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Looking for exciting wood DIY projects to keep you busy? These easy DIYs with wood to use up some of that scrap, pallet, and reclaimed wood you’ve been hoarding over the years!

DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

Reclaiming wood has been done since the beginning of time. Today, DIYers have a slight obsession with pallet boards and barn boards, and that’s awesome!

These reclaimed wood pieces are perfect for all kinds of home improvement and DIY projects. From DIY decor to practical use items like storage and shelving, reclaimed wood is carving out a place in all of our homes.

Wood DIYs

I’ve been known to use reclaimed wood for a project or two around the house.

Whenever I see a pallet being tossed out, I scoop it up and pull it apart. There are six deconstructed pallets in my garage right now They are just waiting for me to create something awesome.

Today I’m rounding up some easy wood DIY projects to inspire you. Leave me a comment and tell me which project is your favorite and which one you’re going to build with your reclaimed wood.

Iced Tea Station

This was a fun wooden DIY project. Katie and I made this iced tea station from a few pallet boards.

It’s a fun and rustic piece where we store our cups and iced tea stash.

DIY Wooden Upcycled Iced Tea Station

Finished Iced Tea Station

Jenga Block Thrift Store Find = DIY Dominoes

This blogger found a sack of Jenga blocks at the thrift store for buck and a quarter and couldn’t pass it up.

She’s now addicted to reclaiming Jenga blocks and using them for other purposes, like these Dominoes!

How to make Dominoes from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Blocks to Dominoes

Picture Display

Who knew a few pallet boards and some burlap ribbon would make such a cool picture display?

This blogger had a pile of pallets she collected and needed to do something with, but this is unexpected!

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Picture Frame Display

Burlap and Pallet Wood Picture Display

Wooden Sailboat

This is a cute idea for those leftover scrap pieces of wood you have laying around. We all have a stack of scrap wood and these sailboats are the perfect project to use them on!

Missing the beach, this blogger decided to bring a piece of the beach (or at least some beachy decor) to her home. See how she did it!

DIY Sailboat Crafting Project

DIY Sailboat from Reclaimed Wood

Wood Bench

I built a neat bench from reclaimed wood. We built some stairs and replaced some railings on our deck. We had a pile of leftover wood from the construction.

The contractor said he’d haul it away for $50. I said – leave it!

Then I made a bench with it. I used the scraps and old wood from the deck project to build a pretty cool wood bench.

Upcycled Garden Bench

Reclaimed Wood Bench

DIY Pallet Shelf

This is one project I may have to reproduce.

This pallet shelf is really cool looking, and I can think of a few ideas to add my own finishing touch to it.

When this blogger got the chance to review this Dremel Tool, she decided to make a shelf – and it came out great!

Upcycled Reclaimed Pallet Wood Shelf

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood Shelf

Wood Raised Garden Beds

Grow your own in these raised garden beds.

Costing just a few bucks, this blogger turned unused space into a gardening mecca. For just $10 they built six garden beds and filled them, too!

Wood garden beds DIY

DIY Pallet Wood Raised Garden Beds

Water Gun Organization Station

Keeping those squirt guns organized and put away is always a challenge, until now.

Make it fun to put the water guns away with this water gun DIY storage unit made from reclaimed pallet wood.

Add a pool noodle and you’ve got a fun pallet project to help keep the squirt guns from being destroyed by the lawn mower!

DIY wood craft water gun holder

DIY Pallet Squirt Gun Holder

DIY Crafts With Wood

These DIY crafts with wood are easy to do and will give you joy each time you look at them. Heck, you could even start an Etsy store and sell goods just like these!

More DIYs With Wood

Look through these DIYs with wood and choose one to make this weekend. Did you find something you like, something that caught your eye? I know these wood DIY projects gave you a great starting and got your creative juices flowing!

Which one will you make first?

Be Inspired!

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