Upcycled DIY Coffee Table

DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

This Upcycled DIY coffee table became an idea when we got sick and tired of our old faux leather storage ottoman. It was black, the pleather was wearing off and we needed a new look for our living room. I refinished a beautiful desk a while back and we recently added it to the room. I wanted to create something that would go along with the old-made-new theme, tie the desk into another piece of furniture and brighten up the room – this did the trick!

Stored in the garage, we had a Z-line desk with a glass top and shelves; I knew I could create something with it and the blue-frosted glass look is exactly what we wanted vs the black ottoman. I think it pairs well with the desk and adds a bit of a fresh look to our living room.

Upcycled DIY Coffee Table

Upcycled DIY Coffee Table

If you know me, you know I freestyle most of my DIY projects, including this DIY coffee table. Well, if you really know me, you know I’ve read blueprints for years – which is probably why I’m able to create stuff without drawing a blueprint first. I can put the plans together in my head, measurements and all, and never have to touch pencil to paper.

DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

First I planned the height of my upcycled, repurposed DIY coffee table. I wanted the table to be about 18 inches or so in height. I cut an unfinished reclaimed 4×4 post into 18 inch lengths. These will be the legs of the coffee table (I really wish I could find 3×3’s, they don’t exist – do they?)

Once the legs were cut, I measured the coffee table glass insert and cut two pieces of pallet wood to the same measurement as the width of the glass. These will be the end pieces of wood. Next, I cut two pieces of pallet wood for the length of the glass plus the depth of two pallet boards. Meaning the long pieces of pallet wood will extend past the glass on both ends of the coffee table in order create a proper corner. (see image of the corner below)

Reclaiming Wood to Make a Coffee Table

To help bring everything together, I used the same Minwax Dark Walnut stain with high gloss Polycrylic and the same Danish Natural Finish Oil that I used when refinishing my thrift store desk. For the legs of the table I used the walnut stain and for the pallet wood which wraps around the edge of the glass, I used the danish oil. Of course, sanding everything down first with my handy-dandy RYOBI Orbital Sander.

DIY Glass and Pallet Coffee Table

All my cuts were made and it was time to build this coffee table! I began to assemble the coffee table by attaching one end pallet piece to two of the 4×4 pieces with wood glue and screws, and repeated the process for the other two 4x4s and end piece of pallet wood. I used a scrap pallet board cut-off for a depth gauge, as I wanted my glass to ‘sit in’ the table as you can see in the photos.

DIY Coffee Table made from Pallets and Glass

Next, I attached the longer pieces of pallet boards to the 4x4s to create the shape of the coffee table.

Upcycled Palllet Wood Coffee Table

Here’s a close up of the corner. This shows how I cut the long pieces of pallet boards longer than the glass to reach the outside corner of each end piece. The glass + the depth of two pallet boards. This long cut is to cover the ends of the adjoining end pieces of wood – thus creating the corner.

DIY Coffee Table Joint

Once I had the table assembled, I did a little more touch-up sanding around the screw heads and made sure the edges were nice and smooth. Then I stained the legs of the table with the two coats of Dark Walnut stain and three coats of clear High Gloss Polycrylic, and I applied WATCO Danish Oil in a natural finish to the pallet boards.

DIY Coffee Table Build

After the stain and clear coats had a chance to completely dry, there was nothing left to do but bring the table into the living room, place the glass in it and enjoy!

DIY Upcycled Coffee TableYou may notice the shelf underneath the coffee table. This shelf was accidental. I got my RIDGID Compound Miter Saw for Christmas and couldn’t wait to try it out. I only had a two scrap pieces of wood laying around at the time so I decided to cut the wood using the 45 degree miter just to try out the saw. I ended up with a 2×4 frame and as luck would have it, the glass from one of the desk shelves fit right inside. I just attached some pieces to hold the glass in place, stained it to match and screwed a couple of 3″ dowel pieces to the bottom as feet – easy as pie!

There you have it, my upcycled, repurposed DIY coffee table! On to the next project!

Repurposed Wood and Glass Coffee Table

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