How To Choose A Picnic Table

When creating an outdoor facility, you cannot miss out on having a picnic table. After all, this cozy space is perfect for spending some quality time with your family. You can even organize weekend dinners for your group to dine and play together.

But with so many picnic table options to choose from, you might easily get confused. Don’t worry; we got your back.

We have reviewed multiple picnic tables and have created a checklist. So, bookmark this post and go through this before getting a picnic table to pick the best one.

Tips for Choosing a Picnic Table

Choosing a picnic table seems easy, but in reality, it can be confusing. So, make sure you follow these steps to find the best table that meets your requirements.

#1 Select The Right Material

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a picnic table is the material. Commonly, picnic tables are made of aluminum, HDPE, softwoods, hardwoods, power and plastic-coated metal, and concrete.

But how will you decide on the material for a picnic table? Easy. You need to take the below-mentioned factors into account:

  • Weather Resistance: Try to choose a picnic table material that can easily withstand the sun, rain, snow, or humidity level of the area you live in. If your picnic table cannot withstand the climatic conditions, it might give up within a year.
  • Cleaning and Repairing Requirements: Along with the material, the cleaning and repairing requirements of the picnic table also matter. If you are selecting picnic tables for restaurants or offices, you would want your maintenance staff to spend less time cleaning. But if you are selecting a picnic table for your home, you can afford to spend more time cleaning the table.
  • Appearance: When it comes to a picnic table, appearance matters. But over time, the appearance of your table will change. Suppose you have a wooden picnic table; it can develop a patina under UV radiation. Choose a different material if you want all your picnic tables to look the same.
  • Resistance to Spills: No matter if the picnic table is for home or commercial spaces, the surface of your picnic table should withstand regular spills. If the color or texture of the table can change from food or drink residue, choose a different material.
  • Comfort: The setting of your picnic table should be comfortable, so your employees or visitors can sit for a long time. Likewise, if you are getting a comfortable picnic table for your residential property, you will like spending more time with your friends and family.
  • Weight: The weight of your picnic table directly depends on its material. Lighter picnic tables are easy to move but won’t last long. In contrast, heavy picnic tables can be difficult to move, but they will last much longer.
  • Price: The price of different picnic table materials is not the same. So, before you decide on a material, always create a budget to avoid overspending.

#2 Decide How Much Space You Have

Always finalize the space where you want to place the picnic table because it can take up a considerable amount of space.

If you are getting the picnic table for your office or restaurant, decide whether you want to place it inside or outside. But if you are getting it for your residential property, select the spot on your lawn where you want to place it.

Then measure the area to get an idea of the picnic table’s dimensions. Start searching for a table in a similar dimension or less so it can be accommodated in your space. As most picnic tables come with attached chairs, you must also consider their dimensions.

#3 Choose the Picnic Table’s Design

After deciding on the area and understanding the dimensions of your picnic table, it’s time to decide on the table’s shape. You might not know, but the shape and size of a picnic table can ultimately impact your experience.

While traditional picnic tables come in a rectangular shape, you can also find round, oval, and octagonal tables. In addition, you must consider whether you want attached or separate seating.

Compared to separate seatings, picnic tables with attached seatings take up less space. But separate chairs are much more comfortable. Also, you can add or remove the number of chairs as per your convenience.

#4 Select the Color of the Picnic Table

If you want to choose from a wide range of colors, you can choose from steel, recycled plastic, or aluminum tables. To match your commercial space, you can choose one or many colors to give a cozy touch to your property.

#5 Additional Accessories

If you want to set up the picnic table in an open space with no trees around to offer shade, choose a table with an umbrella.

Why? Because umbrellas can easily withstand harsh UV rays. It also offers much-needed privacy so you can enjoy your meal without disturbance.

Picnic Table Materials

Picnic tables are designed with a variety of materials for different weather conditions. Below are the three most popular ones.


Wood picnic tables are popular among homeowners, but lately, these have also started appearing in commercial spaces. Why? Because this material looks stunning, has unique aesthetics, and is highly durable.

picnic table

Here’s why you should consider having a wooden picnic table:

  • Earthy Aesthetics: Wood picnic tables’ grainy patterns and hues make them look aesthetically pleasing. This table makes a great addition to the outdoor setting with surrounding trees and greenery.
  • Moisture-resistant Treatment: Traditional wooden picnic tables were vulnerable to rotting and early damage. But the modern version of wooden picnic tables comes with moisture-resistant treatments, which protects them from water damage.
  • Easy Storage: If you do not want to use the picnic table all year round, wooden material should be your choice. That’s because wooden picnic tables can be easily stored and conveniently placed anywhere.
  • Convenience of Painting: Although wooden tables look aesthetically pleasing, you can also easily paint them. Or you can apply a coat of stains to allow the picnic table to change its color. Painting or staining can also protect the picnic table from the regular damage.

Recycled Plastic

picnic table with banch

Recycled picnic tables look similar to natural wood but have better durability. Here’s why you should consider having a recycled picnic table:

  • Eco-friendly: Compared to other forms of table materials, recycled plastic is better because it is eco-friendly. Picnic tables are ideally made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Durable: Although recycled plastic picnic tables are made of plastic products, they are much more durable. They can stand against sturdy wear and tear. How? Well, advanced modern technology has made it possible.
  • Easy to Maintain: Recycled plastic picnic tables are easier to maintain. You can clean the table’s surface with warm water and mild soap. What’s more? Well, you don’t have to repaint or sand the table regularly.


Lastly, you can choose metal picnic tables made of steel or aluminum.

blue picnic table with banch

Aluminum picnic tables are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport. The picnic tables made from this material won’t warp, split, or rot. Plus, maintaining and cleaning these tables are comparatively easier. Likewise, steel is also a popular picnic table material you can choose from.

Here’s what makes metal picnic tables a must-have:

  • Long-lasting Durability: Picnic tables made from steel can resist harsh weather conditions. That’s because the thick metal tubing offers more strength to the overall structure. This additional strength protects the table from UV rays.
  • Versatile Coating Options: With steel metal picnic tables, you have the option to apply versatile coatings to improve their integrity. For instance, you can use PLASTISOL, a thermoplastic covering, to protect the picnic table from rust and corrosion. Certain metal picnic tables also come with dry plastic power electrostatically to prevent wear and tear.
  • Comes in Different Colors: When you purchase metal picnic tables, you get to choose from a variety of vibrant colors. The powder coating on the table offers it an attractive look.
  • Perforated Surfaces: Some metal picnic tables are designed with intentional holes so the water can easily seep through them. In addition, the perforated surface of the table allows air to pass so the table doesn’t get too hot.


The right picnic table can dramatically increase the appearance of your residential property or commercial space. You can follow the tips mentioned in this post to find the best picnic table that looks amazing and is durable.

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