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You may be wondering what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. You may be wondering what you should tell others to bring to your Thanksgiving potluck dinner. Check out these tips for hosting a potluck Thanksgiving and find the list below of what you can bring to a Thanksgiving dinner that you’ve been invited to!

Thanksgiving Potluck Hosting Ideas! Thanksgiving will be a success when you plan the perfect potluck gathering! Potluck Thanksgivings are fun and entertaining, check out these tips now!

Tips for Hosting a Potluck Thanksgiving

You can stress less this Thanksgiving when you plan to host a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. Sure this may not be what you think of as the traditional dinner on this fine holiday, but it certainly can make for a new family tradition. Hosting a potluck Thanksgiving dinner couldn’t be easier when you follow these tips for hosting one.

Pick a Theme

Consider having your Thanksgiving potluck dinner setup as a themed dinner event. Discuss with the family what theme will work best for you all as a whole and then run with it. Consider specific dish styles, fall décor options or whatnot and then have all guests stick with this theme from food to décor and clothing options. This will make Thanksgiving even more entertaining.

Divide up the Work

The whole purpose behind hosting a potluck Thanksgiving dinner is to divide up the work involved in meal prep. Determine what each guest can bring along as a meal potion for Thanksgiving. Assigning specific meals and side dishes to each guest will ensure you know what the menu will entail and that all guests’ taste buds will be satisfied. It is customary for the host to provide and cook the Thanksgiving turkey, so keep that in mind. If you’re having a big gathering, you may also want to get a ham.

Create Labels

Make sure to have guests label the options they bring for your potluck Thanksgiving dinner. This allows you to easily display options such as appetizers and desserts without much stress. Having each item brought by guests labeled reduces the staging time when setting up your tables. Be certain that each guest labels foods that may contain allergy sensitive ingredients too.

Opt for Buffet

Perhaps you desire to make Thanksgiving dinner more of a buffet style this year. When hosting a potluck Thanksgiving dinner you can easily switch up the display of items into a buffet style eating option. This allows guests to easily grab their food and be seated at the family table. Many families are opting for buffet style to ensure all guests eat something. Check out these buffet warmers.

Thanksgiving dinner pot luck ideas

Disposable or Formal

Last, but not least, make sure to decide upon disposable dishware and utensils or formal options. This will help your guests know if they should bring their dish in a throw away platter or in a more formal setup. Going with disposable dishware and utensils means less washing of dishes after guests leave and these days you can find formal looking disposable options.

There you have it, a few tips for hosting a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. You can’t go wrong when you opt to have the whole family bring a lovely dish to the table. This helps ease the stress of hosting Thanksgiving dinner so that your time is freed up to enjoy the whole family during this year’s Thanksgiving day gathering.

Potluck Thanksgiving Ideas

What are your tips for hosting a potluck Thanksgiving?

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