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Wedding Vendor Checklist. Things you should keep in mind when searching for your wedding vendors.

Planning a wedding? This wedding vendor checklist will help you stay on track and help your wedding planning go smoothly.

Once you have your wedding vendor checklist in order, the rest is a piece of cake!

Wedding Vendor Checklist Printable

Wedding Vendor Checklist

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After a few dead-ends, we finally got lucky and found a wonderful venue. We’ll be having our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour at an active greenhouse with a lush lawn outback. It’s situated in a quiet area, just outside of town.

Following cocktail hour, our reception will be held at the Inn and Spa where we’ll also be spending our wedding weekend. It’s a rustic-chic place with so much detail that it’s hard to describe. It’s rustic, it’s fun and it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for!

Wedding Coordinator

Again, our venue is covering this for us as well! Well, they’re at least orchestrating our vendors leading up to and on our wedding day.

We’ll be doing the leg work to find and select all the vendors before passing them onto our event coordinator.


We lucked out here too! Our wedding venue happens to own the best small-chain restaurant in New Hampshire.

Their food is always winning awards and we’re happy to have them as our caterer! It’s an all in one package!

Wedding Officiant

This is a personal choice. There are a lot of factors that you will want to consider when selecting a wedding officiant.

This one is best discussed with your partner.


Select a photographer who you think will do the best job for your wedding. Some people like portrait photographers, while others might want a more artistic style of photography.

Do you want your photos to be in the traditional style or are you more interested in artistic photography and want your photographer to capture the day through objects, unique angles and shots of you and your guests?

There’s a style for everyone, select a photographer that will produce the photos you will cherish!

DJ or Band

Keep in mind you may not end up with the band you want to play at your wedding. Chances are the best bands are booked far in advance.

For instance, we scoped out a lot of local bands and the only one we really wanted to play our wedding had already been booked out more than a year in advance for a concert at Mt. Washington.

Instead of picking a mediocre band, we decided to go with a DJ. At least we know all the vocals will be in tune! ๐Ÿ™‚


Perhaps everyone’s favorite part – the cake!

Cake tasting may bring you from bakery to bakery, and you’ll be piling on the miles then..but hopefully not the pounds! ๐Ÿ™‚ Select a baker that gives you a good vibe and has a tasty selection of cakes! Follow your gut…literally!


You’ll need bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and decorative arrangements for your wedding. 

We’re making our own centerpieces, but we will have an outside vendor for the boutonnieres and bouquets. The greenhouse has us covered as far as the need for flowers during our ceremony and cocktail hour.


Don’t forget your limo! Most limo companies will have a wedding package that includes a champagne toast and red carpet service.

This is the way to go. Find a local limo company with good reviews and book them! Make sure the car is big enough for at least most of your bridal party!

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