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This year Katie and I are starting something new, we’re saying yes to new adventures. I will be sharing a lot more about our upcoming travel and camping adventures with you! Are you ready to take on new things in 2018? What will be your moment of yes?

Say YES to new adventure! We're saying yes to more adventure this year. CLICK to see what we're doing and where we are headed! #WellYes2018

It’s likely that you remember me talking endlessly about our big “I do” last year. I married the most beautiful and loving woman in the world, and with that we got a slew of unexpected gifts from our family and friends. Apparently they think we need to take up camping! We are now up to our ears in camping gear. Like, what? Camping gear? haha We’re known to have a bit of fun, but we’ve never been camping together before!

Wedding Fun at DJ Table

Photo by: Oh Snap Studio LLC.

Katie and I are homebodies, so having a pile of camping supplies is a bit intimidating. We won’t let anything stop us though. This year we’re going to get out more and enjoy the world!

The spankin’ new gear we got for wedding gifts include a tent, lanterns, sleeping bags, air mattress and even safety gear like a fire-starter and first aid kit. This is the year we break out of our comfort zone and head into the wilderness. We have a new year, new us plan and it’s coming together. We’re going to be adventurous and nothing will stop us now!

Well Yes! Soup Can with Saying On Top

Aside from our honeymoon, two of the past three times Katie and I traveled weren’t actually for leisure, they were work trips. We went to New Orleans for a work related trip, but didn’t really get any leisure time to spend together.

We also went to California for a work conference. Again, we took some side-excursions like a 45 minute ride off the coast of Long Beach on this tug-boat looking thing. Yea, we thought we were getting on the yacht they had docked right up close to the walkway…

A Yacht in Long Beach California

*insert buzzer sound* – wrong. We ended up being escorted down a long dock to a rusty ferry boat. Yes. Really… HAHA-not funny. Okay, it’s funny now but it wasn’t then. Since I didn’t want to take a picture of the boat we actually boarded, here’s a photo of the Long Beach area from the boat.

A view of Long Beach, California from Rainbow Harbor

This year we’re saying yes to new quality adventures and will spend quality time together. We will actually plan things out in advance in 2018, not just finding things to do in whatever time is left over after working! It’s the year to start making extra special memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve said yes to one another – now we’re saying yes to making time for ourselves!

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Making Time For Ourselves

Well Yes! Mediterranean Style Wedding Soup

For the better half of the past 10 years, our lives have been Go-Go-Go! I’m sure you know the feeling. Between work, school and life in general – we have not taken the time we need to just kick back and enjoy life together. We have not carved out nearly enough us time. We haven’t unplugged, like ever, and the time to unwind and relax is long overdue.

This year we’re planning our trips, hikes and camping adventures. We just took a trip to New York City, and will head into to mountains and hang out at different lakes all over of New Hampshire and Vermont. Perhaps we’ll even find a nice camping spot on the coast of Maine! 2018 better be ready, because we are!

We’re taking control. We’re in charge, and we’re ready to make lasting memories!

Saying YES To Better Choices!

The year of pizza is also behind us. OK, maybe not. Who are we kidding, we love pizza. BUT, we also LOVE the Well Yes!® Soups. Well Yes!® is a line of soups made with nutritious ingredients, like chicken meat with no antibiotics, sweet potatoes, kale, and quinoa. Say yes to the good stuff so you have what you need to say yes in the rest of your life…

Coupon Offer! Get $1 OFF 1 Can of Well Yes!® Soups »

We’re taking the initiative to make better choices for ourselves and this includes putting Well Yes! Soup on the table a few times each week. The large variety of Well Yes! Soups provide something for everyone. Do like your soup with a few crackers and a side salad, a sandwich, or quesadillas? It’s easy to create the perfect flavor combinations and make better choices when you have a variety of delicious options.

Soup and Bread

Cans of soup are literally the quintessential camping food, right? Well, at least in my mind it is! Sealed and easy to transport, better for you and easy to make over a campfire. So this year as part of our commitment to eat better, we’re going to include Well Yes! Soups in our everyday lives as well as our camping essentials.

Well Yes! Soups

While I’m partial to the Well Yes! Butternut Squash Apple Bisque and Well Yes! Braised Beef & Black Barley Soup, Katie really likes the Well Yes! Mediterranean-Style Wedding Soup. Is it a bit cliche for my lovely bride to love the Mediterranean-Style Wedding Soup? Probably not since wedding soup is named after the marriage of flavors… Then again, I’m kinda spicy, so…

Well Yes! Mediterranean Soup

All Well Yes! soups are crafted with care and contain purposeful ingredients that do not contain artificial flavors or colors — it’s A Soup in the Right Direction®.

Well Yes! Mediterranean Wedding Soup

Saying YES To New Adventures!

We live in the white mountains of New Hampshire, but we rarely utilize the plentiful bounty that nature provides. It’s literally right in our back yard – hundreds of miles of hiking trails and endless places to set up camp, unplug and escape the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Appalachian Trail, Holt's Ledge in Hanover, New Hampshire

The photo above is from our most recent hike to Holt’s Ledge in Lyme, New Hampshire. It’s about 15 minutes from our house and right on the Appalachian trail. There’s a camping spot about 1/2 way to the ledge which is perfect for our first camping adventure this year. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet some through-hikers and hear some great stories, too!

Camping Trip to Appalachian Trail

This year we’re going to unplug and say yes to something new, something different, and something exciting. We’re going to make camping our thing. Of course, we’re adding our favorite Well, Yes! Soups to our packing list. After enjoying bowls of soup we’ve heated up over the campfire, we’ll toast some marshmallows and gaze at the stars all night long….

What is your moment of yes this year?

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