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We added to our RYOBI tools collection with a RYOBI ONE weed wacker, trimmer/edger! The RYOBI ONE weed wacker is a trimmer and edger in one, and it does both quite well. It’s the economical battery powered version of the other RYOBI weed eaters.

Ryobi ONE Weed Trimmer Edger

The Ryobi ONE weed wacker is compact, light weight and runs using the RYOBI ONE+ 18v battery. No more buying gas mixes for your weed wacker at $6 a whack, plus no more gas fumes either!

Ryobi ONE Weed Eater and Edger

RYOBI ONE Weed Wacker

I wasn’t sure about this one, a battery powered weed wacker? Right. It should do the trick, but will it? Well, we saw the RYOBI ONE weed wacker online for less than a hundred bucks and couldn’t pass it up. I love Ryobi tools and have never had a problem with any of the Ryobi tools in my stash.

We decided, since we’re going to drop $100 on gas for our leaky old gas trimmer over the course of this year anyways, we may as well give this RYOBI ONE weed trimmer a whirl. We’re glad we did.

As it turns out, it does a great job! I’m impressed, and I’m hard to impress (just ask Katie!). I used to use an old weed wacker that came with our house when we bought it. It got the job done but was very smelly, fumey, leaky and dirty – and took forever to get started. I much prefer this fume-less, clean running, lightweight RYOBI weed trimmer.

Ryobi Weed Wacker Edger

When Katie saw the RYOBI weed wacker online at Home Depot we figured what the heck and sprung for it. The Ryobi ONE weed wacker came in the mail within two days (and we’re in the boon-docks so that’s pretty good). There’s not much assembly required, it takes only a few minutes to be up and running.

Does The RYOBI ONE Weed Wacker Work Well?

To be blunt, yes. The RYOBI ONE weed wacker does an excellent job. I like several things about the RYOBI ONE weed trimmer and edge. It’s light weight, you don’t need to buy gas for it and it does the job it’s made to do!

There’s really not a whole lot to say about it’s functionality other than it works good! The RYOBI ONE weed trimmer and edger does have an auto feed spool, which is great. You don’t need to bang it on the ground to feed more string. The spool auto feeds when you release the trigger, so you’ll always have string to make your next cut.

Ryobi Weed Eater

I use the RYOBI weed wacker to trim around trees, rocks, flower beds, steps, the patio, places the lawn mower can’t reach as well as along our property line. It does our entire property, about 2 acres, without a hiccup! I love the RYOBI line of tools, and this trimmer no different – I can’t tell you how much I like the RYOBI ONE string trimmer!

RYOBI ONE Trimmer Battery

We made sure to buy the trimmer which came with the battery. They do sell the RYOBI ONE weed trimmer without the battery, but the battery they send with it is a high capacity battery which holds more juice than your normal RYOBI tools battery. The large capacity battery holds more juice so you can get the job done without needing to stop and charge the battery. Just make sure to charge it before you go weed wacking or you’ll run out of juice 1/2 way through.

I charge the battery while I’m mowing the lawn, that way it’s ready to go when I’m done mowing and ready to do the weed wacking and edge trimming. I forgot to charge the battery while I was mowing last time, but that’s okay. It had some juice in it and when the battery needed to be changed, I just grabbed one of the batteries from my other RYOBI Tools.

Ryobi One Weed Trimmer Battery

All RYOBI batteries fit the RYOBI ONE weed wacker! So, if you run out of juice, just grab one of your other batteries to finish the job! You can find all capacities of RYOBI batteries here at Home Depot.

The RYOBI ONE weed trimmer comes with a battery and 90 minute quick charger, so it’s ready to go as soon as you’re done mowing the lawn.

RYOBI Weed Wacker String

Another thing I should mention, the RYOBI ONE weed eater is a one string show – sometimes weed eaters have string coming out of two sides of the head but this only has the string only coming out of one side of the head. You can get the Auto-feed string with 0.065 in. single line spools online at Home Depot.

Ryobi Weed Wacker and Edger String

I was apprehensive about how well this would work, but it works great! It gets the job done, and I don’t find myself marring up the bottom of tree trunks and clipping flowers and bushes as often because this trimmer is an easier machine to control than my heavier gas trimmer.

RYOBI ONE Edger and Trimmer

I’ve never had an edge trimmer before, so this was new to me. I didn’t know if I would like it or not. As I’m writing this I don’t know if Katie will like it or not either. I had not used the edger on the RYOBI One Trimmer and Edger the first several times we used the weed wacker, but this time I did.

I used the edger to cut the edges around the patio. I may be in trouble when Katie gets home. She likes the over-grown look of the grass sprawling over the patio edge, but I needed to use the edger function to show you pictures and show you if it works or not. Let me tell you, it does work and works well. It trims the edges very quickly!

Ryobi ONE Edger and Weed Eater

To use the edger, you pull down on the grip where it says “Trim -” and “Edge -” then spin it from the trim setting to the edge setting and push it back into place. The head of the trimmer will then be upside down. You kick out the metal edger guide and you’re ready to go.

Slide the guide along, keeping the front edge of the guide on the front edge of the patio, walkway, driveway or whatever you’re edging. Hit the trigger and move the trimmer back and forth along the edge while keeping your metal guide lined up with the edge of your surface. Voila, it cuts a nice straight edge!

How Many Acres Can You Do?

We have about 2 acres of land with 10 trees, a patio, a few garden beds and a 200 foot lot line among other things that we need to trim with the RYOBI ONE Trimmer. We don’t run out of battery juice unless we don’t charge it from previous use.

As long as you move along and release the trigger while you’re walking from one place to the next, you’ll have plenty of battery power to get the work done before needing to recharge. If not, grab a battery off one of your other RYOBI tools and you can finish with that, since RYOBI ONE+ 18v batteries are interchangeable between tools!

I’ve only run out of juice once and that’s because I didn’t charge it before I began. I was able to finish easily with one of my other 18v RYOBI batteries.

Ryobi ONE Weed Trimmer Performance

RYOBI ONE Trimmer and Edger

I hope my experience with the RYOBI ONE Trimmer and Edger has helped you decide if you’d like to get one. I think it’s well worth the investment, especially considering the fact that we wont have to buy gas any more. It’ll pay for itself in one season!

You can read reviews and get your own at The Home Depot.

Psst: Do you have to buy spools for the RYOBI ONE weed trimmer and edger? I don’t think so. After the 5th or 6th time using this weed trimmer, I ran out of string. I just used the trimmer line that I had and wound it up in the spool that came with the machine. It seems to work just great!

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