold, drained pasta in a bowl.

Rotini for a cold pasta salad recipe in a bowl ready for other ingredients to be mixed in.

Next, add the diced ham.

Diced ham and rotini in a mixing bowl

Add broccoli.

Rotini, ham, and broccoli in a mixing bowl.

And then add the avocado to your mixing bowl.

Pasta salad recipe with ham, all ingredients in stainless steel bowl.

Pasta Salad Dressing

Now we can make the dressing.

Simply place all the dressing ingredients into a small dish and mix.

Mixing ingredients for pasta salad dressing

Once you have the salad dressing ready, plop it on top.

Pasta salad ingredients and dressing in a bowl ready to be mixed together

And mix it together!

Pasta salad recipe ingredients all mixed together in a bowl.

Serve it up!

Pasta salad served in a white bowl with striped napkin.

More leftover ham recipes

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Try this mouthwatering Ham and Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Perfect for all of your ham leftovers!

These dippers are a perfect light lunch. If your family is feeling extra hungry, these ham and cheese dippers go great with a bowl of Zuppa Toscana soup, too!

Cheesy chicken pasta is a comfort dish you don’t want to miss.

And, if you love pasta and noodle dishes, try my homemade spaghetti sauce. It goes great with any spaghetti or pasta noodles.

Pasta salad recipe with ham, broccoli, avocado, and dressing.

Pasta Salad

Scrappy Geek
Pasta salad recipe with homemade dressing, ham, avocados, and more.
5 from 1 vote
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Main Dishes, Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 8 people


  • Pasta pot
  • Sauce pans
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Small mixing dish
  • Mixing spoon


Pasta Salad

  • 16 oz Rotini pasta
  • 1 pound Ham Diced
  • 2 large Eggs Hard boiled
  • 1 large Avocado Diced
  • 1 head Broccoli Diced
  • 1 1/2 cups Mayonnaise
  • 1 Tablespoon Mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Pepper



    Pasta Salad

    • Hardboil eggs, cool, peel, and dice. Cook pasta as directed, strain, and cool to room temperature
    • In a large bowl, add ham, diced egg, sliced avocado, broccoli, and pasta


    • In a small dish, whisk together salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and mustard to make the dressing
    • Scoop into the large bowl and toss all ingredients until the dressing has coated everything
    • Cover and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve



    Store leftovers up to 3 days in the refrigerator, in an airtight container.

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