Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft

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Follow this tutorial for a pine cone centerpiece as a beautiful home decor piece and check out the other pine cone crafts I've listed below the tutorial.

Fall and heading into winter means one thing, PINE CONE CRAFTS! I know, right. Here’s great pine cone centerpieces.

Whether it’s scented pine cones or ones you find on the ground, they make great decor pieces and craft materials.

Pine cone crafts. These pine cone home decor crafts are perfect for winter and fall holidays.

Today we’re making a quick DIY home decor project that can be placed anywhere throughout your home. Maybe the mantel in the living room or perhaps your bedroom nightstand. Possibly even on the back of the commode. 

Regardless of where you put it, it’s sure to look great! A wonderful pine cone craft for your fall and winter decor.

What You’ll  Need

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, Materials to make a pine cone centerpiece home decoration project.

You can basically get all of these items for just a few bucks at any box store or Amazon.

Directions for Pine Cone Centerpieces

Cut 12 inches of ribbon off the roll.

Begin by cutting about 12 inches of burlap ribbon from the roll. Make sure 12 inches will wrap around the candle jar and overlap. Apply glue dots to one end of the ribbon.

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, Adding glue dots to burlap to stick to the glass jar for a pine cone decor craft.

Center the ribbon on the glass jar and stick it using the glue dots we applied to the burlap.

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, Sticking the burlap ribbon to the glass jar to make our pine cone centerpiece craft.

Wrap the ribbon around the jar, attaching two glue dots to the back of the end of the ribbon. 

Overlap the ribbon and stick the ribbon to itself with the applied glue dots.

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, Burlap wrapped around glass jar for pine cone craft decor project.

Pour the bag of pine cones into the jar.

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, Pouring pine cones into glass jar for pine cone centerpieces

Arrange them the way you like and you’ve got yourself a nice pine cone craft home decor piece!

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, Arranging pine cones in a glass jar for a home decor piece or pine cone ceterpiece.

And now you have a beautiful pine cone craft decor piece for your home. I suggest making multiples of these.

Pine cone craft decor, pine cones in a glass jar wrapped in burlap sitting next to pumpkins and fall flowers

Arrange them in sets of three on your mantel, hall table.

Pine cone centerpiece craft decoration. Pine cones in a burlap wrapped glass jar.

They’ll even make wonderful centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table or Christmas table, too!

Pine Cone Centerpiece Craft, 3 dollar pine cone centerpiece craft decor project text overlaying pine cone craft
Pine cone craft project, finished project with glass jar wrapped in burlap filled with pine cones.
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Pine Cone Crafts Home Decor

A pine cone craft, perfect home decor for fall, winter, Thanksgiving centerpieces or even Christmas table centerpieces.
Servings 1 decor piece
Prep Time 0 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
0 mins
Total Time 5 mins


  • Scissors


  • 1 bag Small pine cones
  • 1 piece Glass candle jar
  • 1 piece Burlap ribbon
  • 4 piece Glue dots


  • Cut a 12 inch piece of ribbon and apply two glue dots to one end.
  • Attach the ribbon, centered on the glass jar, and wrap it around.
  • Apply two glue dots to the other end, overlapping the ribbon and securing it to itself.
  • Fill the jar with pine cones and arrange to your liking.



Use hot glue as an alternative to glue dots. 
Make several of these pine cone crafts for your holiday table centerpiece. Remember, things always look better in sets of 3!
Author: Scrappy Geek
Cost: $3
Course: DIY
Cuisine: DIY

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    Super easy pinecone craft for any home decor — farmhouse, rustic, classic, upscale – you can’t go wrong here! Enjoy!

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