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We’ve recently discovered SHEBA® Perfect Portions™ cat food, which is the purrfect solution for traveling with your cat. If you’re one who likes to take your cat everywhere, or maybe just on an overnight trip due to home renovations, SHEBA® Perfect Portions™ cat food is the answer to your bulky cat food bag issue!
Do you travel with your cat? These essentials will help make your travelling easier! Print off the checklist and get prepared for your trip! We adopted Turbo a few years ago and we were told he was quite the traveler. Turbo is a Munchkin breed cat with short little legs. He’s also a polydactyl which is why his paws are ginormous – he has 22 toes! Apparently the lady who had him before us showed him in cat shows throughout New England. He has all the cool ribbons to prove it, too — yeah, he’s a studly Mc Stud-Muffin.

Turbo the Munchkin Cat Relaxing

What should you pack when you bring your cat on a trip? Well, here are a few things you should keep in mind for when you plan to travel with your cat.

SHEBA® Perfect Portions Cat Food

Cat Food

Make it easy on yourself and your little furball with SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ cat food. They’re perfectly sized packages of chop-licking goodness, which prevents over feeding. Each package is the right amount of ounces, it’s literally a perfect portion! Bonus: you don’t risk spilling a bag of cat food all over the trunk of your car when you travel! Turbo totally digs the SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Paté In Natural Juices Savory Chicken Entrée.

Turbo The Cat Eating SHEBA Food

Other varieties include SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Cuts In Gravy Signature Tuna Entrée SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Paté In Natural Juices Roasted Turkey Entrée — SHEBA® WHAT CATS WANT™!

SHEBA® Meaty Sticks Cat Treats

Cat Treats

Of course! Your cat needs cat treats for traveling too. The SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks with Chicken cat treats are individually wrapped and everything that your cat loves about snacks!

Cat Travel Packing Checklist

These savory snacks from SHEBA® come in a fun stick shape and are made with no artificial flavors! They’re what every cat craves, real mouthwatering meat in a fun snack!

Cat's Regular Drinking Water; Travel with your Cat

Kitty’s Regular Water

Yes! I think this one is important, bringing your cat’s normal water will help to keep them relaxed while on the road. It’s just like if you started drinking water in a foreign place when you’re used to fresh New Hampshire well water. Ick! Bring enough water to get through your trip, and don’t forget to bring a water dish!

Cat's Favorite Toys for Travel

Favorite Toys

Don’t forget this one! Turbo has two favorite toys, his red birdie and his brown birdie. He totes them around the house and gives them as gifts. They smell like home and provide great comfort when traveling. So, don’t forget kitty’s favorite toys!

Travel with Cat's Grooming Supplies

Grooming Supplies

This one is pretty important, especially if you have a nervous-nelly on your hands. A nervous kitty will shed more than normal and you should stay right on top of that. This is especially important if you have a long haired cat! But, even Turbo gets nervous sometimes and sheds like there’s no tomorrow! A brush is a must for traveling with your cat!

A Free Printable Checklist For Pet Cat Travel

Free Printable Checklist →

Cat Food While Traveling

Last but not least, a pet carrier. I know, some people may claim this one isn’t necessary because their cat loves riding in someone’s lap. For me, that’s fine – but I would still say bring one along. You never know. Your window regulator could break and your window could get stuck down – then what? Whoops! Bring a cat carrier along for the ride, it’s safer to keep kitty in the carrier while traveling anyway.

PS: For airline travel, check with the airlines you’re flying for pet procedures, precautions and regulations!

Things To Pack When Travelling With Your Cat

One thing I didn’t put on the list, because you can grab it at Walmart while you’re on the road, is litter and a litter box. This is usually only necessary if you’re going on an extended or over night trip with your cat. You can find a disposable type litter box complete with litter at Walmart, which is convenient for when you get to your destination.

SHEBA Cat Food at Walmart

Do you travel with your cat? Do you have any tips?

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